Adeline Hatcher.


Hair: @leahlillith​ [xx]
Skin tone: @kijiko-sims​ [xx]
Skin mask: @fashionroyaltysims​ [xx]
Freckles: @alf-si​ [xx]
Eyebags: @pralinesims​ [xx]
Eyes: @dangerouslyfreejellyfish​ [xx]
Eyebrows: @alf-si​ [xx]
Eyelashes: @kijiko-sims​ [xx]


Eyeliner: @sayasims [xx]
Contour: @alainavesna [xx] / @mac-cosimetics​ [xx]
Lips: @mac-cosimetics​ [xx]


Piercing: @pralinesims​ [xx]

Download her here: [xx]
Make sure to download the listed CC.

3D Lashes updated.

I updated my lashes.
Fixed an issue about the lashes clipping through a hair with texture alpha.

Thank you to Irina for giving me information!

The lashes will not be drawn front of bangs any more.
When a sim moves her head aslant,a hair clips the lashes,though… well,it’s the regrettable behavior of “SimGlass” shader.

Anyway,if you’ve got my lashes,and you usually use custom hairs with texture alpha, I hope you to see my blog for the details and update my lashes.

3D Lashes Version2

3D Lashes Version2 for Kids

3D Lashes Version2 for Skin Detail

3D Lashes Curly Edition

3D Lashes for Kids





Kijiko -  3D Lashes (Version 2)

I loved the the first version lashes so much, duh I have to get version 2 lol ♥

The curve of the new version eyelash is a little smoother than older version.
Also, I renewed the eyelash designs.


Kijiko - Party Colors 

For those who love a bit of color hehe ♥

  • This is an optional file for the lashes above.
  • The mesh files required.(the mesh data is not included.)
  • 5 colors and 5 designs with white color (Regular length)
  • For Female and For Male included.

[♥its on the same page just scroll down♥]

Update : 3D Lashes Version 2

I made my 3D Lashes (Version2) compatible with 6/2/2016 patch.
The Lashes are now compatible with Masculine Female and Feminine Male.
If you already have got these lashes,download again and delete the old files,then install again.
The files for Male aren’t  already needed. The Lashes are compatible with all gender by one file. So,I strongly recommend that you DELETE the ALL old files of these Lashes before re-install.

>>Download Glasses Version
>>Download Skin Details Version

3Dまつ毛 更新しました。


Aisha Grimm (Formerly, Caresse Dusuau)

For centuries, Aisha had slept in her coffin, biding her time as she thought of her maker with one goal in mind: revenge. She’d held more than a simple love for her sire; a concoction of emotions so profound, they would haunt her every dream and waking. She had dedicated every fiber of her being to fulfill their ambitions using treachery, guile, and even murder. And yet, when the elusive victory was finally within reach, her loyalty had been rewarded with a dagger through the heart. Paralyzed and left to rot in the ancient tombs of Willow Creek, Aisha wept at the betrayal and loss of her humanity. But after her long rest, she has clawed herself free of her confinement and is ready to greet the new world. And what a better way to start than by appeasing her…hunger.


The Sims 4 Halloween Outfits Inspiration

Here’s two new Halloween outfits I made for my sims, and im in LOVE with all of this CC. *.*

CC list:

Pumpkin Outfit 1:

Pumpkin Hat @manueapinny

Hair @kiarazurk

Choker @witchypop

Skeleton Bodysuit @puresims

Skirt ? (can’t find sry)

Bat Tights @puresims

Heels @madlensims

Dark Outfit 2:

Hair @kedluu

Glasses @valhallansim

Crop Top @waekey

Skater Skirt @simpliciaty

Skeleton Tights @puresims

Eyebrows @alf-si

Shiny Skin @xldsims

Zodiac Tattoo @sims-super-addicted

Boots @alienpollination


Cred to all these amazing CC creators, I love youuu much ^^

ViVienne Westwood College Knitwear Cardigan

ONE swatch | Silver Green | Teen - Adult | Recolor of My Mesh ← pls DL

Requested by Catyhardcore at TSR o (*////▽////*)q

Hope you like it too (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


Available at TSR too

Thanks to all amazing CC creators^^

Hair by @kijiko-sims

Pants by @the77sim3

Shoes by @dreamteamsims

Bag Acc by @karzalee

Welcome any WCIF & Tell me if there is any bug

Please tag me if you take pics of it, so I can see your nice pic & reblog~


Spring Sim Tag

I was tagged by @immortalsims to create a spring inspired sim thank you love! ♥

I tag @simpeaches @plum-babe @itsleeloo @elfdor @mikerashisims @arthurlumierecc @kotcatmeow @kenzar-sims 

And anyone else that wants to join in! This was fun!


Bodysuit by @fashionroyaltysims

Hair | Eyeshadow | Eyeliner | Eyelashes | Lipstick | Necklace | RingsNails 

Hair | Eyebrows #13 | Eyeshadow | Eyeliner | Eyelashes | Lipstick | Bronzer Necklace | Nails | Rings 

Thank you to all of creators of cc: @alf-si, @fashionroyaltysims, @kijiko-sims, @leahlillith, @mac-cosimetics, @simpliciaty, @ephiny-asunder, @stealthic and toksik


Dana ✦ is downloadable from The Sims 4 Gallery under the username wondercarlotta8

Hair  Top  Jeans  Shoes  Choker  Socks  Rings  Skin  Eyes  Eyebrow  Eyeliner  Eyeshadow  Face contour  Lips  Nails  Facemask  Lashes

Poses by @dearkims and @vibrantpixels 

Thanks to all CC Creators: @antosims  @mxfsims  @lumy-sims  @madlensims  @volatile-sims  @sims4-marigold  @salem-c  @chisimi  @magnolia-c  @s-club-tbr  @twinksimstress  @bernies-simblr  @annamsblue  @citrontart  @kijiko-sims​