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A Reading List for Moms Who Want to Raise Feminist Sons | Brightly

Once I realized that my family would be mostly male (I’m the only double-X here), I oriented myself toward the task of raising good men. But as those boys edge closer to actual manhood — as the 14-year-old’s shoulders get nearly as broad as his dad’s and the 12-year-old starts learning “embarrassing” information about sex and reproduction in his health class — I’m feeling my good-man project needs more specificity. I don’t just want them to be good. They’re already pretty good (kind, curious, mostly respectful, good huggers).

I want them to be feminists. I want them to understand, reflexively, that men and women are equal — not because I say so, but because it feels intuitive to them. Because it’s true.

I started talking about feminist issues with our sons when they were tots, and I basically haven’t stopped. We talk about how women are depicted in commercials and TV shows, how female politicians are sometimes characterized, and how women are often viewed or labeled in terms of their relationship to a man.

We also turn to books, which can do two things in any mom’s quest to raise feminist sons: help you educate yourself on the challenges and issues around feminism, and present your sons with stories of strong and forthright women and girls.

i lik the bred original poem by poem4your_sprog

I read the poem on twitter and really liked it, so I made a little kids book style comic to go along with it! I hope you enjoy :)

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That moment when you’re fully absorbed in a great book and there’s drama and tension and sh*t’s going down and your otp might be getting together and it’s the build up to the ultimate plot twist…

…and everyone decides that they really need to talk to you at that precise moment

  • brandon mull books (advertised): humor! good lessons! perfect for the whole family! definitely kids books!
  • beyonders: a man is brutally stabbed by a thing made of tooth enamel
  • fablehaven: a woman nearly melts to death from acid
  • fablehaven: a dragon eats an evil teenager whole
  • beyonders: begins a series with a torture scene
  • beyonders: people literally go on a suicide mission to stop the villain
  • fablehaven: an immortal guy keeps trying to commit suicide
  • fablehaven: woman explodes
  • fablehaven: kid fights a fear zombie
  • fablehaven: briefly mentions periods
  • five kingdoms: the main characters are sold into slavery
  • fablehaven: buffalo is ripped apart by a giant
  • fablehaven: goblin disguises itself as a baby in order to get into a kids bedroom