i may as well finish this drawing before moving on to the kids’ designs wheeze;;; (i need more spruce dragons, even if the spruce was on the tert this time around. rip) i found out i really like blue and green together on dragons so— picked one up.

i don’t actually have a name for her yet, and it’s a toss up between her being a mage for crystaseia’s royal family or some other manner of a dragon of status.
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I don’t know if I have any smaller NB/transmasculine friends who aren’t already aware, but if you ever need to find smaller masculine clothes, I really recommend H&M. Some of their stuff can be pricey, but I would encourage checking out clearance racks and their specials.

Also, if you’re a men’s xsmall - small, you can probably fit in to children’s clothes. H&Ms boys clothes are actually stylish and a lot don’t sport really kid-like designs, but instead, look like smaller versions of the men’s clothes. With that said, kids clothes are considerably cheaper so it can work out better financially too.

Another plus is their men’s clothes can be pretty androgynous too which can save you comments from family who you might not be out to.


I haven’t done one of these in A WHILE! But you guys have asked that I continue the series, so…here we go!

Quite possibly the most requested ALL GROWN UP characters, right behind Danny Phantom and Phineas and Ferb! Here are the Kids Next Door! I hope I did them justice!

What do you think?
Target introduces gender-neutral bedding and home goods for kids
In the past year, Target has taken some major and important steps towards gender neutrality.

Target has been known for unnecessarily gendering their toys and other products, and when they were called out for it recently, they eliminated “boy toys” and “girl toys” signs from their toy sections. Now, they’re doing the same with children’s bedding and housewares. 

The store is introducing a new line of gender-neutral bedding called Pillowfort. It features adorable kid-friendly designs that are free from aggressive pinks and blues and other markers of gendered items that find their way into kids’ rooms.

These changes aren’t just important, they’re adorable, and we might have to snag a few of these things for our own bedrooms. The patterns and themes include anything from woodland creatures to sea animals to tropical treehouses, made with all kids in mind, which is a huge change from how things used to be.

“It was an aisle of pink, fairy princesses, ponies and flowers,” Julie Guggemos, Target’s Senior Vice President of design and product development, told the Star-Tribune. “And for the boys it was rockets and dinosaurs. Well, you know what? Girls like rockets and basketball. And boys like ponies.”

Because pillows have no gender. Hell yeah. 



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