i saw this image on tumblr and i couldn’t resist 


I blame darkeneddawning.

Not completely happy with Tucker’s (he’s like a carnivorous tech turtle idk honestly don’t look at it too long). But I am absolutely in love with Sam’s and I want her on my team. Don’t let her petal dress fool you, she’s got some sharp thorny boots down there. I’m not gonna draw anymore but I feel like Valerie would have the Scrappy ability and be Fighting/Normal that would evolve into Fighting/Steel or something of the sort. (Probably a trade with Metal Coat.)

Fandom fakemon make me happy. 

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Can you see, Danny, Timmy, Jimmy, and SpongeBob all riding a Unicycle together on top of one another; it may sound dangerous but as long as they have a soft landing; and the reason is to get in a record book it might work? But then again What could go Wrong?


“Can’t you zap her with one of your ecto thingies?”

“I can’t just zap a human! Are you nuts?”

“Pretty sure Vicky’s not human.”

“Even if I wanted to send her to the Ghost Zone, I’d feel bad for all the other ghosts!”

(If they do a prank together and it doesn’t involve ecto-goo and at least one accidental backfire on Danny while they set it up, I’ll be very disappointed.)


I drew some Yetis.

Aurora, Borealis, and their child, Polaris. They’re the family Danny spends time with the most when he’s visiting the Far Frozen and Frostbite is busy. Polaris isn’t fond of her name and likes to be called “Po” (or anything else) but Danny likes her name, Polaris as the North Star, and she hates him for it. Just because he’s the Great One, doesn’t mean she has to deal with his shit. Other than the issue of her name, they have a great time together.

I’ve got a list of icy names for a village of yetis.

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Just sharing a thing. I had a dream where there was this disease that made grass and flowers grow on people and you were there. There was a little blue flower growing on your head and the doctors kept trying to cut it, but it always grew back. Oh, and everyone's hair was green! It'd be a cool and pretty thing if it hadn't happened because of a dangerous disease

ok but if we take out the dangerous bit, everything is cute and happy and we could grow our own flower crowns

my honest reaction tbh

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Can you draw your favorite ship of any show or anything?

Iwakura and Maeda from my favorite zombie prison manga. <3

Because it’s the apocalypse all it ever is is Iwakura violently protecting Maeda for absolutely no reason and that’s all I ever need please let it stay that way. Everyone in cell 4 needs to be okay always and forever please I’m begging.