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hello! i have a question about non-dysphoric trans people. Gender dysphoria is a medical condition, right? so non dysphoric trans people and dysphoric trans people wouldnt fall into the same category, they would be different things? since one is about gender identity (that you'd like to be treated like another gender in society) and the other one is about what you want between your legs. sorry if this comes off as rude, im just very confused. please correct me if im wrong, id love to learn!

Kii says:

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but non-dysphoric trans people are still trans people, and some of them do choose to transition. Likewise, many trans people who experience dysphoria choose not to transition, or choose to transition in some ways but not others (hormones but not surgery, etc). There are also people that experience dysphoria about some things, but not others. Someone may feel dysphoria about their voice, height, face shape, body shape, etc without necessarily feeling dysphoria about their chest and/or genitals. Transition is also not limited to medical procedures, as it can include haircuts, clothing changes, makeup, etc as well as social transition (being called a different name/pronouns). 

One could definitely divide trans people into the categories of dysphoric and non-dysphoric, but I don’t know why that would be necessary unless they were trying to be exclusionary toward non-dysphoric trans people.

 I think it would also be more accurate to portray dysphoria levels as a broad spectrum ranging from no dysphoria to extreme/severe dysphoria, with many people falling somewhere in between those two ends of the spectrum. 

If this didn’t answer your question, feel free to send follow-ups.

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[URGENT] I really need some advice. I am a trans guy and I have been out for a year and a half. My mom supports me but my dad doesn't and my parents are divorced. I am currently staying with my mom but my parents have split custody and my dad is refusing to let me go on hormones and is also being very emotionally abusive towards me. Legally, can I take my dad to court because he won't let me go on hormones? What do I do? I am 15 and I know that I won't be able to make it to 18 without hormones.

Kii says:

If you want real legal advice about this, I would highly recommend going to see a lawyer, because none of the mods here have studied law like a real lawyer would have. In the US, minors usually need the help of a parent or guardian to file a lawsuit.  I’m looking up more specific laws about this, and all of the relevant information I can find is very state-specific, so even if you are in the US, we can’t give you a ton of info about this. For example, in California, anyone over 14 can often choose which parent(s) keep custody of them (with a few exceptions) so you could ask for only your mother to keep custody of you if where you live has a law like that.


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so i'm 18 and nonbinary and i'm going to start my senior year of high school soon. do you have any tips/advice for getting my preferred name and gender changed on school records or on my diploma at graduation without my guardians finding out? would i need to get my name/gender legally changed beforehand and then get it changed at school?

Kii says:

At my high school, the diplomas and names read aloud at graduation had to be legal names. They didn’t allow nicknames in any format. The same was true with school records. Ask your school what their policies are.

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Hi! I recently turned 18 and I'm looking for a new primary doctor. How do I go about asking if they're okay with transgender clients?

Kii says:

There are many places where it’s illegal for a doctor to turn away patients who are transgender, so asking the doctor directly may not be the best course of action (and, unfortunately, some doctors just want your money). I would recommend looking for local LGBT resources such as your own friends, LGBT resource centers (many are on college campuses but still serve the community), and LGBT groups (Facebook is a good place to find local ones). Ask for recommendations through them.


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26- Kaede Akamatsu
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18- Angie Yonaga
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8- Great Gozu
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