kigeki (comedy)

03. 哀れな人間 - aware na ningen - Pitiful Humans
03. 哀れな人間 - aware na ningen - Pitiful Humans

03. 哀れな人間 - aware na ningen - Pitiful Humans

Lyrics and my transcripts and translations under the cut!
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This entire number is on youtube!
“Only Human” in the demo. At the end Ryuk drops his Death Note down to the human world. 

Ryuk and Rem were sooo great, haaah

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A short film that gives that whole elegant-gothic-vampire thing a quick but rather classy treatment.

The operatic score and the drab color palette set the tone quickly. The animation quality gives a good feel for the environment (fuzzy and glowing in warmer, still environments and crisp with blurs for action based scenes). And, finally, it uses the better parts of modern animation effectively (fight scene effects-animation). All this in 10 minutes.


Kigeki Comedy :3

Aqií el link por si quieren verlo más grande owo