kids' cereals


Look, Cocoa Puffs are totally the bomb, but maybe eating the entire box in one day isn’t such a great thing.

If Children’s Cereal Commercials Were Honest

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Do you like Fukumoto's cooking?

“Yes, of course! Uncle Fukumoto makes the best food! His food is really good, especially his omurice. But sometimes when I ask, Uncle Fukumoto makes me bacon and eggs. It’s really yummy and reminds me of my mama’s cooking. It’s my favorite!”


20.03.17 // 07:02 // day 20/31

Day 20 - “Get up early. Shower. Eat a proper breakfast. Do all the things you wouldn’t normally have time to do in the morning.”

Song of the day : The Spirit in the Sky - Doctor & The Medics

So today I had my grade 7 flute exam! I think it went quite well, although i won’t know the results until next week. As for the song choice, it’s a song that always reminds me of my Dad, who played his old car tape that we used to listen to as kids (full of retro rock songs) to calm me down on the way to my exam. <3

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hey anisa!! do you dislike celery because it tastes like soap? if so, congratulations! you literally have a genetic mutation that makes you immune to the (actual, non-soapy) taste of celery

actually no there’s nothing wrong with the taste it’s the TEXTURE… it’s so fibrous it feels like I’m eating grass from tha ground how dare you assume I have the soap gene