kiki delivery

after work i went to the store and got comics, a ghibli movie, and a cool sticker

i hope that one day my ghibli collection will have all the movies

Kazubisha Headcanons

Hell yeah Kazubisha! 

1. Kazuma’s love for Bisha is not unrequited actually. Bisha does love Kazuma, but because she’s not super in-tune with human emotions, she doesn’t recognize the emotion as love. That being said, maybe one good thing will come out of Kazu being MIA and maybe Bisha will realize.

2. Bishamon loves shounen, Kazuma is more of a slice-of-life kinda guy. Their biggest fights are probably about the anime they’ll be watching that night. 

3. No kidding, Kazuma’s favourite Disney movie is Tangled. (Bisha’s is Mulan)

4. Bisha really loves Porco Rosso and Princess Mononoke. Kazuma prefers Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service. 

5. It took 800 years for Bishamon to memorize Kazuma’s shoe size and clothing sizes. But she’s got it nailed now. 

(I’m not wasting a headcanon writing that Kazuma knows Bishamon’s size by heart, of course he does)

6. Kazuma’s favourite thing is brunch with Viina. 

7. Kazuma and Bishamon spend hours talking. Not just about their work but about art, literature, politics, science, philosophy. You would think Bisha finds these boring, but she genuinely doesn’t. They spend hours in the library bantering, reading, talking and debating. It’s partly what makes them so compatible- they are intellectually on the same wavelength. 

8. Kazuma and Bishamon agree on most political things, although Bishamon tends to be more extreme than Kazu. 

9. They marathon Star Wars and Bishamon develops the world’s biggest girl crush on Princess Leia. 

10. They have a mutual love for musicals, their favourite is Les Miserables.

11. Beyond a romantic interest or a shinki/god relationship- Kazuma and Bishamon are truly each other’s confidantes, best friends and partners. Which is why if things were to stay this way forever, Kazuma would be perfectly content. (Except, their communication is still pretty crap and both of their emotional guards are always sky-high)

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michael loves ghibli films and he and jeremy spend a lot of nights together just watching totoro and spirited away and kikis delivery service and the works and it's adorable and they're all cuddled up and sometimes jeremy smooches the top of michaels head and he gets this big dopey grin and by the end they're both crying bc ghibli is so good and they r so happy

this is so cute wtf!!!!!! michael burying his face him jeremy’s chest crying at the end of ponyo

i was re-watching Kiki’s Delivery Service for like the hundredth time so I decided to draw CoffeePot as Kiki and CoffeeBean as Gigi. Maybe you nerds should try drawing your ocs as their favorite character from their favorite movie/musical/tv show/book series/video game/ etc.


Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of those movies that I feel any aspiring artist should see. The struggle of Kiki in this movie is one that ANYONE who wants to further themselves goes through, that transition from taking what you love to do to something that you make a living off of.

As artists we have all been in the place where Kiki is. That place where we can’t draw anything right, can’t paint anything right, can’t sculpt anything right, that place where everything comes out wrong over and over and we begin to question if we’re actually good enough for the talents and skills that used to come to us like second nature when we were just using them for fun. That place where we want to give up because we suddenly can’t ‘fly’ like we want to, because everything seems too difficult to do that. 

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there, just because it isn’t working right then and there when you want it to be. If you can always fly, then it wouldn’t make those times when you did as special. It isn’t necessarily easy to grow up, nor is it necessarily easy to live with the artistic struggle of losing inspiration. But you can’t just throw up your hands and say ‘No, I can’t do it anymore’ because you’ll NEVER fly if you do that. 

You gotta wobble before you stand.