The Colors of Us (1999)

“My name is Lena and I am seven. I am the color of cinnamon. Mom says she could eat me up.”

Lena is going to paint a picture of herself. She wants to use brown paint for her skin. But when Lena and her mother take a walk through their neighborhood, Lena sees that there are many different shades and tones of brown. Seen from an artist’s point of view, skin colors are subtle, varied–and cause for celebration!

Karen Katz created this book for her daughter, Lena, whom she and her husband adopted from Guatemala six years ago.

By Karen Katz 

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black illustrated fairy tales:FYI

I work in a book store and was brought in these kids books called “Jump at the Sun Fairy-Tale Classics” that re-draw fairy tale classics as with characters of colour! 

Prices online are a little high, but the original prices on the little paperback picture books are $4.50ish (CAN)

Princesses and Princes are featured with locs, cornrows, natural hair and a variety, as well as slightly varying skin tones. Everyone in the stories are people of colour. Here’s a couple of the covers I found online:

Fishing With Pop (2016)    //  Lemon Starfish Books

“Grab your fishing pole and spend your day at the lake with Pop and Bud. How many fish will they catch? Fishing with Pop captures the magical connection between grandfathers and their grandsons. Written in rhyme, this book is a fun read for little boys and old fishermen.”

Story Chuck Greenawalt, Kelly Greenawalt, art: Thomas Park

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Celebrate Caturday with this great book for kids on space: Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space written by Dominic Walliman and designed and illustrated by Ben Newman. I spotted it in the window of the Strand Bookstore this morning and looked it up when I got home. It was actually featured on Brain Pickings last fall (which is where I saw these great illustrations). 

Cats + Space is always a winning combination in my book.*

- Summer

(*pun always intended)

It’s not the size of your zizi, it’s what you write in a kids’ book about it.

5 Insane Children’s Books That Will Ruin Your Child

#5. Little Zizi – “Your Parents Think You Have a Tiny Penis”

Look, we’re just gonna come out and say it: Little Zizi is about a kid who gets made fun of because of his embarrassingly small dick. From the official description at Amazon: “Is it true that in the littlest of packages come the greatest gifts?” (Pun definitely intended.) The protagonist is a grade school kid named Martin whose life turns into a living hell when a voyeuristic bully spies on him while he’s changing. The bully exposes Martin’s “little zizi” to the rest of the class and remarks on how useless and pathetic it is, as opposed to his weenus, which is apparently the Washington Monument with veins.

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Quvenzhané Wallis is Writing a Kids Book Series | Amy Poehler's Smart Girls
As if being the youngest nominee for an Academy Award (in 2012 for Beasts of the Southern Wild) and starring in the latest film adaptation of Annie last year wasn't cool enough, Smart Girl Quvenzhané Wallis is jumping into authorship! The 12-year-old recently signed a deal to release a three-book series based on her life along with a picture book through Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing. The picture book will feature a heroine preparing for a night out with her mother to an award show—something I'm guessing Quvenzhané knows a little something about. Her chapter books will be perfect for those ages 6 and up readers you love. They'll follow the adventures of a third grader who is primed for stardom. As her movie career continues to thrive, we're excited she's finding time to share her unique voice and story with a new audience. Despite being known for her visual career, Quvenzhané knows how important storytelling through books is noting that, "It allows people to form a visual

This girl is killing it!