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Camp camp fandom problem

Not to even kid, I hate that people like Daniel he was a cultist who killed kids and tried to kill everyone at camp Campbell… I hate seeing people having him only get probation and having to work it at camp Campbell… No you don’t get to be buy wonderful people when you try to kill them you go to jail. Seeing people tagging him as adopting space kid is just as horrifying​ to me as when creepers do maxvid. They are both bad illegal and wrong and unacceptable relationships because I truly believe Daniel would abuse or kill space kid.


I’m actually permanently age-regressed. Whilst it does fluctuate, depending on being in more stressful situations. My brain isn‘t firing on the same wavelength other people are. It’s due to a mix of trauma and brain damage. I’m slow and developed a trauma disorder due to abuse when little. It’s rather complicated and I don’t fully understand but my point is I’m happier as a kid than trying to mimic how other adults are. So please don’t try to force me out of it. It’s pretty much the only working coping mechanism and the healthiest one I have. I make a strong effort to stay away from kid-only spaces because I know that the prospect of someone who’s legally of age wanting to be in those spaces poses a very real threat and rightfully makes people uncomfortable, and that aught to be enough for you.

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ayy if i know you irl im selling patches, hit me up on my insta, @ cryptid_ _kid, (no space) we can talk specifics and prices, im really flexible

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👠 : how difficult is it for y'all to agree on one cohesive outfit?

sometimes harder than others, but usually no one wants to front so they dont get to complain, i suppose.

🕸: what’s your oldest memory of being a system?

i think i heard anael tell me not to go into the living room while i was dissociating as a kid

💬 : free space! tell one cool fact about your system

i still dont know how many alters there are or why we continue to split, but finding out there are others is always a trip


Okay, everyone in this fandom is totally into self inserts and/or CAMP CAMP OCs.

If this hasn’t been done, I would like to create a community that kind of goes along with this?

Like, think about:

People with counselor sonas and camper sonas will have a Tumblr blog that will repost the camp camp self insert/ camp camp OCs. Along with that, people can join in the events and suggest the events! There can be different AUs to do as well, kind like a M!A thing I guess.

If this works out, I will make a more professional blog about this! And I’ll make applications and I will interview for mods.