hey, guys! it’s gaby. been a long time since i’ve been on this blog due to me being on vacation and then losing my password to this. but when i came back, i found that i had already drifted away from this blog. i’m starting everything from scratch over at @arhtemys. and so, by extent, this means that my sideblog, @dupalncheng​ will go un-updated. which rly sucks bc i love this url i might just delete the sideblog and start it on my second tbh. i just wanted to make this post as a final goodbye to the wonderful, amazing people i’ve met here.

the @wewritepjo squad: @theodsias @olehmpus @reallyneedtocleanmybokshelf

ayyyyy it’s the coolest kidz on the block. my frens. my children. my familia.

i talk to u guys p much every day and i can’t imagine what i did in my life without you. life must have sucked.


rachel. my wife. i love ye.

no but really you’re amazing and wonderful and lovely and one of the best people i know 10/10 would recommend. also i once proposed to you and i think thats beautiful



ur a great person and i’d kill for u. i believe in u !!!!!!! dont worry about ur slimy™ math teacher


see u when school starts lmao


asjkdhfalkdfh franca !!!!! i wish we talked more !!! nice url and ur blog is not a mess hush


ur an amazing writer and id have to sell my soul in order to write like you. ur fabulous pls never stop

+ all my cool ass mutuals that i wish i talked to !!!! ur all bootyful

+ the followers that stuck with me even tho i havent posted in forever lmao i love you all and i hope that ur skin is clear and ur crops are watered

  • Seven Year-Old Girl:Can I have a refill of my drink?
  • Me:Sure!
  • Seven Year-Old Girl:Thank you.
  • Me:What movie are you seeing today?
  • Seven Year-Old Girl:The Hobbit!
  • Me:Are you liking it?
  • Seven Year-Old Girl:Yeah!
  • Me:What part are you up to?
  • Seven Year-Old Girl:Um... I'm at the part where they're walking... to the place.
  • Me:Oh.
  • Seven Year-Old Girl:And then the white orc shows up.
  • Me:Oh, he's scary.
  • Seven Year-Old Girl:Yeah, like, what's his problem?

This is our video for the final challenge :)

hands down it’s been the best day of my life since march the 3rd i wanna thank not only god but jesus for:

  • the holy trinity of not giving a fuck
  • ‘kidz bop game of thrones’ becoming ‘once upon a lawsuit’
  • jelania rise blarke who clexugh who
  • good earth cleavage™ 
  • that blarke shit™
  • the first trailer of american gods that has me so fucking pumped you have no idea !!! ricky go off bby
  • clexakru being real mvps and proving themselves once again by telling each other to respect eliza and her doing her job way before she crushed blarke and we all thought she was about to hint at it happening honestly god bless y'all 
  • eliza taylor for once again validating my representation and my on screen love story and singlehandedly avenging every noncanon f/f ship i’ve ever shipped and helping me feel alive since march the 3rd i’m serious my mental health has been steadily declining after 307 and today is the first day i can honestly say i feel good and free and hopeful again

back to regularly scheduled programming of clexa with a 200% lighter heart y'all get so much clexa this is christmas in july I’m still so happy

Kyary, CAPSULE, more added to OTONOKO lineup

More artists have been announced for the lineup of the inaugural OTONOKO music festival happening in Kanazawa on October 2nd. In addition to Nakata’s solo DJ set, there will be a CAPSULE appearance and sets/performances from electro duo 80KIDZ, DJ DAISHI DANCE, dance troupe TEMPURA KIDZ, DJ and YYY resident banvox, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. More will be announced in the upcoming future.

Check here if you missed the initial announcement of OTONOKO.