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First of all thank you so much for the Shallura love!!! And can we see more of Shallura's son, he was adorable! Shallura kidsss <333

Thank you so much! And don’t worry, anon, I got you covered: 

I present you The Cute One™ , The Kickass Queen™ , and The Hot One™ . 

Since my drawing of Alfor came quite close to this beautiful headcanon of @shiroallura for Shallura babies, I decided to draw the other two as well. And changed Alfie’s hair to match the description better :3

Basically Amara is the oldest child and the next queen, Alfor becomes her advisor and manages the finances and stuff, and Sam is the youngest, loves fighting and leads the military. Sam looks a lot more like Shiro, so I left the eye markings and gave him only slightly pointed ears. 

I hope you like it :3

i was gonna add designs to his jacket but i got lazy 

another killjoy inspired by @transboykobrakid‘s killjoy moodboards!


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I like to think Alter!Tori might have helped her dad with science projects and stuff once, but I don’t really know WHEN Asriel became… Gastriel, so I just kinda drew Tori as a teen or something with her own outfit and stuff. Or maybe this is how she would look if she WAS the royal scientist herself (or at least one of the Underground’s scientists). I’m rambling now so I’m gonna stop now okay bye hope u like ok im going bye


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We’ve designed the playground for Jardines de Pereda in Santander, as part of the amazing project of Centro Botin of Renzo Piano, a centre for creativity, arts and emotions. The playground is an abstraction of a gigantic wave getting inside the city of Santander straight from the harbour, the maze of seaweed or the sea of sponges complete the space.