BTS Talks ‘Mic Drop’ Remix, What To Expect In 2018, BTS Army and more!

johobi replied to your post “I think fans need to chill out a little bit about their irritation at…”

agreed! Also, though it isn’t linked to their music, their interview with Yahoo!Games when they went to America last time is one of my favourites, purely because they talk to them about things they’re actually interested in. As a result, the interview is fun, they’re having fun, they seem relaxed and happy. Interviewers like the guy from KIIS FM make them feel at ease despite the language barrier, whereas that segment on KTLA(?) was so fucking cringeworthy I almost died.

I haven’t seen the KTLA interview yet.  Deep down I knew that some of these interviews were going to be awful so I’ve been waiting for everyone else to react to them before deciding whether or not I should watch them or not.  I need to emotionally prepare myself for anything that cringey.


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