The List : Roxane Gay Names the Best Flash Fiction of the Year

1.  "Robots Make Babies“ by Rachel Adams, The Collagist 

2. ”Home“ by Dena Afrasiabi, jmww

3. ”An Egg“ by Kiik A.K., matchbook

4. ”Not Flower but Fire“ by Amy Ash, The Journal of the Compressed Creative Arts 

5. ”Adult Lord“ by Jeremy Bauer, Everyday Genius

LitHub Daily celebrates Roxane Gay’s “best of” list.  For the full list, read here

Since we’re already talking about Roxane Gay, don’t forget to join her (and us) for a workshop on July 11th at PEN Center USA and for a discussion with Terry McMillan on July 12th at 7 p.m. at Chevalier’s Books.


Rider Enrique Macario (@kiike_venom) at 88skatepark and MaloofSkatepark🔥💯
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20.06.2015 Leedu, Radviliškis

Kohtunik: Anders Virtanen (Soome)

Jumping 3 - 0,00 3/10

Ag 3 - dsq (poom üle)

Open Ag - 5,00 (kiik, 2. aeg)

Hakkame ennast Saksamaa ja EO lainele viima:)

Superhea staadionimuru, elektrooniline ajavõtt, vähevõitu osalejaid.

Virtaneni radadest oleks midagi muud oodanud, aga seekord oli palju edasi-tagasi keerutamist, palju käevahetusi, et koera trajektoori sirgeks saada.

Partai Rakyat Demokratik

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Virus - Influences

The format of  Virus is influenced by Maggie the Mechanic. It takes the form of telling independent stories with same characters. Nevertheless, Virus does not take the entire format of story telling. It still contains a main storyline.

For the content,Yunlu Huang mentioned that she is inspired by Kiik A.K. His series of stories about the Japanese internment is the prototype of the quarantine in the Virus. Over these stories, the second story in Volume.June, watermelon over brick wall, is a tribute to Kiik A.K.’s article whiskey over barbed wire. Both Kiik A.K.’s and Yunlu Huang’s story’s contents are about daily lives. They focus more on the similarity between the insiders’ lives and the outsiders’, and less on how miserable these people are. Indeed, Kiik A.K has influenced Virus in a great way. In one interview, Yunlu Huang admitted that she once planned to write a serious story about revolution, conspiracy and all that kind of plots. However, after reading Kiik A.K’s stories, she finds out the beauty of daily lives. She said that “It is easy to fall to the extreme when talking about large plans.  In my view, people interact with each other everyday. I believe the transformation of people’s belief is step-by-step and day-by-day. Even the little things happened in our lives can result in great changes of ideology. Roman wasn’t built in a day.”