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Okay, so. One of my big problems with DP narratively is that Danny doesn't lose. Sure, he struggles. But he doesn't ultimately lose. You always know he's going to win in the end. I'm curious to hear your thoughts - is this just a byproduct of "keeping it a kid's show"? Do you think it could have benefited from a few bittersweet endings that ultimately raised the stakes for us viewers, knowing that he can lose? I have my own opinions but I wondered what you thought.

Danny does lose, though.

The only things that Danny always succeeds in by the end of any given episode is not dying and keeping his town generally fairly safe from ghost attacks, which are kind of necessary for a “superhero show” (even if that’s not what I ever saw this as.)

In the old Batman: TAS, Gotham City isn’t going to be destroyed, and when the Joker attempts a mass murder, Batman will always stop him. He will also always succeed in not dying. That doesn’t mean he can save everybody or that he’ll win every fight or even that he’ll be able to stop every plan.

Danny loses many one on one fights. Against Vlad, Bertrand, Desiree, the Circus Gothica ghosts, Pariah Dark. Heck, Danny lost a fight against the Box Ghost in Splitting Images because of his lack of experience. A lot of the time, the only way Danny gets out of a situation is because someone else comes in to help him.

If you want Danny losing against an enemy at the end of an episode, Public Enemies is one. Walker is sent back to the ghost zone, but he succeeds in his plan to turn the town against Danny. Everyone believes that he’s the one responsible for all the ghost attacks. Walker’s plan worked. What’s more, Danny was unable to save his new friend, Wulf. He was dragged back to the ghost zone and locked up by Walker again. The town’s safe, but a lot was still lost.

The Fright Before Christmas, while mostly silly, is another instance where the antagonist technically wins. Danny was forced to learn the Ghost Writer’s lesson. There was no way around it. It was a happy ending, sure, but it was still technically a loss on Danny’s part.

In Masters of All Time, Danny does succeed in saving his friends, but that was Vlad’s plan. He ended up having to give Vlad exactly what he wanted. He wasn’t able to avoid playing into Vlad’s hands without sacrificing the lives of his friends.

He’s not even able to keep everyone safe the way he’d like to. Valerie has her arm in a sling at the end of Reign Storm because she took so many beatings. Buildings are often damaged by attacks. There’s one time when the show cuts it really close to showing us a child dying on screen because Danny failed to catch them.

Danny also loses in most other aspects of his life. He loses the respect of his peers, even when he’s able to temporarily gain it in episodes like Pirate Radio. He loses his free time, sleep, and grades. He loses in all attempts to fight back against his bullies. He loses in trying to convince his parents and Valerie that he’s not an enemy. He loses in his love life. Every episode ends with “well, the town is mostly safe, but only for now and also Danny’s life still sucks.”

The only other way Danny could lose in the show would be having somebody die. And stay dead. Antagonists are able to achieve their goals sometimes. The only ones who can’t are the ones who want to kill Danny or someone else, take over the world, or permanently alter Danny’s life in an extremely drastic way (such as Freakshow).

Having someone die could’ve worked to the show’s advantage (and by that I mean someone other than, say, Vlad’s clones or something). That probably was because this was a kids’ show. We can’t have Danny die, because he’s the protagonist, and for the show to continue, that’d have to be undone in some way or another.

That only leaves things like if Jazz really did leave her family for Vlad, or if Freakshow got away with kidnapping Danny, or if Ember managed to enslave the entire world. Things like that obviously can’t happen, because that would either require the characters to completely go against who they are or the show to just…be over.

The best solution I can think of is to completely remove the episodic nature of the show entirely and have huge story arcs with larger stakes. Maybe Freakshow does get away with Danny and now there’s a huge journey Sam and Tucker have to go on to save him. That would completely change the nature of the show, though.

The town is mostly safe at the end of the episode. That’s basically the only way Danny always wins. And the only reason for that is that Danny will literally not stop fighting until he is dead. That’s proven in Reign Storm, where he was seconds from dying before Vlad showed up. So, unless the show went all out and killed the protagonist, he is always going to be able to beat back the antagonist, even if only temporarily.

I don’t think there’s much else the show could’ve done. (In fact, I personally wish Danny had more wins. A good example is Fright Night, where Danny loses the bet with Dash and it leads to a disgusting outcome.)

It’s still a cartoon. Just like how Dipper and Mabel weren’t going to really lose against Gideon or Bill in Gravity Falls, or how the Crystal Gems will always be able to keep Beach City from being totally destroyed in Steven Universe, Danny will succeed in protecting most of the people in his town. Anything else, though? That’s much more questionable.

for science

pairing: reader x jimin

rating: m

◦ word count: 7.7k

m a s t e r l i s t

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Absurd. Absolutely fucking absurd. It was 2am during finals week and the cafe was out of coffee? You had some colorful words for the person responsible. Dragging yourself up the stairs with sleep-ridden eyelids, you muttered curses under your quickened breath. You clenched and unclenched your fist. It was safe to say that your fifth espresso shot had officially just worn off. Despite the troubling rate of heartbeat and the fact that your hand was shaking all on its own, the subtle pounding of a migraine lingered between your temples in demand for something to keep it awake.

There was still a menacing stack of papers left to grade. If something could pull you away from it all, you would have been thankful. It was almost nauseating, actually, how much work you had yet to complete. Who the hell said grad school was a good idea? The urge to scream rippled in the back of your throat, tempting you to let everything out and just empty yourself into time and space.

It did you no better to return to the study room –the very cramped one that you had booked privately for the entire day– to find a regretfully familiar face emptying his bag across from your belongings. “What do you think you’re doing?” You felt lightweight as the angry jitters travelled through your body. The heavy door slammed shut behind you. It sent a deafening sound cracking through the library.

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One day in highschool, period after lunch, spanish class. We all get in the room and take our seats, bored and tired out of our minds, and wait for the teacher.

The bell rings, teacher has yet to show up. Five mins later, nothin. Ten minutes? nope. nothing. Teacher never showed up, there wasn’t a substitute in sight, so here we are, a group of sophomores to seniors left alone. So you know what we did?

One of us upperclassmen stood up and took the role of the “teacher”, used flashcards to have us play Around the World, and taught us a few new words. One kid crawled under his desk and took a much needed nap. A group of girls talked to each other about their days, and did a random spanish worksheet they found online. 

Teacher or no teacher, we freaking rocked the class.

Next day the teacher and principal talked to us and told us they were sorry we had been left alone, and while they were slightly upset that we didn’t notify the office/another teacher that the sub never showed up, they were more impressed than anything that we kept it down and under control and that the group of girls did the worksheets. We ended up getting ANOTHER DAY off class because the teacher thought we deserved a reward.

That’s what happened the day there was no teacher.

I work for an IT department for a very large college at my university. We’re all students, except for a handful of staffers, and we do everything IT and more for the college.

Every summer my team reinstalls Windows and brand new versions of all of the complex scientific/engineering software on all of our student computer lab machines and our remote schoolwork servers. We ask professors to come in before we deploy everything to make sure everything they use will work for the new school year. One software package that is known for causing trouble is called AutoCAD, so typically the professor that requests this program comes in and tests it out.

This particular summer, the professor didn’t come in to test it out. A few weeks into the semester, he sends in a help desk ticket telling us that a portion of the program doesn’t work correctly. We’re a bit annoyed since he could have caught this before he needed it, but we tell him we’ll look into it ASAP since there is a lot of new semester work to do.

It takes us a while to determine any possible cause of the issues he’s experiencing. We keep him regularly updated for the week since we received his ticket buuut apparently that was not enough.

The professor shows up at the help desk one day in a rage, and demands to see my team’s supervisor. My team works in a computer lab on the floor above the help desk, so the help desk tells him to go upstairs to talk to my supervisor.

Apparently, the professor goes up to the computer lab and sees the door is closed (but unlocked). He asks a random student where my supervisor is, and obviously the kid has no idea who he’s talking about and probably isn’t customer-service-polite to him.

The professor storms back to the help desk, starts yelling at the kid at the help desk that the staff upstairs was rude to him and wouldn’t let him into the computer lab. Help desk calmly sends a message to my team’s slack channel that the professor has requested someone to meet him at the door of the lab and lead him in. At this point, no one on my team knows what’s going on, we only find out the story afterwards. So I go and meet the professor.

Professor proceeds to scream at my supervisor (also a student) in front of the entire packed lab. My supervisor leads him into our storage closet so he’s not screaming in front of all the students. You can still hear him yelling obscenities and chewing us out for tackling a difficult problem and not fixing it instantaneously.

15 minutes later, he leaves, and my supervisor comes out and says “I’m going home.” He later talks to our boss (a full fledged staffer) about what transpires.

A few days later, we receive a reply to the ticket from the professor apologizing for his conduct. But then he has the audacity to say “I will be discussing (name of the IT group)’s poor service to the college dean.” Oh yeah, that’s gonna fly.

My boss replies in turn that his conduct was grossly inappropriate and he has no right to scream at students. She also says “I will also be speaking with the college dean about your actions.” Ohhh snap.

In my team, we mainly work with other students and the occasional professor, but the help desk gets all sorts of professors and others there. Apparently being screamed at is so common that they’re installing a panic button that calls campus police.

Tl;dr Software is difficult to fix sometimes, and a week of regular support ticket updates as we try to fix it is not good enough for a professor, who then yells at 3 separate student workers and finally gets chewed out by the college dean.

I’ve got another, slightly pettier story to share but we’ll see how this one goes

Shots & Stitches - Carl Gallagher Imagine

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Word Count: 2053

Warning: Sexual content, swearing

In order to stop your hands from shaking, you forced them to grip the sides of your seat in the waiting room.  You knew it was unreasonable to still have such an irrational fear at your age.  You’d gotten into fist fights.  You’d gotten into accidents.  And here you were, afraid to get your yearly shots at your physical at the local clinic.

“Are you good?” A voice coming from beside you caused your thoughts to come to a halt.  You looked up to see a vaguely familiar face staring at you with an amused smirk, an eyebrow raised.  It was Carl Gallagher.  The two of you had gone to public school together since before you could even remember, but you had never really interacted with him.  From the time he was young, he had gained a reputation as a troublemaker, but rumor had it that he had dropped the violent act recently.

Letting out an awkward cough, you removed your hands from the armrests and folded them together in your lap.  “Yeah, I’m better than ever,” you responded sarcastically, rolling your eyes before letting out a quiet laugh.  “Just have a ridiculous fear of needles.”

Carl let out a loud laugh, causing a few other people in the waiting room to send irritated glances in your direction.  “Damn, from the way you’re shaking I thought you were waiting to find out if you had cancer or something.”

Rolling your eyes at the boy, you gently shoved your shoulder against his.  “Well, if you’re gonna be so judgmental, what could you possibly be doing here, Carl?” you asked, putting a teasing emphasis on his name to let him know that you knew who he was.

Your response made Carl bite down on his lip in an attempt to hide his smirk.  “Don’t be nosy, Y/N,” he mocked, stressing your name the same way you had with his. So he did know who you were.  “But if I tell you, you’re gonna laugh.  I’m shocked you haven’t heard about it around school.”

“Try me,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest, your smirk matching his.  “You’re already laughing at me anyways.”

“It’s bad,” he began, laughing and covering his face with his hands.  “My now ex-girlfriend wouldn’t go down on me because I wasn’t circumcised so I got circumcised just to find out she was cheating on me…” he slowly trailed off, shaking his head to himself.

“Wait, you literally got circumcised for a girl? That’s dedication.”  You began to giggle, covering your hand with your mouth to soften the noise.  “But wait, you said you already had the procedure, so what are you doing here again?”

“That’s the best part.” Carl put his elbow on the armrest and rested his chin in his hand, his face now closer to yours. “The doctor warned me it wasn’t a good idea to go through with this because I’d have to go 72 hours without getting a boner or I’d break the stitches… And yeah. This is my second time back.” Realizing how ridiculous he sounded, he began laughing again.

Your laughter joined his, both of you too distracted to notice that now even the receptionist was glaring in your direction. You were so immersed in the conversation that you had even forgotten about your fears for a few moments.  “That’s just all around unfortunate,” you commented, trying to repress the last of your giggles.  “You literally cut the tip of your dick off for a girl.  At least we know romance isn’t dead.”

Carl’s cheeks darkened, but he kept chuckling quietly. “You’re funny.  I like you.”  Sitting up straight again, he cleared his throat.  “I’m more dedicated than Noah from The Notebook but you don’t see them making movies about me.”

“What a shame,” you joked, pulling your knees up to your chest in the chair.  “What makes you think you’re going to make it the 72 hours this time?”

Suddenly, the two of you were broken away from your little bubble as the receptionist called Carl’s name.  Carl slowly stood up, running his fingers through his wavy hair before looking down at you, a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips.  “Well, I should be good as long as I don’t see you in the next 72 hours,” he flirted, winking at you as he began to walk toward the receptionist’s desk.  “Totally kidding.  Kind of.”  Lifting his hand to wave, he shot you one last grin.  “See you around.”

You could feel your cheeks heating up, but you simply rolled your eyes in response.  Still, you couldn’t hold back the smile forming on your lips.  “Mhmm.  See you around.”

With that, Carl clumsily limped out of your sight, leaving you alone in the waiting room to process what had just happened.  

The weekend flew by in the blink of an eye, and you were back at school the next week before you knew it.  Monday and Tuesday were easy enough, but Wednesday had dragged.  You had stayed after school to make up a test you had missed.

You now stood at your locker in the desolate hallway, deciding which of your textbooks you were going to bring home for the night. As something poked your arm where you had gotten your shots, you jumped back startled and dropped the textbook in your hands.

“Wow, that’s a true battle scar you’ve got there,” a voice commented with a chuckle.  You closed the door of your locker to expose who was standing behind it.  Carl.  “Didn’t mean to scare you.”  Leaning down, he picked up the book you had dropped on the ground.  “I’ve been looking for you the past few days.”

Raising your eyebrows, you bit your lip to hide the smirk that was trying to form.  “Must not have been looking hard enough,” you teased, beginning to walk toward the exit. “And I’m pretty sure your battle scars are worse than mine.”

Carl followed you, bumping his shoulder against yours as he let out a sarcastic scoff.  “Hey, I did my time.  I survived the 72 hours this time.  I’m all healed.”

“Wow, I’m impressed.  Truly heroic,” you mocked, crossing your arms over your chest as you walked.  “How’d you pull that one off?”

Carl laughed, shaking his head to himself before looking down at his feet.  “Not really heroic.  My brother put me under the influence of some drugs so I was barely responsive for most of it.”

“Wow.  All for a blow job that never happened.  Most girls would’ve done it without the surgery, you know.” Laughing softly, you looked down at your textbook that he was still holding.  “I can take that so you can walk home.”

Shaking his head, Carl pulled the textbook out of your reach.  “Not a chance.  What kind of a gentleman would I be if I didn’t walk you home?”  

And so he did.  The walk together continued, the pace noticeably slow, both of you enjoying being in the presence of the other.  The playful flirting only intensified with each step.  Every so often, your hands would brush for a few seconds too long or one of you would teasingly shove the other.  It was undeniable that there was a strong connection between the two of you.

Eventually, you reached your house.  Carl followed you up the steps to your front door, finally extending your textbook to you.  “I guess you can have this back now.”

Biting on your lip nervously, your foot beginning to tap on the ground nervously.  You were going out on a limb here.  “I could…” you began, fishing your keys out of your bag.  “Or you could help me carry it up to my room.”

Immediately, Carl’s face lit up.  He coughed against his hand, obviously trying to hide the smirk that was threatening to form on his lips.  “Oh, of course.  Wouldn’t want you to have to carry this heavy book all the way up the stairs.”

Unlocking the door, you led Carl through your vacant house and up the stairs.  He followed you up to your room, taking a moment to look around before his eyes met yours.  “Where should I put this?” he asked, holding up the textbook.

Dropping your backpack on the floor, you quietly shut the door behind the two of you.  “I’ll take it,” you replied, approaching him and wrapping your hands around the textbook.  Still, his hands remained on the book, stopping you from taking it and walking away. Biting your lip, you slowly allowed your eyes to move up to meet his.

Before you could speak, Carl crashed his lips into yours. Both of your hands forgot about the book, causing it to fall to the ground between the two of you.  His hands gripped your hips, pulling you closer as your fingers tangled into his hair.  The kiss was sloppy but passionate, the tension that had been rising between the two of you finally being relieved.

It wasn’t long before both of your shirts were torn off and thrown onto the floor, joining your textbook.  Gently, he pushed you back onto your bed and climbed on top of you.  Finally breaking the kiss, his lips began to travel down your body.

A breathless laugh escaped your lips as you realized what he was doing.  “I can see you’re used to always being the giver,” you commented, using all of your strength to flip him over when he was caught off guard.  “But that’s not the way things always have to be.”

His eyes widened as your lips traveled down his chest, your hands working to unbutton his jeans. “Good thing that 72 hours is up,” you mumbled, observing his erection through his boxers.  Laughing quietly to yourself, you gripped the waistband of his boxers with your teeth, pulling them down painstakingly slow.

“I know I shouldn’t complain, but you’re killing me here,” Carl groaned, shaking his head at your teasing.

Without another word, you took his length in your mouth, slowly bobbing your head up and down.  Carl responded with a loud groan, his hands moving to grab your hair, tugging on it lightly.

“F-Fuck,” he moaned out as you began to move your mouth faster, swirling your tongue around to add pressure.

It didn’t take much longer.  Soon enough, he came into your mouth and his head fell back against the pillow, a plethora of profanities leaving his mouth in the process.

Climbing off of him, you crawled up beside him and rested your head on the pillow, watching as he breathlessly stared up at the ceiling.

Once he was able to compose himself, he rolled onto his side to face you, a satisfied smirk spread across his lips.  “That was even better than I ever imagined it to be.”

Giggling quietly, you started to sit up, but Carl’s hand pushed you back against the bed.  “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked teasingly, rolling on top of you. “That might’ve been amazing, but I’m all for reciprocation.”

And so he did.  And once you were both done, he didn’t leave.  Instead, he pulled the blankets over both of your heads and pulled you against his chest.

“You know…” he began, grabbing your hand and playing with your fingers.  “I’m not really into the whole fuck around and leave thing anymore.”

“You know…” you mocked, your lips curving upward into a smile are you buried your face into his chest.  “Me either.”

And so he stayed.  He stayed until the bright sky faded into the dark of night.  There was a sense of comfort between the two of you that you had never felt with anyone before.  For hours and hours, you talked.  He shared with you stories about his time in prison and why he gave up the criminal lifestyle.  You confided in him with anecdotes of your tough life at home.  There was no judgment between the two of you, just mutual understanding and contentment from being in each other’s presence.  You both let all of your walls down, letting someone else in for the first time.  That was all you had needed.  

For the first time, you could thank your irrational fear for leading you into this situation – for leading you to Carl.


As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think!  Currently working out an idea for a Lip imagine that should be out in the next few days.

Chemistry Class

Okay. So I was the only senior in my chemistry class. It one of the weirdest/best classes I’ve been in.

- One day we were doing notes and this kid, a theatre kid (whom I knew pretty well), asked about “the dress”. We literally stopped the lesson and had a 30 minute debate as to wether the dress was black and blue or white and gold.

- The theatre kid’s mom was the nurse. He ended up having snacks everyday. (This is second period, mind you, so he stopped by the nurse’s office during passing period, which is on the other side of the school.) One day he had Fruit Loops and he dropped one on the ground.

Girl: Eww! Don’t eat that! There’s probably poop particles from someone’s shoe on the floor!

Theatre Kid: Oh, Poop Loops! *Picks it up and eats it.*

- The sophomores and I played a game while the juniors were taking the ACT.

- Theatre Kid was banned from bringing food into class.

- For Mole Day we had a scavenger hunt around the school. The prize was dirt cake.

- We made cookies for our last lab. (I got stuck with Theatre Kid and my lab partner in my group. We ended up yelling at him because he put in the wrong ingredient. We had to dig it out.) (Trombonist in my next block class, whose never done a drug in his life, asked if I had weed.)

- We played games every Friday for our Bell Ringer. A few times desks would be knocked over. One time a kid jumped over a desk and almost fell. Another time a kid jumped over another kid.

- One time Theatre Kid knocked over a non-hazardous chemical. (I was at the lab beside him.) I kept making puns about it and he punched me. (I always give him a hard time.)

- Durning finals week our teacher gave us food everyday. I didn’t have finals one day (two out of four classes met the second day of finals), so I brought a hotdog to her room. She gave me the food for the last day of finals week because I didn’t have her class that day.

- I somehow managed to sit by this guy (both terms). This guy made puns literally every single day. One girl asked how I kept my sanity/said I needed a trophy.

- One time we were have the ‘jif’ 'gif’ debate. My teacher looked up a video of how to properly say it….. Twenty minutes later, we’re looking up pronunciations for other words. She clicks on a link that says, “Astronaut”.

Then, very quietly, we hear: ass nuts.

Everyone was dying and my teacher stopped because she didn’t want the principal to drop by and see us doing nothing.

- Teacher: *Showing us stuff in her room.* This is the Fume Hood. You’ll get chemicals from here and other things.

Pun Kid: So, you get your stuff from in the hood?

- One time Pun Kid made a joke and the teacher asked him to leave.

- One time I went home sick during chemistry. (Like I was literally bawling in front of my teacher because I was in so much pain.) I ended up taking a nap when I got home. Woke up to my dad on the phone at 3:30. Apparently my teacher called and asked if I was alright.

- Teacher wouldn’t let us leave on our last day unless we gave her a hug.

It was a really hard class (science isn’t my strong-suit), but it was actually a really fun class.

Some schoolkids might be happy if their school were knocked down.

Not in Nairobi.

On May 15, a group of primary school students sat at desks in the center of a main road to block traffic. Along with their parents, they were protesting the demolition of their school, the Kenyatta Golf Course Academy, over the weekend.

According to a BBC article, the schoolchildren chanted: “We want our school, we need to study in school.”

The reason for the demolition was a bit hard to pin down. Foreign Policy writes: “It appears the school was destroyed without any prior warning to parents — who had already paid their children’s tuition for the year. The school was on land that belonged to a church, and the school was destroyed without warning on Saturday over a land dispute, though exact details of the dispute weren’t made immediately clear.”

Why Are Kids Sitting At Their Desks In The Middle Of The Road?

Photo: Moses Muoki/Kenya’s Capital News

Popular (Peter Parker x Reader)

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: Peter wants to abandon your friendship? Cool. Brags about getting laid every other day? Okay. Is a complete jackass in general? Fine with you. But when he dares to flirt with you after a year since becoming a player? You won’t hesitate to punch him in the face.

Warnings: Swearing. Like, a lot of swearing. Oops, oh well. And Peter being kind of an ass cuz this is angst and it’s what I do.

Words: 2,146

You used to be friends with Peter. Now? Definitely not. You didn’t know how it happened and if you did know it wasn’t something you wanted to explain but Peter…changed. You blamed yourself for not noticing soon enough and still considering him a friend. Too late now, it’s been at least a year. If you wanted to go into detail you’d say he became closed off, talking to you less often and more to people in the popular crowd. After that Peter would always look like he wanted to tell you something but he always walked away. Time passed before finally, you and him didn’t talk at all, and you didn’t want to interact with him, even if for a science project or something small. Ned and Michelle were also having trouble being around him, because even when he stayed, he was different. The old Peter Parker was on the shy side but talkative when you got to know him, innocent with child like hope. The new Peter wasn’t even interested in Academothon. He was more confident, but in a bad way. Darker personality, less words spoken. He made a lot of small gestures, shrugs, tilts of the head that meant he was listening but not really. You were done with that, and so was he apparently, so one day he just…stopped. Stopped walking to school with you, stopped talking to you, approaching you, everything.

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Mystery Snack Dealer // Park Minhyuk


the prompt: I’d love to see something with a teacher!au where he (preferably rocky) sneaks into your room during his free period and leaves you cute snacks in the faculty room fridge and eventually your students start to push the two of you to actually date

words: 5273

category: lots of fluff and minimal angst

author note: this is my submission for the aroha fic exchange! to whoever’s request this is, i hope you enjoy it!

– destinee

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