― CC list (missed a few! ;~;) 

- toddler eyelashes [ X ] by @kijiko-sims
- toddler clothing 1 [ X ] by @owl-plumbob
- toddler clothing 2 [ X ] by @ooobsooo
- bomber jacket & skinny jeans [ X ] & [ X ] by @savage-sims


all the awesome creations ♡

f. hair • @kijiko-sims
f. acc • @s-sac @pralinesims
f. top • @ooobsooo
f. skirt • @puresims
f. socks • @kiruluvnst ( @the77sim3 )
m. hair • @elzascarlet-yan
m. acc • @s-sac @yeji-k
m. top • @ooobsooo
m. pants • @s-sac
poses • @dearkims

again, so glad to be back!! 


The Sims 4 Create A Sim ; Melanin Glow Cleo

i had to try out the new skin by @savage-sims and i created a sim !

@savage-sims @remussims @pralinesims @simpliciaty-cc  @kijiko-sims

@mac-cosimetics @alaina-lina-cc @ebonixsimblr @gramssims @blewis50

@candycanesugary @jomsimscreations @Salem.C @annamsblue

@flowerchamber @helgatisha @catsblob @conceptdesign97sims 


Bella Goth

Descended from a long line of occultists, mystics and decadents, she has thrown convention to the wind. Her disdain for the pedestrian and normal is only matched by her sense of ennui and isolation. She distracts herself from this world with a little organ practice and exotic gardening of the lethal variety.

-The Sims, Bustin’ Out


The Sims 4 Create A Sim ; Happy Anniversary The Black Simmer 

@kijiko-sims @catplnt-sl  @xmiramira @Tifasims4 @estrojans @brntwaffles

@goppolsme @plumbobjuice @pralinesims @sims4nexus @sclub-privee

@alaina-lina-cc @kimbabylee @ebonixsims @arthurlumierecc @jfc-sims

@madlensims @puresims @savage-sims @simpliciaty-cc @kumvip

@candycanesugary @foofeedoo @blewis50 @flowerchamber @helgatisha



Spring Sim Tag

I was tagged by @immortalsims to create a spring inspired sim thank you love! ♥

I tag @simpeaches @plum-babe @itsleeloo @elfdor @mikerashisims @arthurlumierecc @kotcatmeow @kenzar-sims 

And anyone else that wants to join in! This was fun!

Laurie Harman

Skintone @xmiramira | Skin overlay @remussirion | Baby hair @daerilia | Eyebrows @simpliciaty-cc | Eyes non-default & facepaint @dangerouslyfreejellyfish @satanies | Hair with clip @ebonixsims | Eyeshadow @kenzar-sims | Lashes @kijiko-sims | Foundation by MAC Cosimetics | Contour @sayasims | Blush @estrojans | Lipstick @blahberry-pancake | Earrings @simpliciaty-cc | Ring by toksik | Nails @blackmojitos


Happy Zutara Week 2017!

I’ve been a Zutarian for seven years now, however, this is the first Zutara week that I’m participating in. I just kept missing when the week actually happened, to the point I thought Zutara week was a myth. I would’ve written a story, but I’ve been very sick recently. I couldn’t work up the strength to get out a good enough story, so I decided to use The Sims 4 to make Zuko and Katara Sims. I think the pictures came out good, and I hope my fellow Zutarians will enjoy them. Hopefully, I’ll feel better soon so I can start writing again.

Love <3


Red Dress: Colores Urbanos

Katara’s Necklace: Jruvv

Zuko’s Scar: Simmi98x’s

Hair: Kijiko

Everything Else: EA/Maxis


I love these ccs, thanks a lot to the cc creators!

cc credits: @kijiko-sims (skin tone, lashes), @he-ss (skin), @obscurus-sims (nosemask), @sclub-privee (brows), @maygamestudio (hair), @the77sim3 (earring), @remussims (lips), @goppolsme (eyes), @liaasims4cc (top retexture), @sims4-marigold (top), @2sanghaec (bottoms), @mauvemorn (sandals), @flowerchamber (pose)


I’m so inspired by Pabllo Vittar and this urban-Kylie-ish style that i’ve decided to do a new look for Vanessa - yep, the Met Gala famous girl <3


Serving urban fashion bitch realness bae out for fun on friday night. She’s free, bold and in totally control of her life. Can you handle her? Bitch she was at MET Gala lol.

~ Musical Inspiration: Pabllo Vittar - K.O.

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The Sims 4 Cas . INSTAGRAM STAR+2500 Subs GIVEAWAY Still time until 11 June to win The Sims 4 Parenthood gamepack 

thank you to the following custom content creators ! oxo Sella

@pralinesims @catplnt @obscurus-sims @imadako @kijiko-sims

@remussims @taraab @hallowsimss @screamingmustard @MYOBI

@veranka-s4cc @simpliciaty-cc @blahberry-pancake  @candycanesugary

@lynxsimz @cleotopia @pxeldaisy @lumy-sims-cc @madlensims

@by2ol @missparaply @Marigold @flowerchamber @helgatisha

@catsblob @fashionroyaltysims


Paul Van Haver (Belgian Artist: Stromae)

I remember when I first attempted to make him in game. This Stromae has definitely come a long way. If you want to see his previous version, click below the cut. (And if anyone knows of any usaeble CC that uses bow-ties, please feel free to DM or leave a comment :))

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Lookbook Day 20: Day at the Beach

Lookbook Challenge

Lips @bustedpixels // Lashes @kijiko-sims // Brows @pralinesims // Eyes @apolunesims // Skin @madmono @inspiredmoodlet // Blush @tragicsimblr // Freckles @kaleidoscopicdoll // Bathing Suit @manueapinny // Hair @bowl-of-plumbobs // Hat @goldenpixels // Eye Shadow @pixelsimdreams // Pose @helgatisha


Bodysuit by @fashionroyaltysims

Hair | Eyeshadow | Eyeliner | Eyelashes | Lipstick | Necklace | RingsNails 

Hair | Eyebrows #13 | Eyeshadow | Eyeliner | Eyelashes | Lipstick | Bronzer Necklace | Nails | Rings 

Thank you to all of creators of cc: @alf-si, @fashionroyaltysims, @kijiko-sims, @leahlillith, @mac-cosimetics, @simpliciaty, @ephiny-asunder, @stealthic and toksik