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Healing and Love Jar/Bottle

The best time to make this potion is during a waxing moon as it brings about positive transformation.

- jar/bottle
- lavender
- sandalwood
- ginger
- cloves
- rosemary
- vanilla
- thyme
- nutmeg
- cinnamon
- 2 white candles
- blessed water

Light two white candles on opposites ends of the surface you will be doing this on, and place your jar/bottle in between them. Add in all of your herbs and such into the jar/bottle; what form they’re in (oil, dry, fresh, grounded etc.) doesn’t matter unless it’s a cone in which case burn it and inhale the scent. The next step is to add your blessed water and fill the bottle/jar as much as you’d like. Can be full, can be half full, the choice is up to you. Stir your potion three times clockwise and say something that has to do with why you are making this potion. For example, I used this incantation:

Infinite power of the divine,
Please help me with this spell of mine
Fill this jar with good health and love,
As you send your blessings from above
Negative energies I banish thee,
This is my will so Mote it be.

Once your chant or whatever is complete, relax your body and mind and breathe in the aroma of the potion (from a distance of course please don’t actually breathe it in). Now that your potion is finished you can maybe draw a sigil on the jar/bottle, or if you like to manipulate energy send positive energy towards it, maybe even use it as an offering for a deity of love or healing.

And there you have it! Your very own healing and love jar! Inhale the aroma of the potion whenever you feel you need some love and healing.