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One day in highschool, period after lunch, spanish class. We all get in the room and take our seats, bored and tired out of our minds, and wait for the teacher.

The bell rings, teacher has yet to show up. Five mins later, nothin. Ten minutes? nope. nothing. Teacher never showed up, there wasn’t a substitute in sight, so here we are, a group of sophomores to seniors left alone. So you know what we did?

One of us upperclassmen stood up and took the role of the “teacher”, used flashcards to have us play Around the World, and taught us a few new words. One kid crawled under his desk and took a much needed nap. A group of girls talked to each other about their days, and did a random spanish worksheet they found online. 

Teacher or no teacher, we freaking rocked the class.

Next day the teacher and principal talked to us and told us they were sorry we had been left alone, and while they were slightly upset that we didn’t notify the office/another teacher that the sub never showed up, they were more impressed than anything that we kept it down and under control and that the group of girls did the worksheets. We ended up getting ANOTHER DAY off class because the teacher thought we deserved a reward.

That’s what happened the day there was no teacher.

Some schoolkids might be happy if their school were knocked down.

Not in Nairobi.

On May 15, a group of primary school students sat at desks in the center of a main road to block traffic. Along with their parents, they were protesting the demolition of their school, the Kenyatta Golf Course Academy, over the weekend.

According to a BBC article, the schoolchildren chanted: “We want our school, we need to study in school.”

The reason for the demolition was a bit hard to pin down. Foreign Policy writes: “It appears the school was destroyed without any prior warning to parents — who had already paid their children’s tuition for the year. The school was on land that belonged to a church, and the school was destroyed without warning on Saturday over a land dispute, though exact details of the dispute weren’t made immediately clear.”

Why Are Kids Sitting At Their Desks In The Middle Of The Road?

Photo: Moses Muoki/Kenya’s Capital News

Bully Beware

Request: I am in love with all or your stories! Could you maybe write something where Bucky is a single father of a little girl, and he’s trying to teach her self-defense when he finds out she’s being bullied at school?- from anonymous

dad!Bucky Barnes X Reader (kinda? alludes to?)

Word Count: 2330

Warnings: Mentions of schoolyard violence

A/N: This might have gotten a little bit away from me, but I hope it’s okay and you like it! I don’t know anything about parenting so.. Again, Feedback would be freaking amazing. 

Bucky was running late. It was always like this. There never seemed to be enough time in a day for him to get everything completed on his daily task list. He always thought it was normal, for being a single parent to feel a little overwhelmed at times. Lately he had been feeling this way all the time. Running his hands over his face, he hit the familiar speed dial button on his programmed work phone and waited for an answer. 

“Buck, whats up? I though that you had an early day today?” Steve’s voice rang throughout Bucky’s office. 

“I know, I was supposed to leave hours ago… Listen can you do me a huge favour?” 

“Yes, I will pick up Maisie. But Buck.. You have to talk to your boss, this is like.. the sixth time in the last two weeks. I know things are tough right n-” 

“I know Steve. I know..” he sighed. “I’m just… If I get the promotion I can work from home, set my own hours. Every time I get ahead, I get pushed back a couple steps. Fuck..” 

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Day 5 : I needed coffee to be able to finish this drawing… In more ways than one.

Today’s is Jaehee day so this time I used… Coffee. I’ve never bean so desperate. It’s the first time I ever painted with coffee and I totally recommend it ! Black coffee powder with water gives really nice shades !

Day 1 : Yoosung - Watercolors

Day 2 : Unknown - Charcoal

Day 3 : Seven (White Ver. and Dark Ver.) - Digital

Day 4 : Zen - Felt pens/Markers

Day 5 : Jaehee - Coffee


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i recently moved schools (which makes me sad) but yall remember that clown craze back in october? yeah so we went into lockdown for about three hours and we were on the news, yada yada, in the class i was stuck in we had a got damn celebration like,, my french teacher was playing spirited away on the projector, there were about five kids standing on the desks, and one kid whipped out some fuckin yugioh cards. who knew stupid clowns would bring us together

That sounds like a movie plot. 

Under The Back Porch

As a kid I lived with neglectful parents at best. At worst dad would turn his screams and fists on me but I learned quickly how to dodge the worst of it. Mom wasn’t much help, she’d just smoke in the kitchen and bitch at him for staying out so late.

At the time we lived basically in the middle of nowhere, our nearest neighbors were a long walk away for a six year old and we had trees between us. No one to run to for help. But I was pretty small for a kid my age. I learned I could fit pretty much anywhere. The closet. Dryer. I think even once I tucked myself under my futon in such a way I could still get some air but no one could see me.

I was a master at hiding. But it wasn’t for a good reason.

One night though, one night I chose to do something different.

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Peachy child’s desk

Even though my personal style ranges somewhere between modern, industrial, bohemian and minimalistic (with lots of plants!), I was working on a house for one of my Sims families and created a perfect little nook for a girl who just started school. I felt like sharing it, again with much thanks to the CC creators:

@novvvas @foreverdesigns @mxims @viikiitastuff @helen-sims @pilar @dreamteamsims @mio-sims @omorfi-mera

xo Sjamboksim

a moment of silence for my roommate, who has to deal with me unpacking all my tea on our one (1) counter, forgetting i was making tea for 2 hours, leaving everything strewn everywhere until i remembered. also moment of silence for me, whose brain has decided that the sound of my roommate filing her nails is now auditory hell that makes me want to scratch the back of my neck off, and a moment of silence for her for having to pretend that i didn’t just start crying and laughing in the middle of studying and one for me because her program crashed and she screamed “what the fuck” repeatedly for at least two minutes and just… just all the moments of silence. just silence. just be quiet everyone. just… sh

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There was a can opener on some kid's desk today and in the middle of class, he just gets up and, with full power, throws it down the hall. Nobody could find it afterwards. Now there's a rumor that whoever happens to find it will not graduate to the next grade.

So Matt said that it would take about a month of downtime for Grog to learn how to read/write like a kindergartner, yeah?

So imagine after the Conclave falls, they finally get some rest. They pop between Whitestone and Emon, spending a week or so in each city before returning to their other home. 

A primary school has been established in Emon, and one day Grog is walking along on his way to one of the dozens of construction sites. He passes by the school, and sees a little boy crying while walking home. He asks the kid what’s wrong and the kid says he was being bullied by the bigger boys for not wanting to kick a cat that passed through the playground that day. 

Grog of course flashes back to being kicked out of the herd for not wanting to kill Wilhand, so he tells the kid to describe the ones bullying him. The next day, he rolls into the playground in his finest badassery and finds the bullies. He gathers all the kids around - some of the teachers are concerned but the head teacher recognizes Grog and lets it happen - and makes the bullies stand in the middle.

The bullies are of course scared shitless, and the kid is worried about what he just started, but Grog doesn’t do anything. Instead, he gives a long lecture about mercy. He tells them about how, after all the hurt of the dragons, the most important thing is to be kind to one another and help each other up. He tells them not to emulate the dragons, but to emulate Lady Cassandra of Whitestone, who took in refugees when her own city was hurting, or Kerr the Blacksmith, who rose up to lead a community of peace, or Wilhand the Gnome, who all but adopted a young man he logically should have feared. He tells them that life needs things to live, and that those things are brotherhood and kindness. 

The bullies are suitably shamed, and after the lecture Grog lets the kids rope him in to playing with them. At some point, the Grog gets to talking with the teachers, and somehow ends up revealing that he doesn’t know how to read. “What with all the adventuring and world-saving, didn’t have much time to keep up with my studies,” he explains.

And that’s how, much to everyone’s amusement, Grog comes in the next day as the very biggest new student in the classroom, and learns how to read along with his new lil buddies.