I can not even express in words how amazing this whole weekend was…working with @sideshowcollectibles has been a dream come true and we all killed it! The booth was amazing as a whole! They seriously kill it at @comic_con every year and I was so happy to be apart of it this year! @courtofthedead has seriously changed my life and it’s an IP that means so much to me. Thank you to everyone that stopped by and checked us and The Court out!! It was such an amazing expierience!

Shard Costume and model @vertvixen
Kier costume and model @reilena
Kier makeup and mask by @keltonfx
Photo by @stevendwyer
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Part of the film’s brilliance is its ambivalence about whether its topography is psychological or spiritual, which allows the film to linger with both religious and secular audiences. But purgatory, by its very nature, exists as a means of addressing spiritual ambivalence. As Mary grows more frantic throughout the film, she becomes desperate to “make contact,” finally acknowledging that she is afraid to be alone. In reality, however, she has no lifeline. There is no one to bring her back, no one who would even care to. In her dying seconds, it is this that she ruminates on, with all of us as witnesses to her existential despair.

Read Kier-La Janisse on Herk Harvey’s elegiac horror classic CARNIVAL OF SOULS

dannidennisfnafdw  asked:

No ppoosss, que pasho? falta voces pa un vidio? xd, kiere ayuda? quiere pastel? que sea de chocolate? no posss, telo dejare a tu suerte v: ... okno xddddddddddddddddddddddddd quiere ke le ashude?

zi XD bueno, no e tenido contacto con los dobladores aun XD

New Quests! (Spoilers Warning)

Right, so I finally managed to get SSO working by literally deleting the game and redownloading it, which was a pain but at least it worked. Of course, I did the new quests! At least the first part. I actually really liked them :) Pictures incoming!

So basically the first thing that went through my head was “Piss off, I am not risking death to calm your bees.” I did it anyway.

This was so funny I wish I could have watched it for longer.

It was even funnier because Mr. white-shirt-totally-not-a-Justin-look-alike was completely unaffected and kept strolling around while his town screamed in terror.

Also, OH MY GOD that is the cutest spider I’ve ever seen? I was impressed with the graphics as well, SSO has really stepped it up: she looks really, really good. The eyes sell it for me, and for some reason she looks so clean and crisp compared to everything.

Bonus picture of Kier most definitely nOT ENJOYING THE SPIDER AT ALL.

So yes, I enjoyed these quests quite a bit! I’m excited to play the next day of them :)