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So at #SFCon a fan had the nerve to ask the J's what they like to do for family time because they don't get to go home often. And Jared said he liked to do Sunday breakfast where he and Gen like to cook bacon, eggs, and french toast and sometimes they all do puzzles together. And Jensen's response was pretty much the same as Jared's, he said he likes to cook in the mornings after they wake up or at night. The weird part was Jensen said "we all" who tf is "we all?" 1/2

Then Jensen went on to clarify after he said “we all” and said that there is two more of them now meaning the twins, where as before it was just him, Danneel, and JJ. Jensen seemed to backtrack after that “we all” statement. Cuz I sure wouldn’t classify “we all” for only three people. If someone says “we all” I’m thinking there is at least 4 or 5 people. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? Sorry English is not my first language.



This ‘Ask’ is so perfect! Don’t worry your English is fine, I understand where you’re getting at!

I didn’t even catch that when I watched the main panel. But the reason why Jared and Jensen practically said the same thing is because that’s probably something THEY do TOGETHER. The J’s are most likely the ones who wake the kids up and cook them breakfast and play games with them ect…

I also noticed Jensen had a bit of trouble answering that question at first. He also went on to say how just a few weeks ago he picked up JJ in his arms and went to bring her to bed. And Jensen said JJ said something like (as she woke up in his arms): “Daddy you’re so strong.”

What’s weird to me is Jensen said that happened a “few weeks ago”. However, Jensen said that SAME EXACT STORY a few months ago at another con lol. This isn’t a slip or anything, I just find it funny that the J’s use the same old stories. Goes to show you how much little time they actually spend with their children.


- K

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