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Thanks for 20 years (and counting) and so many incredible gay/bi/questioning male characters: John Paul McQueen • Kris Fisher • Craig Dean • Ravi Roy • Kieron Hobbs • Ste Hay • Brendan Brady • Noah Baxter • Doug Carter • George Smith • Vincent Elegba • Danny Lomax • Lockie Campbell • Scott Drinkwell • Harry Thompson and many more.

Hypocritical Editorializing

So, basically this is the kind of bullshit that pisses me off about how Marvel is going about forging the X-Men corner of their universe post Secret Wars.

In Extraordinary X-Men 5, Storm makes an impassioned speech to the masses (after yet another oh so tired, Scott Summers is evil! monologue) about how the X-Men are here to help everyone…but also in no uncertain terms she also said that they will retaliate if mutants are harmed.  An olive branch as it were, but also a very clear show of force…  

Which interestingly enough echoes this speech that Scott makes in Gillen’s first Uncanny X-Men issue in 2012…(in a much better written fashion I might add). 

Seriously, what in the frakkity fuck?  It’s not enough that Scott gets dragged through the mud for something…that we’re not even really sure about (It has something to do with Inhumans…it had something to do with protecting mutants (I’m sure)…the Limbo squad is worse than the Manitowoc Sheriff’s department)…but Storm gets to trot out what is basically the same mission statement without any of the bad press?  I mean come on.  At the very least, if you’re gonna get on the ‘Scott is like the worst thing to happen to mutants in like EVER’ bandwagon, at least have a distinct enough ideology/mission statement from him.  

Of course we can’t….because the X-Men have to simultaneously hate older Scott while at the same take up his mission statement so they don’t look like self-loathing, pathetic losers who, for some asinine reason, have seemingly lost the ability to stand up for themselves.  

X-Editorial office COME ON.  Can’t we stop with the ‘hate older Scott’ stupidity? It was stupid years ago when Bendis got handed the keys to the kingdom, and it’s so stupid now.  It really hampers good story telling and it’s such an unnecessary distraction.  You literally can still have this stupid, rehash of M-Day, status quo without the ‘hate older Scott!’ parts.  SMH. 

I also love Lemire’s solo work, but the man really should not be doing team books.  I worry this book is just going to be as awful as his run on JLA.  The dialogue still feels so stiff and Bendis-esque.