kiki dont look

oooh i just looked at the stats and in the past handful of episodes, percy and vex have soared past vax and keyleth as the couple with the most kisses, on the lips or otherwise - they actually doubled vax and kiki’s amount

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i have a crush on a professor of mine and it turns out he did concept art for bioshock infinite and now im 😍 hes so cool!!!!! him saying my art looks good is so rad bc his digital paintings are so amazing!!!! i wish he was a little harsher w critiques though :‘0 i want to improve!!!! hes so cute also

i sin daily im sorry lmao

i have such a crush on my ra lmao its embarrassing? im p sure hed never like me back for reasons but??? idk i just hope i can kick these feels in the ass and call it a day and stop crushing so hard

honestly im probably crushing bc im mistaking his niceness for flirting (hes probably not flirting) and i cant help it

he is really cute and funny tho so idek i cant help it!!