star trek pick-up lines
  • [kirk voice] “we’re going to penetrate the area of darkness with a forward thrust”
  • “i must touch you. please.”
  • [uhura voice] “I’d say something, but your magnetism is jamming all of my communication frequencies”
  • [star trek comm whistle noise]
  • [bones voice] “if you’re getting nasty, im gonna leave”
  • [spock voice] “fascinating
  • [pretty alien lady shows up music]
  • [sulu voice] “i can’t wait to tell my plants about this”

Chris and Zachary making an (adorable) attempt to speak some of their character’s catchphrases in Irish


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I was bored and procrastinating on my summer assignments

so I made a powerpoint about scott

might as well put my screenshots of his blog to good use

(this took me way longer than it should have asflfdslkj)

(scott, if you see this, I hope you aren’t offended or anything.  you’re actually my favorite person on tumblr.)