kier kemp from fvk


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So in Brixton academy , London. I had the pleasure of meeting Kier Kemp from Fearless Vampire Killers. I had got into Fvk about a few months before bvb actually announced the supports , so when I found it was fvk ; I knew I had to meet at least one of them. So I’m waiting in the merch queue and then my best friend shouts at me and we see Laurence poking his head behind a door and before I got a chance to meet him , he vanished. Then my mum called me over and there he was; Kier. I’d admit I have had a crush on him for a while so me and my bestie got our photo with him and after I ruffled his hair- it was really fucking soft. Then when we went into the tube station , I spot Kier and he was helping someone pay for there tube and I thought it was so sweet of him to help someone , whether he actually knew her or not I don’t know , but I suffered from concert depression afterwards , but I’m going to see them in February :)