I have a friend who had a baby earlier this year and she hasn’t disclosed their sex, which i think is great. It’s changed a lot of my thoughts on gender and sex, because literally every time someone asks me if it’s a boy or a girl I’m like ‘dude it’s a baby, why would I care about the shape of its genitals’ and I can see their horror as they realise how pervy they sound? And like it’s true, why would anyone other than someone who needed to know want to know about a person’s genitals? I honestly think it’s such a good idea to let children carve their own paths free from gender discrimination based solely on what’s in their pants, let them make that decision later - if they ever want to. Make that a choice. Kids don’t have to have a gender or sex, they’re kids. Even when they start to hit puberty, the only thing that should stop them from doing anything is logistics. Like, you need a sports bra to do this thing. You should wear a cup for this thing. etc. I hope that more people are keen to do this, because science is telling us more and more that gendering everything is hurting our society and there’s no difference between a boy brain and a girl brain or a boy skeleton or a girl skeleton it’s literally discrimination based on what’s in your pants so how about we stop asking people how they pee and just treat them as people

9 months (Michael Clifford, 5sos Imagine)


(Y/B/F) is your best friends name, (Y/F) is your friends name.

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kids choise awards decided that they should put two bands to live at the same house for 9 months and they choose 5sos and a girl band they never heard of but they are very famous and Mikey is stunned by one of the girls who’s exactly like him?


“Guys I just got a call from the people who manage the ‘Kids Choice Awards’.” I announce to my band mates. “Okay, what did they say?” Michael questions with furrowed eyebrows. “They want us to live with a band called ’(Y/N) and The Freaks’?” “Never heard of them.” Calum chimes in. “Well they would like to know by tomorrow,” I urge them to make the decision now. They all say something along the line of ‘screw it, lets do it’


I wonder to myself how this is going to work out. I wonder what they’re like.


“Guys, we have to move into the house by tomorrow, but apparently the other band has already moved in.” Ashton announces. We all immediately head up stairs and start packing.


We all head downstairs to the front door. We all look around and wait for the car to get here. Ashton receives a message “The car is here we wish you a well 9 months!” From the KCA’s. “Okay mates, lets go!” Ashton says through a small sigh. We all get into the car, and we are on our way.


It takes about an hour or so to get to where we are going. We find out that the house we are staying at is actually a large cabin in the middle of no where. I just go with the flow, lowkey freaking out inside. We finally arrive several minutes later.


We all get out of the door and race through the house to pick our rooms. Michael races to the biggest one, “MICHAEL NO WAIT!” He gets in the room, laughs then slams the door. “Uuhhhhg!” I groan. “Uh, you must be Calum, from 5 seconds of summer, right?” I turn around to see three flawless girls standing behind me. I clear my throat and say “Ye-yeah. What are your guys’ names?” The one in the middle says “I’m (Y/N), this is (Y/B/F) and (Y/F). “Oh okay, nice to meet you guys,” I say and shout “GUYS COME DOWN AND MEET THE OTHER BAND!”


I open my door and walk down the stairs to see the most sexiest, beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. “H-hi, nice to m-meet you, I’m Michael.” I say and extend my hand to shake hers. “Hi Michael, I’m (Y/N) and this is (Y/B/F) and (Y/F)” (Y/N) says blushing, while shaking my hand. We break apart and I shake the other girls hands and say “Nice to meet you.” The other boys introduce themselves, and (Y/N) and I go, and discuss what is for dinner, and get to know eachother.

(Y/N)s POV

Wow Michael is so amazingly beautiful. God! How am I going to live with him. I must’ve been zoned out because he tapped my shoulder and said “(Y/N) are you okay?” Through a chuckle.


She replied with a breathy “Yeah.”

Why is she so beautiful? That’s confuses me.

How was I going to live with her?

“So what are you interested in?” I asked trying to keep the conversation going. “Umm food, video games, music obviously, uh that’s most of it.” She finishes. “Really I like all those things to, especially video games!” I say with a huge dorky smile on my face. (Y/N) smiles and blushes. As soon as we know it there are five figures staring at us. “May we help you?” I say confused. “What’s for dinner?” (Y/F) asks. “Pizza.” (Y/N) and I say at the same time. “Go order it please.” I say to Cal.


I hear a knock at my bedroom door. I get out of bed and open it.

(Y/N)s POV

I got up and went to Mikey’s room to see if he was up. I knock and wait a minute or two. Michael opens the door and he’s in his boxers with bed head.

Holy Crap, I must’ve been staring (AGAIN) because he chuckles a little. “Uh, uhh Hi, I just wanted to see if you were up, umm,” I say very awkwardly probably looking and blushing like an idiot. “Oh yeah, come on in.” He says and opens the door all the way. I walk in and sit on the edge of his bed. Michael starts with “Soo what do you want to do?” Ummm makeout? “I don’t know, listen to music play video games?” I suggest glad I didn’t say what I was thinking. “Okay!” Mikey says as he reaches for a pair of sweats and puts them on. NOOOO! My mind screams, I was enjoying that…


I could tell (Y/N) liked what she was seeing, and was disappointed when I put on my sweats. I just felt so self confidence about my body. “So what game do you want to play?” I ask, being polite. “Uhh this is going to sound wimpy, but do you have mario kart?” (Y/N) asks shyly. “I actually do,” I say through a laugh. That was the cutest thing. I pop the game in and we pick out players.

“Oh OH oh OHHHH!” She yells with a big smile on her face. “I BEAT YOU AGAINNN I BEAT YOUUUU!” She taunts in my face. I just admire how adorable she is. “To be fair, this game is puny and I’m pretty sure my remote is broke?” I say more as a question. “Mmhm.” (Y/N) says obviously not believing me. I shake my head and get up to see what time it is. “Holy shit it’s 5:00..” I tell her shocked.

(Y/N)s POV

I gasp at the shocking new Mikey just told me. “We should probably go eat.” I say realizing that I’m surprisingly really hungry.

“DO DO DUD DO!” My kim possible text tons goes off and I that (Y/B/F) texted me.

“ (Y/F), Calum, Luke, Ashton, and I are out to eat, you guys have to fend for yourselves tonight💕.”

“Everyone is out to eat so we have to ‘fend for ourselves’.” I say with air quotes. “What sounds good to you?” Michael asks. “Well, since I can’t cook for shit, I’m not sure.” I reply. “I can’t cook well either, unless you’re up for a bowl of cereal?” He replies with cute giggles in between. “Chinese? Andd a movieee?” I ask extending the last few words. “Anything for you.” Mikey says with a dorkish smile on his face.


I sit there and gaze at her while she watches (Y/F/M). She’s so into it she doesn’t notice. She has some way manged to climb into my lap, into my embrace. I don’t mind though.

I fancy her. A lot.

(Y/N)s POV

The movies ends. That is my favorite movie of all time. I look at Michael, who seems to already be looking at me. I stare into his pretty green eyes. They sparkle from the only light source, the TV.

I think I fancy him…

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The voices of SpongeBob and Patrick acting like their Bikini Bottom bestie selves back stage.

So the KCA’s are here and I think it would be great for Steven Universe to win for a change instead of SpongeBob winning constantly. Plus it would make Cartoon Network realise that Steven Universe is more popular than they seem to think and play new episodes more frequently so we won’t be constantly stuck on hiatus :“’))

I’ve voted at least 20 times now, just keep refreshing the page and go down to the cartoons section to vote!! WE CAN DO THIS


Here’s the link: