kieran's birthday party

Audrey Jensen Imagine: Laced Shots

Audrey Jensen X Reader/(y/n)

Summery: Emma throws Kieran a last minute birthday party. Audrey drags you along. (not too sure if this is even worth reading, but I can’t work on it anymore.)

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Rain Man feat. Oly - Bring Back The Summer (Not Your Dope Remix)

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You hadn’t felt like going out that night, in fact you and Audrey were just going to stay home and watch a season of Hemlock Grove on netflix down in your basement alone, chowing down on some crunchy rolls and any junk food you could get your hands on. Maybe a little something extra. In fact no one had made plans because everyone knew it was Kieran’s birthday and it didn’t seem like he wanted anything, but to spend some time with Emma. That was the vibe you got anyway, but then Emma had to throw this major surprise party and Audrey decided to drag your butt out of the house. It was just an excuse to not do homework, get drunk and to look cute. Any excuse to wear something short with knee high socks. The only set back was that tomorrow was still a school day.
You leaned up against a door frame where the words Happy Birthday were hanging across, scrolling through your phone. Catching a glimpse of a balloon floating by a yawn escapes your mouth, quickly you take a photo of the balloon and attach some hip filter to it. Golden instagram post right there. The music was loud, but no one was dancing, only slight moving their heads to it’s beat. Audrey was standing at the window like Emma had asked her to do, watching for the bright lights of Kieran’s car. This party was a bust already and you wished you were cuddled up on the couch in your basement about to fall asleep.
“Where can I get something stronger?” You say out loud and then glance over at the dark hair girl dressed in plaid by the window. “Audrey do you have to stand there?”

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