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The K.I.N.D. Fund.

Need of

Please check out this site. You can spend under $30 and buy a desk for a student in Malawi.

Under $200 sends a girl to school for a year.

If you need a Christmas gift you can donate to this fund in someone’s name.

If you’re unable please reblog to spread the word to others.

So Matt said that it would take about a month of downtime for Grog to learn how to read/write like a kindergartner, yeah?

So imagine after the Conclave falls, they finally get some rest. They pop between Whitestone and Emon, spending a week or so in each city before returning to their other home. 

A primary school has been established in Emon, and one day Grog is walking along on his way to one of the dozens of construction sites. He passes by the school, and sees a little boy crying while walking home. He asks the kid what’s wrong and the kid says he was being bullied by the bigger boys for not wanting to kick a cat that passed through the playground that day. 

Grog of course flashes back to being kicked out of the herd for not wanting to kill Wilhand, so he tells the kid to describe the ones bullying him. The next day, he rolls into the playground in his finest badassery and finds the bullies. He gathers all the kids around - some of the teachers are concerned but the head teacher recognizes Grog and lets it happen - and makes the bullies stand in the middle.

The bullies are of course scared shitless, and the kid is worried about what he just started, but Grog doesn’t do anything. Instead, he gives a long lecture about mercy. He tells them about how, after all the hurt of the dragons, the most important thing is to be kind to one another and help each other up. He tells them not to emulate the dragons, but to emulate Lady Cassandra of Whitestone, who took in refugees when her own city was hurting, or Kerr the Blacksmith, who rose up to lead a community of peace, or Wilhand the Gnome, who all but adopted a young man he logically should have feared. He tells them that life needs things to live, and that those things are brotherhood and kindness. 

The bullies are suitably shamed, and after the lecture Grog lets the kids rope him in to playing with them. At some point, the Grog gets to talking with the teachers, and somehow ends up revealing that he doesn’t know how to read. “What with all the adventuring and world-saving, didn’t have much time to keep up with my studies,” he explains.

And that’s how, much to everyone’s amusement, Grog comes in the next day as the very biggest new student in the classroom, and learns how to read along with his new lil buddies.

  • Cheating on test in shows: Everyone's skillfully getting answers from the smart people in class. The teacher's unaware
  • Cheating on test irl: You share answers with everyone directly beside you, even the kid in front of you turns around and stares dead at your paper. A kid mouths "what's # 15", to someone who's 3 seats away. They make a C with their hands. Kid who usually sits in the front moves to the back right next to their friend who made a B on the last test. Five different kids are linked in a group chat sending answers under the desk. Some kid writes all their answers on a ripped piece of paper, folds it, and 'goes to ask the teacher a question' all while handing another kid the paper. The teacher is barely a foot away.

Day 5 : I needed coffee to be able to finish this drawing… In more ways than one.

Today’s is Jaehee day so this time I used… Coffee. I’ve never bean so desperate. It’s the first time I ever painted with coffee and I totally recommend it ! Black coffee powder with water gives really nice shades !

Day 1 : Yoosung - Watercolors

Day 2 : Unknown - Charcoal

Day 3 : Seven (White Ver. and Dark Ver.) - Digital

Day 4 : Zen - Felt pens/Markers

Day 5 : Jaehee - Coffee


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Happy birthday, Bruce! 🎈

You guys, today is my husband’s birthday! 🎁🎇🎉🎉🎂🎈🎂🎈🎂🎉🎉🎇🎁 And I just want to take this moment to wish him a happy birthday and say how happy I am to be with him and how much I love him.  This is the last night of our vacation, and we’re just going to have a nice dinner and maybe go for a late night swim… he says he prefers simple celebrations, and I’m just glad we get to be together.


(Request: Hey! I was wondering if you could do one where Spencer is upset because he thinks you’re dating someone and Morgan is teasing or something?)

Morgan sighed as he saw Reid still reading the same page of his book that he had been ‘reading’ for the last five minutes. He sat himself on the edge of Reid’s desk.

“Alright kid, what’s wrong?”

Reid looked up from his book, his eyebrows furrowed. “Nothing. Why?”

“You’ve been in a mood ever since Garcia told (Y/N) she was setting her up with someone.” Morgan said, pointedly.

Reid swallowed. “So?” He looked back down to his book.

Morgan shook his head, he knew Reid was lying. He let Reid get lost in thought before speaking again.

“You’re in a mood because you like (Y/N) as more than a friend?”

Reid’s mouth spoke quicker than his mind. “Yeah, exactly.” He realised what he had just said. “N-no.”

Morgan chuckled, getting off the desk. “Well, you’re in luck. The dude Garcia was going to set (Y/N) up with was you.”

Reid’s mouth dropped. “You knew what Garcia was doing the whole time? And you just let me sulk?”

Morgan chuckled. “I had to make sure you both liked each other.” He raised his hands defensively, making his way towards the coffee machine.

Reid pondered what his friend had just said. He scrambled up from behind his desk, following Morgan.

“She likes me too?”


I try to match the colour of the background of the 'Imagine ___’ with the gif. Yeah, I’m that OCD.

Hey guys, that ad that ends with a school shooting kind of set me over the edge and now a lot of you guys are reblogging it, and I just want you to know that I’ve never before considered something a trigger for me but I think that makes the list because I was shaking so badly after I watched it and my heart was pounding so hard it was actually hurting me. I’ve had too many horrific nightmares about that kind of thing, I really don’t need to have something like that there. I know it’s supposed to make you feel disturbed, but I don’t know if people realize just how mentally shaken it can leave some people.

Please tag it or something, please.

And if any of you are sensitive to that kind of content, please be aware of how the ad ends, it seems like an innocent sweet school romance between two kids writing on a desk but it does end with a school shooting, calling people to be more aware of people around them and trying to spot warning signs. 

I don’t want any of you to feel how I felt when I watched that for the first time. 

I know that it’s important, and a real issue that needs to be confronted, but I also feel like some people could really do without seeing it. 

this is what I meant by ‘hilarious situations can come from it’


*teens in lobby at one in the morning, decide to destroy my coffee stand*

Me: Alright y'all, normally I don’t mind you being down here at night, but now you’re gonna have to go to bed.

Becks: actually our parents said we could be down here.

Me: Okay, but if you’re not 18 you need to go back to your room. This is a hotel rule.

Becky: Well one of us is 18.

Me: Well then one of you can stay.

Rebecca: Actually we can all stay.

Me: Then I’ll have to call the cops.

Rebecca-roni-and-cheese: Ugh, that’s soooo not nice.

anonymous asked:

To distract us all from the apocalypse do you think we might get some al/ginny father/daughter fluff and maybe some dadmike love too?

“Al?” Ginny questioned, lurking in the doorway of his office.

Al didn’t look up from the papers on his desk. “Yeah, kid?”

She worried her bottom lip for a moment. “I have a problem.”

“Alright, come on in.”

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Don't Hesitate-Part Four

Part One Part Two Part Three

JJ sat down across from Spencer gently. Her eyes were full of concern as she threaded her fingers together. 

 “Spence…what was that about?” She asked. Spencer sighed and ran both hands through his messy hair. 

 “I stayed at (y/n)’s apartment last night because mine is being fumigated and she wouldn’t let me sleep here. I’ve realized I have feelings for her, and I, um, couldn’t stay with her another night knowing she has feelings for someone else.” Spencer bit his lip. Morgan laughed loudly from his desk. 

 “Kid, she’s obviously in love with you, everyone can see it. Who else could she possibly have feelings for?” He walked over, crossing his arms. 

 “Well, you.” Spencer replied, the hurt evident in his voice. Prentiss scoffed. “Reid, what (y/n) and I have is purely platonic. We both know that. We’re just friends.” Morgan explained. Spencer sighed in relief. 

 “Are you absolutely positive?” He looked up at Morgan skeptically. Morgan smiled and walked towards him. 

 “Totally. Now go on pretty boy, you’ve got a girl to apologize to.” Spencer hopped out of his seat and all but ran out the door.

 Twenty minutes later, you got to your apartment. It was raining out, and you were soaked. You slammed the door behind you and slid to the floor in tears. How were you going to go back to work like this tomorrow? 

 Five minutes later, someone started knocking frantically on your front door. You pulled yourself off the floor, expecting JJ or maybe Garcia to be there to check up on you. You wiped some of the tears off your face, doing nothing to hide the fact that you’d been crying. 

 You flung the door open, and there stood Spencer, soaked to the bone and breathing hard. You stared at each other for a couple seconds. Spencer closed the gap between you and crashed his lips to yours. You froze for a second, then kissed back. His hands went to your waist and you threaded yours in his wet hair. Spencer moved forward through the door, and tried to kick it shut without breaking the kiss, but he missed. You laughed and pulled back. Spencer immediately began spewing out apologies. 

 “(Y/N) I’m so sorry for being such an asshole, I thought you liked Morgan, and I-” You cut him off. 

 “Spencer.” You put your hands on his shoulders. “It’s okay.” You kissed him again, softer this time. He slid a hand around your waist and rested the other on the back of your neck. You stopped to breathe and leaned your forehead against his.  

“Any chance I can convince you to stay here tonight?” You grinned. 

 “I wouldn’t leave, even if you’d let me.” He smiled back, looking into your eyes.

 “And Spencer? Next time, don’t hesitate.”

Just Go For It

A/N: Another request from @angelwithasquirtgun! This one is for a Spencer x Reader where the reader is a new secretary at the BAU and Spencer develops a crush on her, so he constantly finds ways to pass by her desk. @coveofmemories


“Kid, it’s so obvious,” Morgan said, making fun of the agent who’d become like a little brother to him.

“What’s obvious?” he asked confused. Morgan’s statement had come out of nowhere.

He chuckled, looking toward the desk of the BAU’s new secretary. She wasn’t totally new; she’d started about three months ago, but she was new enough. “That you have a massive crush on Y/N,” he said, fairly loudly.

“Shhhh,” Spencer insisted, before realizing he was confirming Morgan’s suspicions. “Okay, yes, I might have a little crush on Y/N.” He looked over toward her desk, hoping she had’t heard anything. Thankfully, she was still intently looking at the stack of papers that was piling up on her desk.

Morgan laughed again. “More than a little,” he said. “Why don’t you ask her out?”

“Are you kidding?” Spencer blurted out, again not realizing how loud the conversation was becoming. “Look at her. Why would she ever go out with someone like me?”

“What?” Morgan said incredulously. “Why would she want to go out with a certified genius with three PhDs, an impressive job with the FBI, a nice personality and of course, that face, which as I always say, is your best asset? I have no idea what she’d want with someone like that.” His snarky tone put Spencer more at ease. He had always had less confidence in himself than his friends had. It was nice to know his friends believed in him so much.

“I just have no idea how I would ask her,” Spencer admitted.

“Well,” Morgan said, looking her way. “From what we know about her, she’s strong, independent, very practical, but also sweet and funny. She’d probably appreciate bluntness. Just ask her.”

“Out of nowhere?” Spencer asked. “She barely knows my name, wouldn’t that be weird?”

“Not at all. Plus, she works for the BAU - she knows your name.” Morgan threw a wadded up piece of paper, hitting Spencer right in the temple. “Just go for it, kid.” With that, Morgan went back to his work, leaving Spencer to stare off into space, wondering whether or not he should just ‘go for it.’


After thinking about it for a while, Spencer finally admitted to himself that he did want to ask out Y/N, but he didn’t think he had the guts to just go and ask her out, so he decided he’d pass by her desk as many times as he could during the day to try and get to know her a little bit. Then maybe when he asked her out, it wouldn’t feel weird for either of them.

As he returned back from lunch, he realized he needed a particular form to fill out for the last case, and although he could go to pretty much anyone else and get the paper he needed, he decided to go to Y/N’s desk and ask her instead. With trepidation, he made his way to her desk. “Hi, Y/N?” he asked.

“Hi, Spencer,” she greeted. So she did know his name; that surprised him. But once again, Morgan was right. “How can I help you?”

“I need a copy of the 1170-B form for the last case, do you have one?” he asked, a little more smoothly than he had anticipated.

“Sure,” she said. She spun around in her chair, effortlessly moving from place to place to give him the form he needed. Once it had printed, she turned back to him, handing over the form. Her hand grazed his just ever so slightly and she blushed - or at least, he thought she blushed.

“Thanks, Y/N,” he smiled. He had wondered about taking Morgan’s advice and just going for it, but a few extra moments of silence hung between them, so he thought about going for it another day. He had time.


Nearly another two weeks passed, during which time Spencer made any and every excuse to pass by Y/N’s desk. If he wanted coffee, he took the long way to the machine. If someone needed a form that she had, he’d offer to be the one to go and ask. Even if all he had to do was go to the restroom, he went out of the way to pass by. 

Each and every time he passed by Y/N, he wanted to ask her out, but once she was in his line of sight his mouth went dry and all of the charming or funny things he wanted to say flew out of his head. Her smile could disarm even the most stoic of people, so it was no surprise that it made him melt. He stood no chance against her charms.

“Spence, you have to go for it,” he heard someone say behind him. It was JJ.

“How long have you been there?” he asked, shaken out of his daze.

She laughed. “Long enough to know that you have it bad for Y/N. She’d totally say yes if you asked her out,” she said confidently.

“Really? What makes you say that?” he wondered.

She sucked in her lip, not sure if she should divulge what she was about to, but Spencer was one of her best friends and she had become good friends with Y/N; she wanted both of them to be happy. “A little birdy might have let it slip that Y/N thinks your cute.”

Spencer did a triple take between JJ and Y/N, wondering if she was just joking with him or she actually had confirmation that Y/N was interested. “She definitely likes you Spence. Ask her out,” she said, as she began to walk away. “It’ll put an end to you looking for any excuse to pass by her desk. This way, you can just go.” She laughed again, turning around to head back to her office.

“Just go for it,” Spencer said to himself. He started walking towards her desk, repeating it over and over again like a mantra. As he approached, he formulated what he would say - hopefully he wouldn’t stumble over his words like he normally did. “Hi Y/N,” he said, as she looked up from her paperwork to meet his gaze.

“Hey, Spencer. How’s it going?” she asked, her smile practically blinding him.

“It’s going pretty well,” he said, his mouth going dry for a split second. He swallowed hard and continued, hoping JJ was right. “I was actually wondering, is there a chance, you know, if you feel like it, that o-one day you might want to go out for a cup of coffee? With me?” Not as smoothly as he had planned, but not too badly.

“Are you asking me on a date, Spencer?” she smiled, her eyes shining with equal brilliance.

He shook his head, not trusting himself to say anything else just yet.

“I’d like that,” she said. “I was actually wondering if you would ever ask me out.”

“I was just waiting for the right moment,” he said, making a mental note to thank JJ for the last-minute push, “Then I realized there really never is one. I just needed to go for it.”


Electronic Pokédex Commercial (~1999)