15.03.2017 в вагоне Санкт-Петербургского метрополитена

check out these sweet sweet language politics i saw on the metro the other day

(a sign hanging on the inside wall of a metro car, bearing the heading in Russian: “Let Us Speak Like Petersburgers” in red and continuing in black, “Borrowed words can be replaced with Russian words”. There is a list of Russian words borrowed from English on the left and a list of their equivalents with Slavic or Latin roots on the right, finished off with a Gor’kii quote at the bottom in dark blue: “The word is the clothing of all facts, all thoughts,” and a note that this sign is part of a joint project by the Saint Petersburg government, the seal of which is printed next to the line, and Saint Petersburg State University. At the top of the sign it says “Council for the Culture of Speech under the Governor of Saint Petersburg”, and there is a picture of a woman in a grey suit with a red scarf; her name is given as Lyudmila Verbitskaya, the author of a series of dictionaries entitled “Let Us Speak Correctly”)

What’s Your Moral Alignment


You see others as a means to an end. You only make friends and allies temporarily, and will turn on someone in a second if you can see a way to gain from it. You don’t really go out of your way to cause harm to others, but you don’t really go out of your way to prevent it either.

Popular neutral evil characters:
Voldemort from Harry Potter
Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
Littlefinger from Game of Thrones

Basically he’s a colossal arsehole 👌 👍

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Dre choosing to be passive aggressive to Kevin and torching her game is hilarious cause it’s going to be her own dumb fault if he wins HOH and targets her. Yes, she’s a target either way, but she has a few outs and she’s sort of making sure that she gets nominated at this point all to get a few kiis in at Kevin’s expense.

Hope it was worth it girl

anonymous asked:

this is a MTF question. I'm someone with fair skin and dark hair and shaving really irritates my skin and gives me red bumps and ingrown hairs which makes me feel even more dysphoric. Is there any recommendations on what I can do about the irritation on my legs and what hair removal techniques MTF usually go for?

Kii says:

So, I am not transfeminine, but I do shave various parts of my body and have similar issues to you (fair skin, dark hair, razor bumps/ingrown hair) and the best solutions that I’ve found are using a sharp razor, good shaving cream (there are plenty marketed to women, Coochy cream is feminine-branded and safe for all parts of the body) and Tend Skin. You should also make sure not to wear tight clothing over a shaved area for the first day after shaving if you can avoid it. You could also try different hair removal methods such as waxing or hair removal creams. For me, hair removal creams irritate my skin, but waxing does not, so see what works for you. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can also look into laser hair removal.


you and me, we make each other better, we may not be perfect but we’re perfect together~♡

Danganronpa Birthdays


1 - Hajime Hinata/ - Izuru Kamukura 
3 - Leon Kuwata
9- Tenko Chabashira
14- Sato
17- Kazou Tegan
23- Gonta Gakuhara


2- Maki Harukawa
5 - Makoto Naegi 
22 - Nekomaru Nidai 
29 - Jatarou Kemuri


3 - Touko Fukawa/Genocider Syo
9 - Hiyoko Saionji 
14 - Chihiro Fujisaki 
14 - Chiaki Nanami   
26- Kaede Akamatsu
27- Natsumi Kuzuryuu 


1 - Monaka Towa
10- Daisuke Bandai
12- Kaito Momota
14- Juzo Sakakura
18- Angie Yonaga
24 - Aoi Asahina
24 - Mahiru Koizumi 
28 - Nagito Komaeda 


3- Chisa Yukizome
5 - Byakuya Togami 
5 - Byakuya Twogami 
7 - Masaru Daimon
8- Great Gozu
10- Kirumi Tojo
12 - Mikan Tsumiki 
31 - Komaru Naegi


8- Seiko Kimura
9 - Mondo Oowada 
13 - Kotoko Utsugi 
21-  Kokichi Ouma
29 - Kazuichi Souda
30 - Peko Pekoyama  
30- Jin Kirigiri 


1- Ryouma Hoshi
5 - Hiroko Hagakure 
7 - Sayaka Maizono 
15 - Akane Owari 
25 - Yasuhiro Hagakure
31- Korekiyo Shinguji


9 - Haiji Towa 
15-Tsumugi Shirogane
16 - Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
22- Kyosuke Mukakata
30- Ryota Mitari 
31 - Kiyotaka Ishimaru


2 - Teruteru Hanamura 
4 - Yuuta Asahina
7- Shuichi Saihara
13 - Sakura Oogami 
29- Koichi Kizakura


3- Rantarou Amami
6 - Kyoko Kirigiri 
13 - Sonia Nevermind 
23 - Nagisa Shingetsu
29- Kii-bo


8 - Taichi Fujisaki
16- Miu Iruma
20- Ruruka Andou
23 - Celestia Ludenberg 
27 - Ibuki Mioda 


3- Himiko Yumeno
14 - Gundam Tanaka 
24 - Mukuro Ikusaba 
24 - Junko Enoshima/ Ryoko Otonashi 
31 - Hifumi Yamada