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what is trickster anime? those gifs are so pretty (and u tagged it as guilty pleasures so im v curious what that includes hahaha) thx!!

i’m tagging it “trickster anime” because it’s actually called Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori but that is a mouthful (it’s also so hard to search for it on tumblr because everyone is tagging it so many different things aw jeeze)

trigger warnings: failed suicide attempts, limb dismemberment, and a dog dies in episode 1

there hasn’t been anything phenomenal about it yet but it’s got these guilty pleasures of mine:

  • detective club
  • snarky other main character that beat up a thug by breakdancing and is the exact opposite of the main protag and makes outrageous promises (spoiler)
  • troubled white haired anime protag who is Suffering Alone 
  • immortal who doesn’t want to live anymore and shows the different attempts that fail because He Is Immortal
  • trouble white haired immortal wears clothes that are Too Big For Him
  • a super damn cool ass way to explain the immortality and isolation as some weird barrier power that can’t be controlled forcing the poor kid to be a certain distance from anything or anyone lest they be sliced in half
  • and such extremely pretty starry night skies oh my goodness

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whats mob psycho 100? why does mob look like a melting danny fenton?

(LMAO because he has no physical strength whatsoever.)

Mob Psycho 100 is an anime that’s airing this season. (It has great animation too. Here’s a preview.) It’s from the same creator as One Punch Man but it’s definitely not similar story wise. From the synopsis and opm, I thought Mob was going to be a psychic Saitama with a bowl cut, but I couldn’t have been more wrong in my life. It’s definitely got ONE’s sense of humor that’s for sure, but it’s also surprisingly emotionally riveting. I just read 67 chapters of the manga and I have been crying so much. 

Mob’s an extremely powerful esper but his strength is determined by his emotional state which is monitored to the viewer as a percentage. So daily stresses might make him go up to 22% stress. An extreme scenario where he hits 100% and he quite literally explodes in a sense.

This emotion can be something like anger or even sadness. Due to this, Mob actually suppresses his emotions all the time because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He doesn’t like violence at all. But he keeps everything bottled up until it blows to 100%. What really struck a cord with me in the beginning chapters is when Mob asks Reigen what happens when someone passes out. Because when Mob passes out, he goes into ???% mode and the guilt affects him a lot.

And also he is just the most precious child please look at him.

So tldr; I thought this was gonna be One Punch Man but with psychics but instead I got the importance of mental health, the consequences of bottling up emotions, not to let verbal abuse affect me, how morals aren’t strictly black or white, and to stay true to myself no matter what happens.

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Which iteration of Ben 10 do you think is the best? or which one should I start with?


I think it makes more sense to start with the original series. That’s where you’re introduced to everything. How Ben got the watch, how he learned to use it, all the secrets along the way, how he saved the universe the first time, etc. Try to watch all of it in order. 

I wanna say a lot more with pictures just about the art stuff because that’s important to me so readmore.

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Alright, before you get me into a manga, what is Iron Knight?

Iron Knight is a brand new shounen manga about a little boy named Teppei and how the world succumbed to the Goblin Virus. The Goblin Virus turned humans into goblin-like monsters throwing the world into chaos and ruin. A few of the infected have special abilities or can revert back and forth between their human and goblin forms at will. Teppei is one of them. But unlike the others, Teppei uses his powers to take down other goblins and protect anyone he can find. 

I love it because it’s a refreshing new perspective of the monster apocalypse genre by throwing in a young child as the main character and watching him struggle with the innocent idea of playing hero and the reality of a cruel world. 

It’s very new so there’s not many chapters up, but you can read it here

There’s a separate oneshot with the same characters and premise but the story is different. You can read that to see if it’s something you might be interested in. There’s also a sort of prototype oneshot called Goblin Night with the same idea but many differences.

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Okay, I have to ask, since you're about to get me into yet another show. What is Tonari no Seki-Kun and where can I find to watch it?

Tonari no Seki-kun is about a girl named Yokoi and the boy that sits next to her in class. She tries really hard to study and take notes but keeps getting distracted by The Master of Killing Time (with good reason). Seki-kun manages to perform extraordinary feats with school supplies and things he brings to school in his bag without ever bringing any attention to himself or getting caught. In fact, most of the time, Yokoi is the one that gets in trouble for his distractions. 

I’ve been watching it on Crunchyroll

Oh also, each episode is about 7 minutes long.

kudaikage  asked:

What do you like about ore monogatari?

I LOVE HOW PURE IT IS. Like Takeo genuinely loves Yamato and she genuinely likes Takeo. And there’s no cliche shoujo set ups like “oh when will they get together? the very last episode?” no they get together in ep 3 and everything is right in the world go on them dates and be cute as heck. and if there’s ever a moment of doubt or misunderstanding, suna steps in and reminds them that they need to communicate with each other so problems or drama doesn’t last long. speaking of drama, you don’t worry about their relationship because it’s so strong but you have to be afraid of falling construction beams or fires. And Suna is so wonderful and important and he isn’t just swept to the side once the two hit it off, no he is invited to every single date and takeo still bursts into his house just because they’re still best friends and so important to each other. Suna also shows all the signs of being aromantic/asexual and that’s just so important to me because i can finally relate to a character in this way AND IN A ROMANCE ANIME NO LESS. 

It’s just really refreshing and just super sweet and innocent and pure and funny and just a really good experience for everyone whether you like anime or not.

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hey whats hunterxhunter about?? I assume its good because you blog about it a lot :) Would you recommend I watch it??

UM ok well I only started watching it 2 weeks ago and I’m only on ep 76 so far but I’ll tell ya what I know.

The anime looks like a really cliche cute shounen anime about friendship and adventure. But it’s not. It’s a trap. There’s so much body horror and death and violence and none of it is censored. (Please please please do not watch if you’ve got any kinda body horror or death triggers because there are people who are shot in the head, or decapitated, or skulls crushed, necks twisted, limbs go missing, etc.) It also gives off a no tech fantasy vibe but it’s not they have planes and computers and guns. ANYWAY

It’s about this cute little wild child named Gon who wants to be a Hunter like the dad he never knew. His goal is to meet his dad, Ging. The story starts with him setting off to take the Hunter exam and along the way he meets Kurapika and Leorio. They clash a lot but Gon pulls them together. After a few tests, the three of them make it to the real part of the exam. That’s where Gon meets Killua. They’re the only kids there so they hit it off real fast. Like really fast. They’re seriously meant for each other (not necessarily as a ship but they just physically and emotionally need each other I cannot stress this enough). Oh, and Killua is an assassin prodigy and his goal was to be friends with Gon (not realizing they were friends from the start). I won’t say the results of the exam but it shocked me and pretty much the rest of the anime after that.

Overall, I haven’t reached any agonizingly sad parts yet, so I love watching Gon and Killua train and become impossibly fast and powerful children while still being children. That’s something I don’t get from manga or anime often. Kids still have fun playing rock paper scissors and it just warms my heart seeing kids being kids (do not underestimate them though holy crap). It’s serious when it has to be and absolutely adorable when it needs to be. But it’s astonishingly gory and violent which I happen to love so it’s like a bonus for me but could be a horrible realization for some. I took out 76 episodes in two weeks for a reason but I’ve been taking it slow to make the happy last because I hear the whole fandom has been crying. I think the animation is the real charm for me because I just love seeing unique fight scenes at impossible speeds and impact. 

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