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Hello, I was thinking of starting a group chat with some people but it seems I have no friends. If you like / are any of the following and are thinking of joining please DM me.

  • LGBT+ any one being a gender fluid pansexual I would love to have some LGBT friends
  • Dan and phil
  • Twenty one pilots
  • Panic! At the disco
  • Halsey
  • Pierce the veil
  • Little or a dom or a switch of all sorts
  • Kitten or pup
  • My chemical romance
  • Depressed ( hay every thing will be alright )
  • Like the typical “emo bands” because I can’t name them all
  • Play an instrument
  • Like babies
  • 13-16 years old

Or any thing else


I high-key want a make or be a part of a group chat with some chill people where we can about stuff like how our day was or how life sucks or how cute that person you’re crushing on is or just rant about something or send cool memes and crack lame jokes and make new friends and cry about how they live on the other side of the world and….well, you get the point. Can we do this? Message me if you would like to be a part of such a group.

I really want to start a witchy facebook group where all paths would be welcome and we can all learn from each other & show off what we have been practicing but idk if anyone else would want to join it😬

Internet Friendship Group Chat!!!

Hey ya’ll I was wondering if anyone would like to join a Group chat of Internet Friendship! while in maybe you could find someone who likes the exact same Interests like you! Maybe even PM each other, and become the best of friends. So, I hadn’t made the group chat Yet, but hopefully I’ll get some people to Make it!
Some interests that we all probably might Share (Some aren’t my Favorite/never seen/or not that interested, but these are for Some other people who might Enjoy it)
Interests for all of Us:
• Horror Game
• Videos Games
• Anime
• Cartoons
• Youtubers
• Creepypasta
• TV shows
• Vines
• True Crime
• Harry Potter (I’m Not a fan, but it’s here for those who Like it)
• Movies
• Stories
• Art
• Hobbies (Any kind)
• Talents
• Go Ahead, and Vent (Maybe)
• Disabilities
• Greek Mythology • Music • Music Groups • Bands Most things really!! Don’t feel shy to talk to me! Maybe we could all have friends, and talk about our Special Interests. You can Vent If you’d like, but I might make a Venting Room for those who need it. Thank you my Black, and Pink Stars ⭐️⭐️🌟💫✨✨


I wish to make a group for people with BPD (including those who are self diagnosed), preferably on kik.

I would be making 2 group chats (one general group, and one for those under 18 who don’t wish to talk to people over 18). If you want groups I would set that up you (for instance, if you want a group for poc)

The groups won’t be public. I would like to able to control who joins because I want this to be a safe and secure place. I obviously cannot guarantee that and I can try.


New Members Wanted!

I am currently looking for new members in my group chat that mainly discusses witch related things. The main purpose of this is to learn from each other, ask questions about the craft, and share any supernatural or witchy experiences you come across. For instance, if someone is looking to do a protection spell and they don’t know where to start, we might give them advice or send some links to good resources. I also talk about my paranormal experiences and weird dreams frequently on there, as do others in the group. But it’s not a strict chat at all, so you’re free to talk about whatever you wish.

I currently have this set up on Kik for anyone that wishes to join. There are 4 members (including myself) already in it. If the join code isn’t working for you, message me with your Kik username, and I’ll add you individually.

Here’s the link:


I Need More Lesbian / Bisexual Besties In My Life 😍 Can We Like Start A Group Chat & We Can All Get To Know Each Other 👀

We Can Send Nudes 😜 , Sext 🤤 , Hell For Some Even Meet Up 🤔. Just Be 18+ & A Actual Freaky Ass Woman. If Interested , HMU

I Need A Freak Bestie In My Life 😩💦

BTS Reaction to you bringing home a bunny


A/n: i haven’t written in a while…well a while for my standards 😂 I figured I’d write a random fluffy reaction before working on requests and my MasterList.

I also have a Kik and Line group chat going so I’ve been a bit distracted with talking to some of you lovely humans 🤧


He wasn’t even surprised at this point. You had been wanting a pet for a while now and he was all for it—except for the fact that his schedule was so busy. But that didn’t stop him from being over the moon when you came home one day with a bunny cradled in your arms

“Ahhh! So cute y/n! What’s their name?”

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He’d be so excited when you came home with a bunny. He had such a soft spot for animals and couldn’t even bring himself to be mad at you for not telling him before hand. “You should have told me!” Was all he managed before taking the small bunny from your arms and cradling it to his chest.

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He did a double take when you walked into your shared apartment. Not taking notice to the fuzzy little creature in your arms the first time. “What is that?!” He wasn’t mad just…confused to what it was. You laughed before holding the little bunny out—smile breaking out on your features.

“Y/n! What are we gonna name the little guy?”

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His eyes nearly buldged out of his head when he saw the small white bunny in your arms. You decided to surprise him at the studio and needless to say his reaction was priceless. “Y/n! Please tell me it’s ours.” You laughed handing him over the little creature

“yup he’s ours!”

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He has such a soft spot for animals and seeing that you brought home a bunny nearly made him tear up. “Oh my god what are we gonna name…him or her?” You laughed handing him the little bunny “it’s a her!” Jimin cooed cradling her to his chest.

“We are going to have to think of so many names for our little girl.”

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Jaw dropped and his eyes lit up when he saw the small black bunny in your arms. “Surprise!” You called with a smile, watching as he jumped up from his seat and bounding over to you. Reaching his hands out to hold him. “This is our little boy! I haven’t named him yet.”

“We can make a list of names! And then get him toys and food and…” you laughed as he rambled on.

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“Please tell me we can name him Cooky.” Was the first thing that left his mouth when he saw the bunny. You rolled your eyes as you placed the little guy down on the floor. “Of course you dummy.” He laughed as he sat on the floor, watching the small rabbit sniff about.

“Our first pet Kook!”

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