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Keith Lamont Scott’s family: Video raises more questions than answers

Law enforcement authorities have said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers justifiably opened fire on Kieth Scott because he was armed and failed to obey their commands to drop his weapon. 

But in a statement, Scott’s family said it was “impossible to discern” from the footage what Scott was holding before he was gunned down. Will the public get to see the video? That’s a very good question.

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My Thoughts on Tonight's One Tree Hill :
  • Naley. That reunion. It was simple, sweet, amazing, loving, tear-jerking, and fucking amazing. Her face when she saw him was amazing. And when Nathan said ‘Always, Always and Forever’ I died. I flat lined, then I came back to life. Then when she said that she’d stock up on Rocky Road ice cream, oh Castiel I bawled. They are amazing & I was so happy to see them back together again.
  • Julian’s idea to turn An Unkindness or Ravens into a TV show killed me. Like I literally died then came back to life. I almost died I was so happy. It’s kind of like even though One Tree Hill is ending in 2 weeks it will continue to inspire people, continue to give people hope, and continue to help people through the tough times. It’s the perfect way to end the series. 
  • Dan Scott. Oh my Castiel. I can’t handle my emotions right now. I WAS BAWLING LIKE A LITTLE BITCH ! First, Haley tells him that Lydia will know him as a man who loved his grand kids more than anything, not the man who killed his brother. Then Deb came in & they had cute couple jokes & it was like before. Then that River Court scene with Nathan killed me. I died. Then came back to life to see the rest of this episode. And all those flash backs. Oh Castiel I was bawling. It was amazing to see bits and pieces from all the seasons. 
  • Kieth. When he showed up I BAWLED (but let’s be honest by this point I’m pretty sure I already lost about 70% of my body’s water from crying so much) I always adored Kieth & to hear him forgive Dan, to show him that it did get better. Then when they were going to Heaven & Kieth said Dan was his plus one I broke down. I couldn’t even function. Oh my Castiel this episode killed me.