A lot of artists try to recapture that golden age 90s sound and most fail. What typically happens is it ends up just sounding old and boring. Those artists seemingly forget that during the 90s that sound was still fresh whereas trying to invoke it now is merely attempting to create nostalgia which wears off quickly. With all that said, Naledge and Double O succeeded in making a record with hints of that classic true school hip hop feel but that is still overall a modern day underground gem and that’s why this album works so well. It’s current yet classic (in the sense of its sound and not necessarily the label that we throw on any and every album these days). What separates Kidz in the Hall from the other “nerd rap” acts of the mid 2000s is Naledge’s charisma as a rapper you actually enjoy hearing rap instead of just being impressed by his college level vocabulary. It’s dorm room rap that still sounds good in the car, and while Naledge is no doubt intelligent and the subject matter sometimes mirrors that of other “frat rap”, there’s still enough relatable material for those who never set foot in a university classroom. Overall this is a solid album with highlights being “Whatup Jo”, “Cruise Control” and the interpolation/remake of the classic Souls of Mischief hit, reimagined here as “Wheelz Fall Off (‘06 Til)”. This isn’t for the trappers and most street rap fans will probably fall asleep to this but for those who either graduated from college or had a great time partying for a couple years on campus, this is some smooth slick hip hop to roll down the windows to and ride out. #kidzinthehall #naledge #doubleo #rap #hiphop #albumreviews #classicmaterial

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