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“I do not love you as I love Cristina. I love you as I love you,” said Mark. He bent his head. “I wish that you could see my heart. Then you would understand.”

It seemed she could not think of Mark without thinking of Kieran, too. Could not see blue and gold eyes without seeing black and silver. 

 "Mark needs kindness,” Kieran said, after a long pause. “And so do I.”

“Hot faerie threesome,” said Emma cheerfully. “I can say I knew you when.”

chinoiserie-mademoiselle  asked:

Could you write a oneshot where the reader is the wife of Jaime Lannister and they have a son, who looks like his father. To the public, the reader and Jaime looks like the perfect couple, but behind close doors, it is a loveless, political marriage. The reader loves Jaime, but Jaime, although a good father, doesn't reciprocate her feelings (coughCerseicough). However, after many years of hardship together, he finally returns her feelings and tells her for the first time tells her he loves her.

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Reader
Fandom: GoT ; ASoIaF
Warnings: mentions of abuse/torture ; language

A/N: somehow, my jaime x reader fics always end up 5+ pages and they’re filled with angst. I don’t know why, but it legit only happens with him. anyways, this was.. my god, an INCREDIBLE request. I live for these requests, I really do. I hope you enjoy it my dear!


You closed your eyes and enjoyed the sun on your face for a moment.

King’s Landing was blessed with nice and sunny weather most of the days, but you could rarely bathe in the sun like today.

You were sitting in the royal gardens, a book in your lap, while your son and Bronn were playing sword fighting in front of you.

You only opened your eyes again, when you heard your son’s laughter. He was standing over Bronn, a triumphal smile on his face and, oh god, he looked so much like his father. It amazed you every single time.

“I WON!” he turned towards you, but right then, Bronn pulled him down and started tickling him.

“You sure, boy?” your son laughed and tried to fight back, but he was at his uncle’s mercy.

Jaime approached the scene and Bronn let go of Kieran, who immediately ran towards his father. He picked him up and hugged him tightly.

Bronn kept laying in the grass and grinned, then he turned his head towards you.

“He’s talented, that boy.”

“Yes. I know,” you smiled kindly at the man in the grass and then got up to join Jaime and Kieran. “Husband,” you kissed his cheek.

“Wife,” he nodded and thanked Bronn for the lesson with Kieran today, then the three of you went towards the castle.

Kieran ran in front of the two of you, so you hooked your arm with Jaime’s. He tensed under the touch, but didn’t let it show. You could feel it though.

You still wondered how he even managed to have sex with you that one time, for him to finally get his heir.

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I was ignoring the drama for a while, but I do feel compelled to make a post about it just because people don’t seem to completely understand how polyamory works or what standards it should be held to, and they are using this misunderstanding to slander my very sweet babies Kieran and Mark and Cristina who are just trying their best in a very cruel world, as well as various others like Tessa and her boys. 

Polyamory is simply any relationship involving more than two people. It comes in so many forms! It can be multiple people all involved with one another, or a single person with multiple significant others in a closed relationship, or a couple or trio or larger group that invites other people into short term relationships with them. Sometimes polyamory is small, just three people. Sometimes it ends up as this huge network of love. 

Healthy polyamory is simply polyamory where everyone is consenting, happy, and comfortable with the relationship paradigm. That doesn’t mean it has to be all sunshine and roses, all romantic relationships have conflict. When you love someone you are always bound to have little fights and arguments and times when no one wants to do the dishes. Polyamory can come out of lots of different situations, just like monogamous romance can, because people react to stress in lots of different ways. There are lots of stories of situations that maybe wouldn’t be termed exactly “healthy” nevertheless resulting in relationships that made themselves functional and mutually safe despite that. Siblings marrying the same person is a theme through out global cultures. It probably wouldn’t pass Tumblr’s gross out meter, but nevertheless it is polyamory and depending on the situation it can be consenting, honest, and happy. At the end of the day as long as everyone is communicating, being honest and open, and not afraid to talk about their feelings, it’s all good. 

With that in mind, do Kieran, Mark, and Cristina have the potential to be a healthy polyamorous triad? Evidence would suggest yes. 

They all like each other. Cristina is increasingly fond of and protective of Kieran and Kieran sees Cristina as… not quite someone he loves but someone he enjoys being around, a beautiful stranger he increasingly trusts. At their best, they have fun together and take care of each other. They dance and laugh and smile. Regardless of sex (which is another matter, but they are all attracted to each other and interested in each other) they like spending time with one another. For Mark, Kieran is someone he cares for and a tie to his past, while Cristina is a fresh slate. They’re both peers he can be himself with, without fear of scaring his little brothers and sisters. Cristina sees both the young gentlemen as people she has a duty to, people she could help, and then once she gets past that, they’re people her age who don’t act like everyone else in her closed off Shadowhunter world. They’re nice to be around, they’re exciting, they’re interesting. She wants to help them and listen to them. Kieran sees Mark as his lifeline, the only person who has ever cared for him, while Cristina is someone he wants to see as a threat who has nevertheless been kind to him, and he puts a lot of stock in small kindnesses. 

They talk as well. Cristina and Mark open up to each other easily. Kieran and Mark have shared secrets in the past. Kieran and Cristina have a stunning amount of heart-to-hearts a week after meeting properly. When it comes to their feelings, it’s a share-a-palooza. 

The truth is trickier. Mark and Cristina lie to Kieran. Kieran acts selfishly to try to get Mark back. There is some overstepping of boundaries, some sniping, so erotic dream giving. That’s certainly not the best display of healthy affection, but under the stress these kids are under and given their ages I’d say it’s not too extreme either. It’s not right, but it is predictable. Scared people in corners lash out, or do questionable things, and the three of them are no different. Compared to Emma and Julian “lie to each other and repress our feeling for several months, then burn a church down with our unholy power then go have sex in a dead man’s house” though, they’re a goddamn fountain of communication and open discussion, and they’re still learning. They’re only going to get better at this with time. Mark lays down his limits more and more often. Kieran starts to learn how to step back. Cristina thinks lying is never right, and Kieran can’t lie, and now they all know that messing with each other doesn’t end well. 

In conclusion, they make each other happy, there are at least two paths of reciprocated attraction between Mark and Cristina and Mark and Kieran and Cristina and Kieran are rapidly warming up to each other, they talk to each other easily and often, they are still trying to figure out how to say what really matters and negotiate boundaries but they seem to be working on it. For a child POW, a little politician, and a prince with an explicitly abusive past, that’s not half bad. Imagine how much better it could get once they have fully formed frontal lobes and aren’t running off of hormones and desperation.  

“ You don’t hate me?” Mark said, lying in Kieran’s arms, somewhere in a high Alpine meadow. His unkempt blond hair brushed against Kieran’s shoulder as he turned his head. “For being Nephilim? The others do.”

“You need not be nephilim anymore. You could choose to be of the wild hunt. Embrace your faerie nature.”

Mark shook his head. “When they beat me for saying I was a shadow hunter, it only made more sure. I know what I am even if I cannot say it.”

“You can say it only to me,” Kieran, his long fingers ghosting across Mark’s cheek. “Here in this space between us. It is safe.”

So Mark pressed up against his lover and only friend and whispered into the space between them, where his cold body pressed against Kieran’s warm one.” I am a shadowhunter. I am a shadowhunter. I am a shadowhunter.”

- Lady Midnight p.296, by Cassandra Clare

So a while back I told @against-stars that I low-key ship my Da’len “Surana” her Riona Tabris and Zevran (whom both wardens romanced)…

Um… yeah… about that…

Here, Katya, have a Tabris family + Morrigan and Kieran


Every human heart was chained by love. 

Wang Hao/Kieran of the Hunt | Juliana Herz/Cristina RosalesMichael Lockley/Mark Blackthorn

“A love triangle is a threesome delayed” ⁻ᴹᵒᵏᵒᵏᵒᵐᵃ ᴹᵒᵏʰᵒᶰᵒᵃᶰᵃ

Short Kieran fic

The faerie courts are full of magic. The magic that makes your hair stand on end. Music that makes you feel like you’re standing on the edge of a skyscraper and you’re about to jump. The movement out of the corner of your eye that signals your upcoming doom. Faerie magic.

The magic of the courts plays tricks on your mind. Tricks that drive you mad overtime as you struggle to grasp the sight of a headless girl dancing. The dress made of feathers that if you look at it out of the corner of your eye you can see birds with their wings sewn together flapping desperately. The streams that glitter like blood one second and like glass the next. The human mind isn’t equipped to deal with faerie.

But the courts aren’t as fair to their children either. The youngest prince, who was born of water and with moods just as changing. The youngest prince didn’t know that he was born into a world of illusion. He laughed at the glittering stars, smiled when the grass danced, and slept soundly under the woven canopies of a forest that had claimed much of men’s sanity.

The Unseelie King sneered at the youngest prince for his lighthearted kindness, for the king has been on this earth for many a year and he knows the cost of innocence in the court.

An elder brother was told to discipline him. Make the laughing boy see that faerie is not a place of stars, but a land born out of the blood of the world.

But the elder brother did not love the youngest prince. His father had told him to teach him so he would. Erec took Kieran to revels and showed him how to see through the glamours, to the bones and crazed empty eyes underneath.

Erec gave Kieran a horse. The horse was born of the wind and Kieran loved it more than anything. The Unseelie King told Kieran that the horse was silly.

And so Kieran grew to trust Erec, showing him the presents that the servants left for him. Erec had never gotten any presents when he was a child.

Kieran didn’t understand why those servants didn’t show up anymore.

The days turned into nightmares. Kieran would wake to his bedsheets burrowing under his toenails, sliding under his skin like another layer of muscle, twisting deep daggers of pain into him. No matter how he thrashed and screamed no one would come, there is no space for weakness in the courts.

Glass would shatter into Kieran’s eyes and he’d wander blindly through the forest crying for his big brother. Sometimes he’d find his horse and his horse would be engulfed by grasses that grew eyes and had long hands like blades.

It didn’t take long for Kieran to realize that Erec was the one who hated him. Erec was the one who stood by as he drowned in imaginary lakes, Erec who pressed a knife to his throat and told him not to scream because that would make it worse.

The Unseelie King told Kieran to stop being ridiculous. Kieran pressed fingers to the long cuts on his arms and told himself that he would be okay. Over and over and over and over. He no longer laughed.

Sometimes when Kieran attended revels and spoke with the people Erec got worse. Kieran knew the way of the court by now. He knew he was well loved, perhaps more than his father. It was the only thing that gave him satisfaction when Erec sliced his back open like a meat cut.

The little boy who laughed at the stars seemed so far away. Buried in blood and screams and illusion. Sometimes Kieran wondered if he was an illusion too, lost in the whirling eternity of the courts.

(I just word vomited this lmao I needed to get it out of my system ~but anyways~)

  • Mark: *is vaguely nice to someone*
  • Kieran: You, you, you…
  • I’m erasing myself from the narrative
  • Let future historians wonder how Kieran
  • Reacted when you broke his heart
  • You have torn it all apart
  • I am watching it
  • Burn
  • Watching it burn
  • The world has no right to my heart
  • The world has no place in our bed
  • They don’t get to know what I said
  • I’m burning the memories
  • Burning the letters that might have redeemed you
  • You forfeit all rights to my heart
  • You forfeit the place in our bed
  • You sleep in your office instead
  • With only the memories
  • Of when you were mine
  • I hope that you burn

Lady Midnight Network Challenge 2: Favorite Scene

“When they beat me for saying I was a Shadowhunter, it only made me more sure. I know what I am even if I cannot say it.”
“You can say it only to me,” said Kieran, his long fingers ghosting across Mark’s cheek. “Here in this space between us. It is safe.”
So Mark pressed up against his lover and only friend and whispered into the space between them, where his cold body pressed against Kieran’s warm one. “I am a Shadowhunter. I am a Shadowhunter. I am a Shadowhunter.”