spiderdreamer-blog asked:

Given your essay comparing the film adaptations of Chicago and Into the Woods, as well as your idea for A Chorus Line, how do you think Hamilton could be best translated to a film format since I'm hearing whispers about that?

OH MAN. OH MAN. I MEAN. My ideal dream would just be a filmed stage version? I know it wouldn’t fully capture the intimacy between audience and actor, but the libretto is so rich and complex that having anything beyond that minimalist set seems to do a disservice to the words.

And you just….you CAN’T do a straight up period piece, with the big fancy sets and all. That would totally destroy the meta-narrative about linking the 18th century revolution to modern struggles of repressed peoples. 

If this were the 90s there’d be some kind of framing device about trying to REACH THESE KIIIIIIIIIIDS that then faded back into the historical stuff, and it would be terrible. 

Just….just film it. Or do whatever Lin Manuel Miranda tells you to do with it, I’m begging you film industry. Don’t hurt this precious show in this way.