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Who kills the bugs

Well, it’s NOT PIETRO because the little worm’s so freakishly afraid of bugs that it’s comical, and it’s so not Kitty either. Is it cheating to say Toad? Because they would totally just call Toad anytime there’s a big bug because “no, nope, not dealin with that, back to bed”.

Who hogs the sheets

AKA the cause of, like, fifty percent of their fights. Pietro is a massive cover hog- and he won’t give them up no matter what. It’s the most frustrating thing ever.

Who hates mornings

Pietro is powercharged in the morning as long as he’s gone for his run, so typically it’s Kitty who ends up dragging herself out of bed an hour behind him, grumbling about something or other incoherently. That said, neither of them really hate mornings.

Who’s cranky before they had their coffee

Kitty needs energy to wake herself up in the morning. Pietro charges up while he sleeps, so he’s just dandy- and do not give him caffeine.

Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law

Kitty’s mother makes Pietro’s eye twitch, and he almost approves of Lance’s decision to try and drop a high school on top of them. Almost. And he would never say that to Kitty, dear lord.

Who drives

FFS, NEITHER OF THEM, meaning both of them, generally whoever gets to the wheel first. They are literally the only two people who can tolerate each other’s driving- and their combined road rage is monumental. They are a hazard on the road.

Who gets horny in awkward public places

Oh come on- Pietro. So, totally Pietro, let’s be real.

Who had a scene phase

Umm… well, neither of them, really? But if it had to have been one of them, it would have been Pietro, to be honest.

Who wore braces

I can… kind of see Kitty as being the most adorable little braceface as a kid. Like, one of those kids who have to get them really early, like, in forth grade, and then was lucky enough to get them off early as well.

Who got bullied

I can see them both as getting bullied by their peers. We know that Kitty was on the wrong end of some of her classmates’ sticks, but honestly… how easy could it have been for Pietro to fit in? Especially as a child, with limited control over his powers, never having been alone before, and also being that one weird kid with white hair who doesn’t really know how to interact with normal people; I can see him getting into a few scuffles in his day, until he learned just how powerful his own words as a weapon can be.

Who collects ceramic elephants

Aww. Kitty has a number of embarrassing little collections that she nourishes, while Pietro’s room in the meantime is pretty spartan.


Kitty x Pietro

Created by: monsteriinc

“Since I agreed to wear this God awful sweater, Pryde.”

Gingerbread House - 2 January 2015

Bonus prompt: Ugly sweater contest, haha.

Inspired by prettypryde’s list of kietro AUs (2 links, because 2 lists).

P.S. IDK ugly sweaters :P That’s not a culture where I live, haha.

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ff+. - Kala

Send me “ff+” and a character name and my character will react to finding and reading a graphic and sex-filled fanfiction of themselves and that character.

“Oh of course my pregnant wife”

“Ha, that’s kinda cute”

“–for the record I don’t mind using toys on a girl”

“But not that one. I don’t even wanna know what that one does from the name”

“A pregnancy kink how original”

“Wait…is she breastfeeding me..? “

“Not sure how I feel about that”

“Leave my poor wife alone creeps”


Sketches, January 2014


Have some Kitty/Pietro from X-Men: Evolution :D

I ship this because they’re pretty-looking together and the love-hate potential is hilarious and have proven to have sweet resolutions (by really awesome Kietro writers, btw.). Although, I wish they made Kitty Pryde less concerned about getting one-up Pietro’s teasing (thinks about writing own fan fiction of these two).

The short comic strips are actually excerpts from here: (Comic 1: “crossfire”) and (Comic 2: “Kitty vs. Pietro”) both by the same author, mistyblue1. Er, not for 5-minute reading :D there’s an average of 45 chapters for both stories BUT I assure you it’s hilarious for a high school-set RomCom involving mutants and teenage feelings and getting the wrong idea..

…well, okay, essentially CAMPY but hey, it was written for entertainment. And I was entertained.

Yes. I know Kitty Pryde ends up with Lance Alvers and their canon is pretty cute but I still root for these two. You’ve got to admit Pietro has quite an attractive design (I don’t care much for his voice actor in the animated series though :)))) *SPOILER ALERT* but I can’t wait to see the actor they chose for him in Avengers 2!). And I just really like Kitty Pryde’s design too. And I just think they’re prettier designs together.

*activates powers of fandom: Reality marble*


Request for prettykittyofbayville. *BG-less

Kietro (Kitty Pryde x Pietro Maximoff from X-Men Evo, our ship as shipper sisters X3) in palette 16

I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to color this but I think I managed to pull it off in a way I’m happy with (/*´▽`*\)

Here ya go!