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I was VERY fortunate to grab some time with Carolina Ravassa, the actor behind Sombra, to chat about her YouTube webseries, friendship with Symmetra’s voice actress (Symbra mini-series anyone? :) Blizzard and Overwatch experience, and a whole lot more!

Discover more about Carolina, her acting career, secret cop ambitions, and the experience of being Sombra in this interview! Timecodes in the description to skip around topics and questions!


yoongi’s whipped, hoseok’s exhausted, and you’re the reason for their suffering



Can a broken mind be fixed?
( darkiplier )
Can a broken mind be fixed?

@glambertfairykilljoyalien: Dark, I’m glad I found you. I need to speak with you about something. I made some chai tea if you’re interested. *Sips tea* Now, I have one important question to ask you. Is it possible to fix a broken mind? If so, how would you fix it?

“You pose a good question, my dear. Let me explain.

Is it possible to fix a broken mind? No. Is it possible to fix a broken body? To a degree, yes. There is a clear difference between the body and mind, along with its limitations.

Once your mind is completely broken, that’s it. You are gone. You might as well think that you’re already dead, but your body is still very much alive with your brain working only to make sure that you can still breathe and walk.

Unless you have a way of reversing time or using some sort of ‘magic’ to undo the effects, abandon hope while you still can.

…Why am I telling you all of this…?

That aside, if you don’t mind, I’d like to indulge in some of that chai tea you’ve brought with you….”


17-year-old Ben Platt singing an absolutely amazing rendition of “Flight.”