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1) honestly ronaldo would be so anxious asking any girl out but hed be a v good and v caring bf

2) tiny pizza twins

3) just jenny; pearl looks good in everything 10/10 beautiful


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  • Laughing Jack - Snuff Bomb ©
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  • Masky and Hoodie - Marble Hornets ©
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Something I wanna point out.

Steven was so successful in Mr. Greg being diplomatic and solving Greg and Pearl’s issues with each other, that I think it’s important that we’re seeing him failing as well. He tried to help Lars with Sadie, look how that failed. He tried to help the Pizza and Fryman families come together, and ended up breaking up Ronaldo and his girlfriend.

There’s successes to Steven’s diplomat style of solving conflicts, and now we’re seeing him fail.

I love this show.

Summary of the Summer of Steven, Week Two
  • Restaurant Wars: Ronaldo loses his Ohime-Sama
  • Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service: Steven Universe is an anime now
  • Monster Reunion: Fuck the diamonds
  • Alone at Sea: Malachite is the worst relationship imaginable
  • Greg the Babysitter: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )



Every disney and ghibli girl is cosplaying their partner, and everyone is paired off according to their likeness.

1st Row:

Jasmine and Sita- Puffy pants XD

Nausicaa and Jane - Nature lovers

Haru and Tiana - get changed into animals

2nd Row:

Mei and baby anna with young Elsa and Satsuke - sisters

Ariel and Ponyo - born in the ocean

3rd Row:

Snow and Kiki - Short black hair with a red hair bow

Pocahontas and San - try to protect their homes

Chihiro and Alice - adventure thru an unknown land trying to get home

4th Row:

Belle and Sophie - the men the fall in love with

Tinker bell and Arrietty- spunky tiny girls

Ronia and Merida- Princesses that carry a bow? XD


Was just thinking earlier of the ways I like playing with Wirt and Dipper’s friendship in ToonZ and in the OTGW/GF crossover thing. In ToonZ, Wirt’s Dipper’s first outside-studio toon friend in which he can confide and goof off with when time sees fit (also since Wirt’s gang of friends consists mostly of girls Dipper figures he’s got some secrets to share).

Then there’s Uncle Wirt, who overthinks things just as much as his nephew, also seems to be the other only level-headed (most of the time) member of Dipper’s wacko family. Figured they did a lot of quiet-yet-fun activities together while Greg and Bonnie are off finding crazy sweaters with Mabel.

ahright I shall go hide myself under a rock for making these dorky pictures of happies…


Some are practice for a storyboard project I want to do so ye roughs for ya. Ugh, these are so old, somebody shoot me. Half of them aren’t completed or I gave up weeeee kisses are so freakin’ hard to get right. Also never again will I sketch blue on notebook because I can’t scan that properly at all XP


Since I won’t be posting the first pic of adult Jason Funderberker until the rest of my sketchbook is filled, I did a little thing. Wirt still hangs out with Sara and Jason, have a monthly coffee meet up, and Jason proceeds to poke fun at Wirt about pretty much everything.

And here’s a bonus:

External image

Her mom DID want her to take wrestling, so I figured she still uses some of her skills…