Jace wields blue mental magic: spells of illusion, deception, and mind reading. With nearly unlimited access to knowledge comes the temptation of power …

Curiosity has always gotten the better of Jace Beleren. As a magical prodigy, he delved into lessons of sorcery deeper than his fellow students, succeeding to the point that even his instructors were suspicious.

As a specialist in mind magic, he can gaze into the minds of others, discovering even closely guarded secrets. This has led him down dangerous paths more than once, and as a Planeswalker, there’s a whole multiverse of secrets to discover.

His skills in illusion, mind reading, and even memory modification have flourished during his travels, giving him ever broader access to the hidden knowledge he craves.

On a return trip to Ravnica, Jace honed his abilities as a mind mage while working for the interplanar organization Infinite Consortium. With Ravnica’s ten guilds back in power, guild intrigue has reached new heights. Jace suspects a deep conspiracy involving the dragon Niv-Mizzet—a plot with secrets so dangerous that Jace’s mind magic might get him into more trouble than even he can handle.

Some amazing artwork featuring Jace Beleren.


Magic: the Gathering - Kaladesh Aetherborn

Aetherborn spontaneously came into being on Kaladesh as a byproduct of the aether refinement process. Their bodies are in constant flux, as the aether residue they’re made of gradually dissolves and is reclaimed by the aethersphere. Thus, their lives are short. But rather than despair, they savor each fleeting moment, squeezing out every last drop of enjoyment.

Some Aetherborn, referred to as the “gifted”, can draw life essence from other beings into themselves to prolong their own existence.

• Fortuitous Find, illus. Tomasz Jedruszek
• Live Fast, illus. Ryan Yee
• Die Young, illus. Ryan Yee
• Lawless Broker, illus. Derek Zabrocki
• Prakhta Club Secruity, illus. Igor Kieryluk
• Contraband Kingpin, illus. Anna Steinbauer

Gatewatch Reinforcements

Strap yourselves in Vorthos - We’ve got weeks until the plot of Amonkhet begins, and I’m nowhere near done speculating. Today I’m going to be looking at which allies Ajani may be trying to find out there in the Multiverse. He mentioned Bolas has many enemies, and they might have many allies - but who would actually turn up for a fight with big bad Bolas?

Keep in mind, there is always the possibility - and outright likelihood - of new planeswalkers allying themselves with the Gatewatch. With that possibility acknowledged, let’s look at who else might be Team Curbstomp Bolas.

Presented in no particular order. Keep in mind, they don’t have to join the Gatewatch to be allies. They just have to not like Bolas.

Dack Fayden

Faithless Looting by Karl Kopinski

Knows Bolas? No.

Who: Dack is the Greatest Thief in the Multiverse, and while he might play at being a rogue, his heart has always been in the right place. He goes out of his way to save his friends, and if you hurt them he will track you down.

Why: Fans have been speculating on when we’ll see Dack again, and now seems like the perfect time. We last saw him heading into the underworld to fight Ashiok’s scheme on Theros, and the old theories were that he’d be how Elspeth is revived. Looking at it now, if Ashiok is involved on Amonkhet, I could see Dack meet up with the Gatewatch while tracking him down.


Learn from the Past by Chase Stone 

Knows Bolas? Maybe.

Who: Narset is a seeker of enlightenment, whose spark ignited when she learned the truth of Tarkir’s past. Now, she’s affiliated with the group known as the Story Circle.

Why:  If Ajani has learned anything about Tarkir’s past from Narset (Remember: he was looking for info on Bolas, and Narset has a loose connection there), he may want to recruit her to aid in the fight. She has a great deal of experience with dragons, and may take it as a personal affront that Bolas once tried to end the progenitor of the dragons of Tarkir.

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A Quest for Vengeance: “Escape”: A Short Story

It’s time for another episode of my “A Quest for Vengeance” Series! 

In today’s episode, the action resumes as some of our protagonists escape their prison cells and take the fight to the slavers! As The Arena looms in the distance, which of our protagonists will be turned against each other? Find out this episode!

(Coercive Portal: Conspiracy) (Art by Yeong-Hao Han)

Gather `Round! It’s Story Telling Time!

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MTG: Stories Still Untold

In this article I’m going to discuss, in brief, all the known major storylines the Gatewatch have outstanding. I was originally going to do a piece on the remaining Gatewatch villains but figured that doing so would leave out a lot of people that readers would think count as villains. So I might as well do this article first and then go into that other one. 

Until then, enjoy the list of outstanding storylines!

Gather `Round! It’s Storytelling Time!

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In Norse mythology, elves are a race of supernatural beings split into two categories: the “incredibly beautiful” light elves (Ljósálfar) and the “swarthy” dark elves (Dökkálfar or Svartálfar).  Ljósálfar live in the realm of Alfheimr,  under the rule of the Vanir Freyr. Skilled craftsmen, the Dökkálfar (who have been conflated with the dwarves), live underground or in the realm of Svartalfheim and are credited with creating Fenrir’s bindings, as well as Thor’s Mjolnir. 

In medieval Germany, elves were mostly a sign of ill omen–they brought nightmares to unwary sleepers and caused epileptic fits.

When introduced to England, the term elf became almost synonymous with “fairy” which gave the interpretation of elves as small and mischievous (while still being considered harbingers of illness), though of course the most popular interpretation of elves was given by Tolkien: tall, forest dwelling humanoids with a superiority complex.
Art thief!

Here we go again; someone selling ‘custom cards and tokens’ with other people’s art work. In this case, it seems like I’ve cut out most of the work for him by making the frame as well, and he’s removed my name. The image I uploaded wasn’t even print quality, so I can’t believe people would pay for that.

The fact that he’s selling (and has sold) any of those tokens for $4.75 apiece kills me. The originals are business cards given out for free. Various other cards in his eBay store have art stolen from other artists like Artgerm, Genzoman, Sakimichan, Warren Louw, Yu Cheng Hong, Igor Kieryluk, and many more.

I’ve reported the item myself but I just thought I should bring this to attention that it’s still happening…

*Thank you to the deviantArt user who brought this to my attention first!

thelastvisibledog  asked:

Nahiri is fantastic, and so is the story. Much thanks to the creative team and Kelly Digges. I noticed that she is very similar in appearance to Stoneforge Mystic, and not just by being a female Kor, but also her clothes, haircut, and abilities. They are so similar it seems beyond coincidence. Is Stoneforge Mystic supposed to represent Nahiri in some way?

Nahiri was part of a tradition of kor stoneforgers — powerful mages who forge weapons from stone — and that tradition still exists on Zendikar today (which we know as the card Stoneforge Mystic). Nahiri’s (awesome) art by Eric Deschamps was definitely modeled on the art of Worldwake’s Stoneforge Mystic.

Nahiri, the Lithomancer art by Eric Deschamps

Nahiri’s title of “the Lithomancer” relates to this same tradition of stoneforging, and her talents in crafting with stone contributed to the trapping of the Eldrazi on Zendikar along with Ugin and Sorin. In short, Nahiri is the creator of Zendikar’s hedrons.

More in “The Lithomancer” by Kelly Digges:

Art by Igor Kieryluk