kie art

Salutations Lords, Ladies, and livestock,

I believe this is a wonderful time to introduce myself on here. As many of you may know, my name is Ky Luc and I hold the title of the fifth progenitor of the vampire council. 

Now you may be wondering what kind of content your Lord will upload on his blog, yes? Well, don’t let such a difficult thought trouble your heads, for I am gladly answering this question right away. 

I am looking forward to engaging in conversations with others of my kind, maybe even a human depending on my current mood. After all, those fragile creatures sure do know how to entertain an immortal, their seemingly endless greed never ceasing to amaze me. 

The second purpose of this channel is to share my artworks with you in hopes that a few of you might enjoy looking at it.

This marks the end of my first speech with you, my audience, but fret not, for I will certainly speak up another time.

Ky Luc

It seems like I am not used to this page yet and have accidentally removed a few messages from my inbox before being able to form an adequate reply.

If you were one of those who have messaged me and didn’t receive an answer, it is very likely that your words were affected by this unfortunate mishappening; I apologise.

Although it is uncomfortable to admit, my technical knowledge is still lacking, making it difficult for me to operate this page altogether. Living in the underground for such a long amount of time certainly had its disadvantages, I suppose, for we never got to lay our hands on these devices.

That being said, it might take a bit longer until my knowledge about this page expands enough to prevent those mistakes on my part, please bear with me for the time being.

I have definitely resided on this planet for too long to view this human technology as anything but bewildering.

With all this studying of Japanese art history and also history in general I was really inspired to draw the Yakuza clan stationed in Monstrocity but with like… Specific shoutouts/homages to actual Japanese art from a variety of periods. All of these characters are a certain type of Yokai.

Kyoufu (Rokuro-kubi lady in the middle and the leader of the bunch you know her well), Akuto (the kitsune in jump mode) and Touketsu (the snow lady) all belong to me

Dai (the little cricket next to Kyoufu), Kie (the oni) and Katsuo (the cat man in front of the zombie) all belong to @mizax

Jin (the zombie man or jikininki), Rinko (the cute little cat lady) and ChiChi (the little hair dog monster) all belong to @classychassiss