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What about Bahorel/Feuilly as parents AU?

  • A lot of the time I think Feuilly would want to adopt, but I have another ask for them as foster parents so I’ll go with them biologically having a kid. Feuilly asks a thousand times if Bahorel is really truly comfortable with carrying a child, but Bahorel had always wanted kids of his own and is very confidant with his body and gender, and reassures him that yes, it’s okay, I wan’t this too. 
  • Feuilly nearly has a heart attack when Bahorel starts shouting incoherently in the other room when the baby first kicks. Both of them are pretty much in awe of everything happening, because?? There is a baby? A real life human being growing right there??? That is theirs???? They are both a little nervous to be parents, but also love that kid so much from the moment they even started talking about having it.
  • Bahorel’s mother comes to stay with them for a bit when the baby is first born, to help them out with the whole “oh my god we are now parents and this baby is so small and cries so much and I haven’t slept in two days???” thing. Feuilly who always greatly respected and loved her but was always kind of shy despite her insisting, finally starts calling her mom. She most definitely does not shed a tear.
  • Bahorel is the parent who cries. When they dropped her off for preschool it was him, not the kid who cried and asked to stay. He is a mess at any school plays. Birthdays, graduations, anything. Feuilly starts to bring tissues to any sort of event where the kid might do anything at all. However when the kid goes to college, Bahorel is actually really excited because thats where he met all his best friends, met Feuilly, had such a fantastic time, and cant wait for the kid to go on all those great adventures, with daily skype calls home of course. But when they are at the airport, Feuilly opens his mouth to say goodbye and starts sobbing, surprising everyone including himself.
  • Feuilly doesn’t necessarily spoil the kid, but he also can’t really resist getting them things. He had so little growing up, he wants the kid to have everything they could ever need, as well as all the love and care he can possibly give.