random-fandom-stalker  asked:

Image reaper with an s/o who is queen of all things taboo. They know every position, toy, all the retraints, and best bondage equipment and are not afraid to talk about it. But the kiker is they are still a v. They can't even hold hands with out blushing let alone a simple cheek kiss so you can forget about the rest. So how would the edge Lord deal with them being all bark no bite.

I’m very open with stuff like that, so I get that but I’m not really embarrassed about PDA.

  • He’s amused
    • Loving the way you blush
    • Right after you were talking about being tied up and spanked
  • He thinks it’s actually adorable
    • Somewhere deep down inside of him
  • Expect to be teased
    • He’d never let something like this go
    • Only stopping if you genuinely got upset
  • He’ll just tell you that you’ll have to put your words where your mouth is
    • Laughing at the way you just blush
    • He’s not joking however
  • You’ll just grow more comfortable with stuff
    • Mostly because Reaper wants to try the stuff you’d been saying
    • So that embarrassment quickly fades

Before Remus can swat him away or duck there’s a warm presence on his head and a slight chuckle in his ear.

Curls,” Sirius enthuses, his fingers picking at a lock and springing it.

“I haven’t washed it in weeks,” Remus says weakly, quickly pulling his beanie back over his head.

-Aesthetic: Trash Boys, by seekingwonders & grumpy-moony.