So apparently it’s pansexual visibility day?? Tbh I wish labels didn’t even have to exist. People should be able to like whoever they like without having to stick a label on it.

Anyways happy pansexual visibility day everyone :)

Also I’m in a car(have been for like 4hours*cries*) and I’m hella bored. If someone wants to message me that would be great c:

My kik is tannerleigh14

Okay so a lot of you have been messaging me asking me why I don’t respond on kik… It’s because nobody catches my attention. The only messages I get are “hey” or dick pics. I don’t send nudes and I don’t accept nudes(only from Bae). So please stop being disrespectful and boring. So if you’re cool, text me👌🏽 _klaudia_malecka_