Pregnancy Update: 35 weeks!|03.22.2017.

Hi there! What’s up? :)

It seems yes, I get to do a regular update! And every update I start saying this, haha.
In any case, I’m 35 weeks… this baby will be here pretty soon, literally in a month… MONTH. In a month I’ll hold this little bean on my hands, omg!
Well, let’s go to update:

How far along - 35 weeks + 1 day!
Stretch marks - Nope.
Sleep - Eh, the same… No any changes.
Food craving - Nothing.
Belly button in or out - In.
Symptoms - Backache omg.
What I’m looking forward to - To see our baby :)
Baby in veggie/fruit terms -  Honeydew melon!
Happy or moody most of the time - Happy :D
Gender - A baby boy.

Every day I’m more and more excited that my baby will be here soon. Moreover, this is my first son! My past ultrasound scan was… if I’m not mistaken, on March 9th.

Except of this, we’re doing fine. Nothing much happened.
Also, here the weather is very good at the moment. Therefore, children play outside most of the time, I hope to get some pictures of them soon!
Me and twins was reading a book today, they really love to listen when I or Jean read for them.
But when I got to the middle of the book,, Louise fell asleep, so it was more convenient to took her to bed (Louise likes to sleep much, to be honest. So it was not surprising hehe!).
And Alice and I stayed to read this book.

It was all for today!
Have a wonderful day/night,


Today’s brief:
| Kids Stool |

Image 1: Plywood kids stool L320mm x W320mm x H300mm

Image 2: The ‘C’ shaped legs nest really efficiently so there’s good yield from a sheet. The two leg pieces are the same profile. Modelled in 19mm plywood. Furniture grade Birch ply is my favourite.

Image 3: The legs drop into slots on the underside of the stool. The slots are slightly inboard of where the legs would naturally sit so that there is a tension fit with the top - no fasteners required. Sitting on the stool would increase this tension.

Headcanon that Hiccup gives his kids piggyback rides

The kids take turns riding through the house on his back, especially when it’s a blizzard day and they’re all stuck inside. He also lets them ride on his back in public, but they always fight over who gets a piggyback ride from Daddy and who walks. And sometimes if they’re good, he gives them rides to their beds at night.

anonymous asked:

Can u do a where Jazzy has a younger cousin or family member who tells an embarrassing secret about Jazzy or story to ant. Before they started dating and have massive crushes on each other or 1st started to date

hope this is okay :)

“They’re going to love you, I don’t know why you’re so nervous,” Jasmine smiles, reaching over to the passenger seat to squeeze Anthony’s thigh comfortingly, Anthony just shrugging, doing his best to let the words sink in and believe them when it had been so hard to.

They had been dating all of three months when Jasmine had announced that her extended family from England were coming in for a while, her mom hosting a dinner for all of them. She had wanted them to meet Anthony more than anything, unsure of when they’d be able to meet him otherwise once they returned back home.

Anthony walks the steps up to Jasmine’s mom’s house slower than he ever has before after being here a handful of times, his anxiety only getting worse. Jasmine stops halfway and waits for him to catch up, taking his hand to give it a gentle squeeze, that gesture saying more than her words could ever say.

To Anthony’s surprise, he’s welcomed with open arms, all of her aunts and uncles hugging him and shaking his hand, Anthony slowly warming up to meeting everyone. It was overwhelming to him and Jasmine knew that, sticking close by him as she introduced him to her cousins, various ages all running around the house that was usually so peaceful and an escape from their busy lives down in the city.

The couple settles in on the sofa and talks with the family members that Jasmine had been waiting what felt like ages to see, Anthony chiming in whenever he felt like it was appropriate. Jasmine visibly felt him relax against her, her hand resting against his knee comfortingly, Anthony immediately calming him down.

Jasmine excuses herself to the bathroom and leaves Anthony alone with a few of Jasmine’s cousin. One of the younger ones, Ella, walks over and climbs into Anthony’s lap without warning, Anthony surprised at the gesture as he let her get comfortable.

“Are you Anthony?” She questions, Anthony laughing at the comment as he nods. She nods along with him, looking him over before making eye contact together. “I’m Ella,” She smiles, pointing to herself as Anthony laughs.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ella,” He smiles, Ella nodding as she plays with the toy that’s in her hand, turning back to Anthony.

“Is Jasmine your girlfriend?” She questions, Anthony nodding. “Do you want to know a secret about her?” Ella’s eyes widen when she realizes the relationship, Anthony laughing.

“Yes I want to know a secret about her,” He smiles, Ella nodding. She turns herself in his lap slightly so she’s able to look up at him, leaning forward so she can whisper.

“She’s a really bad dancer,” Ella mumbles, her eyes widening as she leans back to giggle, her hands covering her mouth.

“Oh really? How does she dance?” He questions, amusement written all over his face. Ella smiles as she slides off his lap to stand on the floor just in front of him, beginning to dance in the craziest way Anthony has ever seen. He can’t help but laugh at the dancing the little girl was doing, Ella giggling along with him.

“Ella, what are you doing?” Jasmine questions as she rounds the corner, Ella gasping as she scrambles back up into Anthony’s lap, leaning back against his chest.

“Nothing, Jazzy,” She smiles sweetly, Jasmine giving her a look like she knew something was up. Instead of pressing she just shrugs, walking over to sit back down next to her boyfriend, Ella still sat with him.

“So, I hear you have some interesting dance moves,” Anthony brings up after a few minutes silence, Ella and Anthony both laughing quietly as Jasmine turns to them, her eyes widening.

“So is that what you were telling Anthony?” She teases, leaning over to tickle Ella, Ella bursting out into giggles as she squirms against Anthony’s lap.

Anthony spends the rest of the evening settling in to talking with her family, wondering how he had been so nervous in the first place.

Jasmine watches from afar, falling even more in love with the way that he was so comfortable with her family, realizing how perfect everything in their relationship had seemed so far.