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im dfab agender. prior to figuring this out, i vehemently rejected femininity bc it made me so uncomfortable, which im guessing was due to dysphoria. however, i've identified as agender for almost 2 years and have noticed i've been starting to embrace femininity much more. being called a girl/female still makes me dysphoric but now i can comfortably wear make up and perfume and dresses, which i could never do before. does this mean i might not be agender?

Kii says:

Agender people can wear whatever they want, so if you still feel agender, dressing femininely doesn’t change your gender.

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Not really a question, just want to say I super appreciate you translating this manga. I didn't think I enjoyed BL-themed manga, but Kii Kanna's works have cleanly won me over into thinking gay is pretty much okay, so this may sound dumb but I'm really happy you've given us the opportunity to enjoy it as well.

I understand how you feel because BL themed manga can be very problematic and stuff and i personally don’t like BL manga’s that are just sex sex sex and more sex without any real developments on their characters. However Kii Kanna does a really good job at not following that, as well as giving us characters that we can relate to and just bond with them and i think thats wonderful.
I’m glad you really enjoy it :)