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TheHello fellow Selectioners! My name is Rae (you may know me from my main blog @drunkhaymitch​) and I really love The Selection series and want to celebrate the last Selection book in a special way! So I thought, why not dedicate the entire of month of May to The Selection? 

So here it goes. It will be chunked into 4 weeks with a theme and then special days in each one! Let’s all give a royal farewell to one of the best book series ever!

Posts can include edits, graphics, gifs, fanfics, and anything else you can think of!

Week One: May 1st-May 7th THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY

1st: The Selected. The Selection based posts.

2nd: The Elite. The Elite based posts.

3rd: RELEASE DAY! It’s release day! Celebrate by sharing pics of you with the book and remember to always TAG OR AVOID POSTING SPOILERS!

4th: The One. The One based posts. 

5th:  America Edits. Make an edit of our favorite redhead, America Singer!

6th:  Maxon Edits. Because who doesn’t love our favorite prince?

7th: Ship Day. Post about your favorite original trilogy ship (but remember to respect other people’s ships)!

Week Two: May 8th-14th THE SECOND GENERATION

8th: Eadlyn Edits. Our future queen of Illea deserves her own day.

9th: Ahren Edits. The prince of Josie’s dreams (and ours?)

10th: The Selected Boys. Pick your favorite Selected (or who you want to win).

11th: Princess Camille. We don’t know much about her but she still is a bundle of cuteness.

12th: Ship Day. Post about your favorite second generation ship (be respectful of others!)

13th: The Heir. The Heir themed posts.

14th: The Crown. The Crown themed posts. 

Week Three: May 15th-21st THE MINIS

This week will feature the short novellas that were recently printed together in Happily Ever After. Each day will feature a separate novella. Feel free to make edits, graphics, gifs, fanfics, whatever! If you haven’t read the novellas, no sweat! Just post about what the novellas are about!

15th: The Prince. Maxon

16th: The Guard. Aspen

17th: The Queen. Queen Amberly herself!

18th: The Favorite. Marlee

19th: The Map. Make an edit for one of the provinces?

20th: The Second Epilogue. Yes, that one. Post about it.

21st: Fanfiction Day. Novellas add on to the stories just like fanfiction, but they’re canon… regardless share your fic or someone elses (give credit).


22nd: Reach-out Day. Reach out to another Selection blog! Say hello! Cry over your ships! 

23rd: Spread the Kindness. Send a message or make a post that says one nice thing about another Selectioner. 

24th: Do-you Day. Make a post about your favorite book or novella, it’s up to you!

25th: Reblog-it Day. Reblog some of your favorite Selection edits you’ve seen throughout the month!

26th: Dream Caste. But not really the caste but your dream job? If you could do the job of your dream, what caste would you fall in to. Make a post writing about it or an edit about a specific caste. 

27th: Royal for a Day. Dream up a castle or your first decree as a royal. You’re the ruler today!

28th: Share your Books. Share a pic of your books whether they are special editions, signed, etc. Let’s see all of the different editions there are (and if there’s any stories behind them, share them, too!)

Bonus Week: May 29th-31st

29th: Thank the Author. Write a post thanking Kiera Cass for everything she has given to us!

30th: Share a Memory. Share a favorite memory of the books or something that happened because of the books.

31st: Final Farewell. Say goodbye by posting anything and everything The Selection! Meet others in the fandom and keep it alive!

Thank you in advance for participating! Let’s make it a great month!

One Month of The Selection
May 10th: The Selected Boys
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One Month of The Selection
May 11th: Princess Camille
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One Month of The Selection
May 15th: The Prince
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