AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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Can I take a moment to talk about teenage mutant ninja turtles
Because I have to
What fucker was at a meeting discussing new kid shows and was like “I fucking love turtles. Let’s do a show about that.”
And they approved it somewhere along the line and another Fucker was like “I see your turtles and I raise you: ninja turtles.”
And they could have stopped at that. That’s it. That’s the shows. Ninja turtles.
Because lo and behold there is another fucklet somewhere in this kids tv show storyboard who thinks that the only way to possibly make these ninja turtles better is to make them mutant. Wow. Okay
So now we’re at the point where you have mutant ninja turtles and no where along the way to creating these ninja turtles did anyone ever think “This is too much. This is too fucking much. These turtles have too much going for them.”
And evidently no one did because now these turtles are teenagers too
So then you get Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Okay. I can accept this. That is the show. Now these turtles, do they have regular names like other cartoons?
Ah! Yeah. No.
Because these already soooooo fucking special turtles being teenage, mutants, and ninjas, or course, required that their names be famous dead artists. Wow.

I have a lot of feelings about teenage mutant ninja turtles also I have never watched the show

German kids  TV shows Special: SimsalaGrimm

SimsalaGrimm is a German TV show based on fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Andersen, Joseph Jacobs and others.

The two main characters are Yoyo (right one on the picture) and Doc Croc (called “Crocy”). Yoyo is very cheerful and brave, Crocy is very intelligent. Every episode begins with a magical  book that bringt Yoyo and Crocy to the different fairy tales’ places.  Both of them always help the main characters of the fairy tale they’re in.

Here are links to a few episodes of the show:

book vs tv show characters
  • book! penny : whiny, pretentious, thinks he's smarter than he is, kind of an asshole
  • tv show! penny : still kind of an asshole but cares too much underneath, hears voices, not pretentious, annoyed by everything (remember when he got fucking stabbed and rolled his eyes at it? #iconic)
  • book! janet : wants what she can't have, a gryffendor, bi and butch, actively dislikes other girls
  • tv show! margo : has a better name, a slytherin, bi and femme, isn't really friends with other girls but doesn't want to destroy them, more canonly bi (the line about thai food implies she doesn't think that girls are interesting sometimes and that she thinks they're attractive all the time)
  • book! asmodeus : 17, smarter than she should be, kills a god, goes by "becky" for some reason
  • tv show! kady : bi as fuck, not seventeen, would die for julia wicker
  • book! josh : can do magic but only sometimes, part of the squad, mostly irrelevant, marries quentin's ex
  • tv show! josh : still irrelevant, ditches the squad, dating victoria who wasn't even in the books
  • book! quentin : depression, trying his best, kind of a fuckboy after alice/penny but he gets better about it, ivy leauge kid
  • tv show! quentin : same thing but with more obvious depression
  • book! julia : deserves better
  • tv show! julia : deserves better
  • book! alice : fucking brilliant, deserved better, i am adopting her bc her parents are shit
  • tv show! alice : deserved better, my brilliant and kind daughter who i am adopting bc her parents are still shit
  • book! eliot : more of a hipster, gay, doesn't marry a woman (@syfy writers - what the fuck???? what the fuck??? what the fuck?????)
  • tv show eliot : trying his best, very sad, covers it up by drinking a lot, qpps with margo, more preppy less hipster, marries a woman because he has to, still gay
What happens when I watch Kids' shows at 2:00 AM
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Do you know what I just realized? In Scooby- doo (the films and TV series) they would show at the end of multiple episodes the mystery gang pulling off the mask of the “potential monster”, who would turn out to be a HUMAN at the end. Thus indicating that the real monsters are often people. And not imaginary beasts that exist only in fairytales. I think i just love moral lessons in kids' TV shows because they're so rare these days wow rb your goals

I’m volunteering at a summer camp and my group of kids is 1st-4th graders.
I had my phone out on the table I was sitting on and one of the little boys (I think he’s going into 4th but I’m not sure) comes over to me. I have a baby Lance @foxyjoy-art charm on my phone. The little boy pokes the charm and asks me who’s this? I tell him it’s a baby version of a character from a show I watch, Voltron Legendary Defender. He says oh I watch that show. I say, yeah I watch it too. I really like it. He nods and walks away.
I realized that Voltron is still a kids tv show. It was originally intended for kids. I’m perfectly fine with adults and everyone watching this show but it’s still a tv show. And when the rest of the teen-adult fandom go out and fight and criticize people for their ships or blackmail the vld team, it kinda doesn’t seem like a simple kids tv show anymore. All of the stuff that the fandom does could potentially ruin the show for kids.
We need to think about what we do involving Voltron before we do it.
I’m definitely not saying making klance or sheith or all those ships or headcanons canon would ruin the show (I’m all for having lgbt representation on kids tv shows) but doing things like blackmailing or leaking might ruin the show.
I’m hoping not to offend anyone or anything with this.

  • what i say: im fine
  • what i mean: if the duffer bros were serious about wanting stranger things to go on for about 5 seasons, and they keep going at the same pace they have been with a year between seasons, that means that season 5 is going to be released in 2020 and the kids are going to be completely different because of their age gaps, because caleb will be turning 19 but noah will only be 16 how is this ever going to work it doesnt add up what are they going to do about this im freaking out