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I was bored and procrastinating on my summer assignments

so I made a powerpoint about scott

might as well put my screenshots of his blog to good use

(this took me way longer than it should have asflfdslkj)

(scott, if you see this, I hope you aren’t offended or anything.  you’re actually my favorite person on tumblr.)

Thor's Diary: After The Dark World

Day 1:

My heart is heavy, for we have defeated Malekith, but at great cost. My fool of a brother, Loki, is among the dead. I grieve alone now; after reuniting with Jane i thought it best to be close to Father for a while.

Father has been acting strangely, perhaps because of my mother’s passing. But it is not something i had expected. He was supposed to meet with the council of elders today, but I found him in the throne room instead. When i inquired why he was not in attendance, he merely stated, “Meetings bore me,” and fiddled with his scepter. 

Day 2:

Father has been giggling a great deal daily. Perhaps his grief has clouded his mind more than I first thought. I worry for him. 

He repeatedly asked me to tell the tale of Loki’s fate and made me pause and repeat certain parts, often saying, “Remarkable; so brave and tragic.”

I have set up a meeting with Heimdall to inquire if he had noticed anything odd about father.

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These Trekkie URLS man

Now we just need a scoooooooooooooooooooooooooootty