Rosemary McGuire.


Hair: @stealthic [xx]
Skin tone: @kijiko-sims [xx]
Skin mask: @sclub-privee​ [xx]
Freckles: Tifa [xx]
Eyebags: @pralinesims [xx]
Eyebrows: @sclub-privee [xx]
Eyes: @eyemythsims [xx]
Eyelashes: @kijiko-sims [xx]


Eyeliner: @alf-si [xx]
Contour: @jomsimscreations [xx] (no. 4) / @mac-cosimetics [xx]
Lips: @shojoangel [xx]

Download her here: [xx]
Make sure to download the listed CC.


hii so i made one of my fav youtubers Tana Mongeau! 

I also made a cas! I would very much appreciate if you could check it out and subscribe!! :)



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3D Lashes updated.

I updated my lashes.
Fixed an issue about the lashes clipping through a hair with texture alpha.

Thank you to Irina for giving me information!

The lashes will not be drawn front of bangs any more.
When a sim moves her head aslant,a hair clips the lashes,though… well,it’s the regrettable behavior of “SimGlass” shader.

Anyway,if you’ve got my lashes,and you usually use custom hairs with texture alpha, I hope you to see my blog for the details and update my lashes.

3D Lashes Version2

3D Lashes Version2 for Kids

3D Lashes Version2 for Skin Detail

3D Lashes Curly Edition

3D Lashes for Kids






so basically i’m a huge fan of melanie and ive been playing crybaby on repeat so i decided to make a lookbook inspired by the queen

all cc info is below. thanks to the cc creators <3

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Sim for download: 4100+ Followers Edition

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire // Dropbox // Mega // OriginID: gabidacheva

Genetics: Skintone // Skin detail // Face mask // Eyes // Eyebrows // Hair // Make-up:Eyeshadow // Eyeliner // Blush // Lipstick(Not sure if these exactly but definitely by this creator) // Eyelashes // Clothes: Top // Pants // Shoes // Socks(EA) //

Please don’t re-upload./Tag me if you do use her.<3


Lookbook Nr.29

Skin overlay by Kijiko

Skin by S-Club

Extra freckles by Kellyhb5

Hair by Maargareth/LeahLillith

Eyebrows by Alf-Si

Eyes by Ms Blue

Eyeshadow by Screaming Mustard

Eyeliner by JellyBean Sim

Eyelashes by Maysims

Blush by Screaming Mustard

Lips by Ms Blue

Earrings by LeahLillith

Collar by LeahLillith

Top by AlainaVesna

Transparent Crop Top by HautFashionSims

Pants by Toksik

Shoes by MrAntonieddu/MA$ims4

Tattoo Set by Salem2342

Bracelet by Toksik

Nails by S-Club

Pose set by MartyP

Thank you to all the CC creators, your work is amazing!  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


Thank you for visiting my gallery on Tumblr. Also,thank you for reblogging and your “likes this”.
I posted a thanks gift for visitors to my gallery.

>> Download (Dropbox)
>> Download (MediaFire)

Only at Tumblr!

For The Sims4
For Teen to Elder,Female and Male
Hat category
Game version PC, Mac1.10.57.1220 or later is required.


>>ダウンロード (Dropbox)
>>ダウンロード (MediaFire)


シムズ4用 ティーンから老年用、男女両用
バージョンPC, Mac1.10.57.1220以降が必要です



(TS4)Couple Pose Set 7 -  Pose Pack version

Download : Mediafire | SimFileShare

  • 11 poses of quarrel in the couple (PR #2) :
    • 4 Seated poses 
    • 4 Bed poses
    • 3 Standing poses
  • ⚑ The Mods you should have :
    • the Pose Player here
    • the Teleport Sim Mod here

  • If you like it, let me a “like” or reblog me ! 。◕‿◕ღ
  • Please don’t re-upload this file, or claim it as your own without my permission.  
  • Tag ‘conceptdesign97sims’ or ‘conceptdesign97′ so I can see it.

How use  :

Step 1 : Duplicate 2 times the statue (from the teleport mod) in the same place
Step 2 : Select the sim to teleport it
Step 3 : With the pose player, choose the appropriate pose in my pose pack
Step 4 : Repeat the Step 2 & 3 for each sim
Step 5 : Play now and enjoy !! (。◕‿◕。)

Name of my pose pack :
“[CD97]Couple Pose Set 7”

Comment l'utiliser  :

Etape 1 : Dupliquer 2 fois la statue (du mod teleport) au même endroit
Etape 2 : Sélectionner un sim à téléporter
Etape 3 : Avec le Pose Player, sélectionnez la pose appropriée dans
mon pack de pose
Etape 4 : Répéter l'étape 2 & 3 pour chacun des sims
Etape 5 : Jouez maintenant et profitez-en !! (。◕‿◕。)

Nom de mon pose pack :
“[CD97]Couple Pose Set 7”

CCs used :

Chad   : Hair//Top//Bottom//Shoes
Shilo :  Hair//Top(EA)//Bottom//Shoes


Random Gift #1 “Some Melanin”

I spend a lot of time in CAS just making sims I never do anything with… So I decided to give some to you, just because lol. Three Female Sims. Their names are Malika, Jehlani, and Shani (Swahili for Angel, Strong, and Wonderful)
Download, use em as base sims, townies or whatever.
If you use em, tag me (#Blunt Society)? or @ me whatever you choose :)

                           CC & Download Are Below

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Lookbook Nr.22

Skin overlay by Kijiko

Skin by Chisami

Hair by Butterflysims (Retexture by Missparaply)

Eyebrows by S-Club

Eyes by Ms Blue

Eyeliner by MartyP

Eyeshadow by AveiraSims

Eyelashes by Maysims

Blush by Chisami

Lips by Pralinesims

Headband by Colores Urbanos

Shirt by Manueapinny

Skirt by Marigold

Socks by Marigold

Shoes by Madlen

Accesory shoulder sweater by Marigold

Nails by S-Club

Pose set 1 & Pose set 2 by FlowerChamber

Thank you to all the CC creators, your work is amazing!  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Update : 3D Lashes Version 2

I made my 3D Lashes (Version2) compatible with 6/2/2016 patch.
The Lashes are now compatible with Masculine Female and Feminine Male.
If you already have got these lashes,download again and delete the old files,then install again.
The files for Male aren’t  already needed. The Lashes are compatible with all gender by one file. So,I strongly recommend that you DELETE the ALL old files of these Lashes before re-install.

>>Download Glasses Version
>>Download Skin Details Version

3Dまつ毛 更新しました。

Adeline Hatcher.


Hair: @leahlillith​ [xx]
Skin tone: @kijiko-sims​ [xx]
Skin mask: @fashionroyaltysims​ [xx]
Freckles: @alf-si​ [xx]
Eyebags: @pralinesims​ [xx]
Eyes: @dangerouslyfreejellyfish​ [xx]
Eyebrows: @alf-si​ [xx]
Eyelashes: @kijiko-sims​ [xx]


Eyeliner: @sayasims [xx]
Contour: @alainavesna [xx] / @mac-cosimetics​ [xx]
Lips: @mac-cosimetics​ [xx]


Piercing: @pralinesims​ [xx]

Download her here: [xx]
Make sure to download the listed CC.



Elizabeth | Lookbook II

“ wild hearts can’t be broken. “


Krista Langford 

Genetics/Hair/Make up

Everyday Look

Formal Look


Party Look

Credit to @martyp8 for the pose set and a big thank you to all the CC creators!  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ