Premier long métrage de Larry Clark, sorti en 1995, Kids conte la journée de dérive d'une bande de jeunes adolescents new-yorkais.

Entre sexe non protégé, alcool, drogue, violence, Kids veut faire passer un message en provoquant. Le film nous saisit, on plonge dans cet Amérique des bas fond avec un sentiment de malaise tout au long du film. 

Avec entre autre Chloe Sevigny, Rosario Dawson, Kids est comme une claque, il nous fascine et nous dégoûte en même temps.

Seul Larry Clark pouvait traiter ce sujet aussi bien!

Kids (1995)

Esta película es cruda y verdadera, poderosa y realista por donde se la mire. Indudablemente controversial, es de aquellas que quedan grabadas en nuestra memoria y luego al comentarla encontramos tanto gente que la odió como gente que la amó en igual medida. Es una historia que retrata tan sólo un día de una pandilla de trastornados adolescentes de NY. Los dos protagonistas son Casper, un skater salvaje, desenfadado y bastante adicto al alcohol y otras sustancias, y Telly, un portador de HIV empeñado en desvirgar niñas, por lo general menores que él. Una de sus anteriores conquistas descubre que ella tiene el virus, lo que la lleva a buscar a Telly para quizás avisarle, pegarle y retarle, o prevenir a sus futuras y potenciales víctimas del contagio.

Este film independiente marcó sin dudas un hito, un fuerte llamado de advertencia a la sociedad estadounidense y mundial, sobretodo a los padres de niños adolescentes. Es verdad que no todos los niños son de esta manera y a tal extremo, pero casi todos al menos hablan de aquella manera (el diálogo inicial es sobresaliente) y el retrato es bastante fiel y bien logrado. Kids también marcó comienzos exitosos en la carrera de varios actores de Hollywood, como Chloé Sevigny, Rosario Dawson y Leo Fitzpatrick (en ese orden probablemente). Algunos inclusive descubiertos en las calles de NY por el mismo escritor y director Larry Clark, como el genial Justin Pierce (Casper), aunque su destino sería más obscuro que el de sus colegas ya que varios años después se suicidaría en el hotel Bellagio de Las Vegas.

Director y escritor: Larry Clark

Cast: Leo Fitzpatrick, Chloé Sevigny, Justin Pierce, Rosario Dawson, Sarah Henderson

fiction story about the movie KIDS larry clark 1995

i wrote a fiction story about the movie KIDS.

The story is called Just a kid.

Just a kid

My  name is Telly Kirkpatrick. Im 36 years old and I want to tell my true story. I was that “kid” Larry Clark was talking about in the 1995 movie KIDS and I’m going to tell you how Larry Clark stabbed me in the back, betrayed me, and made up this fictional story about my life and made a movie about it.

I’m still angry at what Larry had done to me. He told everyone that I had a sexually transmitted disease, and then he told all his buddies I had HIV. He was a fucking liar. I was only like 13 years old when I met Larry on the streets of New York. In the movie KIDS, I was potrayed as a teen pervert who would have sex with a bunch of girls and that I had AIDS. I have never ever had an STD in my life let alone AIDS. Yes, I was promiscuous as a teen, but I guess I got lucky.

When I watched KIDS for the first time in 1995, I wanted to throw up in pure disgust. Leo Fitzpatrick, the actor who was playing me, was really annoying as fuck. He didn’t even look like me! He was scrawny, bony, his teeth were all crooked and fucked up, man, I was muscular back in the day I played football in middle school and developed a lot of muscle. Okay maybe I shouldn’t complain about Leo Fitzpatrick’s physical appearance. That’s nothing compared to what I’m about to say now.

Jennie in the movie, the girl that gets AIDS, it’s a complete lie. I dated a girl named Jennie when I was talking to Larry Clark at the time. She had a bleached blonde short pixie haircut, beautiful green eyes, and soft lips sweeter than sugar. It hurt me so much when Larry lied and told his cameramen at the time, that I gave my girlfriend Jennie AIDS. Then, Chloe Sevingy comes into the picture she played my girlfriend Jennie.

It was just so creepy back then when Larry kept asking me questions about my sex life back then, how he wanted to know every detail about my life. He promised he would never tell a soul about all my secrets. I confided in him as a friend.

He took full advantage of me. He just made up the whole story about me and went ahead and made that fucking movie. Its been over 20 years ago, but I’m still pissed off about it to this day.

Well, Im not a kid anymore, I’m a grown man. I’m ashamed to say this, but I’m practically homeless , living in a friends apartment in Los Angeles. I only eat a box of instant mashed potatoes every single day. I’ve never touched a girl, had sex, or dated since 1995. My sex drive is that low. I couldn’t make love to a girl, when in the back of my mind the visuals of the movie KIDS playing over and over in my brain, the guilt trips and anger could not cause me to have a sexual climax. The movie KIDS has also ruined my reputation. I cannot even go into a grocery store or a baseball game without people taunting and teasing me about that I was the kid with AIDS. It’s just bullshit.