An unidentified woman uses the end of a ribbon to dry her eyes as she mourns her husband, one of at least 41 people killed in the Kielce Pogrom, an outbreak of violence against the Jewish community centre gathering of refugees in the city of Kielce. It was Poland’s bloodiest postwar Pogrom. Associated Press Photo from New York - 1946.


Edward Hartwig (Polish photographer, 1909-2003) [images via:]:

  1. panorama of Dunajec river, Poland, 1955
  2. Bystrzyca river, 1930
  3. Masovian landscape, 1965
  4. harvest in the Kraków region, Poland, 1956
  5. landscape of the Kielce region, 1958
  6. potato field, rural areas in the Kraków region, Poland, 1956
  7. fields in the rural areas of Kraków region, Poland, 1958