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I was reading about "bois" and I'm curious if many see it as offensive like trans men or lesbians, I'm worried that if I identified as a boi that I might offend someone who is a transitioning man

Kii says:

In the LBGT community, the word “boi” has many uses, including these:

  • the younger, submissive male in a relationship with 2 guys 
  • a pre-T trans guy 
  • a nickname given to masc lesbians by their more feminine partners 
  • a nonbinary identity similar to demiboy

But, the word is AAVE, and should therefore you should only use it if you’re black.

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hello! I'm genderfluid and I'm about to start high school. I want to use my preferred name and pronouns in high school but I'm worried about having my birth name on role call and stuff like that. do you know if there's a way to get the school to use my preferred name?

Kii says:

If you’re in the US, schools legally have to use your name and pronouns if you ask them to. I would suggest emailing teachers ahead of time to let them know what you want. Here’s a template. (It’s aimed for college, but it can be changed a bit to fit high school.)

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I am translating with google translate. So probably I will use wrong words... I think I am in depression. Sometimes I like boys and I love my body like this sometimes I like girls and I want boy body parts (i mean no chest and... You understand) . But in generally, I want to be female + male body parts.

Kii says:

I understand you’re using a translator but this ask is not very clear, so I might be interpreting it the wrong way. You could look into the labels of either abrosexual or bisexual for your sexuality, and nonbinary, genderfluid, or androgyne for your gender. Currently, there is no surgery to obtain “both” sets of genitals. The closest thing would be called a metoidioplasty. @gendercube might be able to answer more questions about that.

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I'm dmab and nonbinary, and I am definitely not male at all. That being said, it is currently unsafe for me to be out now to anyone but my closest friends, so I have to present masculinely and keep my old name/pronouns for now. One of my closest friends (a cis woman) is a vocal feminist who frequently talks about male privilege and women's rights, and I definitely enjoy discussing this with her since it's a cause I care about a lot. (1/2)

(2/2) However, almost inevitably she will forget I’m not a man during the discussion and then say something that makes me really dysphoric (like calling me a man or associating penis=man). She’s used to pushing back against men mansplaining over her, so if I try to interrupt her stop she just digs in harder (and only realizes what she’s done much later). I want to keep having these conversations with her, but I don’t want to feel dysphoric every time. Any ideas?

Kii says:

While you’re not discussing those topics, bring it up to her that certain things (try and list specifically what those things are) make you uncomfortable, and agree on a word or gesture that means “Please stop.”, “Check yourself.”, or “I’m uncomfortable.” If you use that word or gesture and she doesn’t stop, physically get up and move away from the situation.   

Dare Datte Skylark CH. 1

As promised here is chapter 1 of Dare Datte Skylark by Kii Kanna.
Since there’s only one chapter, it’s hard to give a description about it but i’ll try my best.

Kishi-kun works in the anime industry. After one of his many disappearances, he runs into a rather mischievous cats. What will happen next?

*warning* some un-detailed nudity.

Download MFMG

Read Here

Please let me know what you think about the chapter and if you would be interested in reading the continuation.

*Edit: Updated MF link*

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SUPER URGENT this is probably in the FAQ but I don't have time to look right now I live in the UK and have been told to leave the house by my parents I have no job or money, they have 100% financially supported me up to now. No other family. I honestly have zero friends (or even acquaintances) where is safe to go?

Kii says:

Okay, so I’m not from the UK, but all of are UK mods are unavailable right now, so if any follower is actually in the UK and has better ideas, please add on or correct me if I say something wrong.

You can try @transhousingnetwork, as they have places all over the world.

Here is a list of places that might be able to help you. (I would start by calling the place closest to you)

If you are 16 or 17, according to this, you are classified as “in need” and should call social services. They also have a helpline for if you need a place to sleep.

EDIT: We also have this post on what to pack for leaving. The phone numbers are all US-based but the rest of the info is good.