What criteria enhance an individual’s media power, and which of these are good or bad reasons for an individual to have influence in the media?

Within the new media era, Internet users have the free rights in inquiry, participation and expression on the Internet. Not only the freedom on the Internet has erupted tremendous individual media power but also Internet users are cheering for the hitherto high degree of freedom (Kushin & Yamamoto, 2010). The development of new media technology enables the Internet media broke through the bottleneck of one-way transmission of traditional media to open the new situation of bidirectional multi-way of communication (Webster & Ksiazek, 2012).

High level of freedom and bidirectional way of communication are the criteria enhancing an individual’s media power. On the one hand, Internet users in the new media era have the freedom to query, publish or discuss (Kietzmann et al., 2011). Within the free space, Internet users can freely browse, participate or express themselves. Because of the virtuality and anonymity, Internet has become the platform for free and equal communication among modern people, providing the public more right to speak (Kushin & Yamamoto, 2010). Internet users can express themselves and get timely feedback through interacting via the form of news thread or interaction from of community forums. Especially those social topics which are hard to achieve group opinion, it is possible to publically extent them because of the involvement of the Internet (Weinberg & Pehlivan, 2011). Take Obama’s success in the 2012 presidential campaigns for example. During both 2008 and 2012 presidential campaign, the Obama team had extensively used social media strategy with effective ways such as encouraging Internet users to reach more people through their own social networks to talk about the reasons to support Obama. In the official website of Obama’s 2012 campaign, Internet users can log in with the Facebook account so they can see who else within their Facebook circles also supported Obama, reminding them to vote for Obama. This method can achieve target audiences closer than posting articles on the Internet or the Facebook, improving the interaction of social media. At the same time, the Obama campaign team also promoted the interaction degree on social media. If someone posts election related content in the twitter or Facebook, the team will quickly reply.

On the other hand, new technology brings a new expression of order (Lee & Ma, 2012). My twitter account is a typical example showing that how the development of new technology changed my tradition of expression. During the old times, I received information from mass media such as TV or radio, which is a single way of information interaction. However, the technology development of social media such as twitter enables me to share the information that I got from others, which is a bidirectional way of communication.


Jimmy Kimmel Live shows that rather than the traditional distance between celebrities and ordinary people, celebrities now are easily insulted by ordinary people through social media such as twitter. The argument that everyone has the right to talk authorised Internet users the great freedom in communication, although which is also limited.



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Antônio Descobre Veredas, Deborah Kietzmann Goldemberg, pg 65

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Antônio Descobre Veredas, Deborah Kietzmann Goldemberg, pg 5

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