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this is an extremely belated birthday fic to the incredible, wonderful, stellar @clearascountryair. Em, there aren’t really any words I can say to describe how much you mean to me, except that you’re the Jemma Simmons to my Daisy Johnson, and I love you very, very much. <3

The worst thing, he thinks, is that he remembers all of it.

His fingers grip the sink as he leans forward, head bowed, inhaling and exhaling inhaling and exhaling inhaling and—

It’s too much.

Everyone and everything. He can’t escape. He blinks rapidly but the world becomes more unfocused, unreal, and his heart beats unnaturally fast.

His left hand begins to shake.

He keeps his head bowed.

(He can’t look at his hands. His hands that have always created, and never stopped. His hands that built good and decent things.

His hands that are covered with blood with fingers that pulled the trigger.

His hands that tortured.)

Remembers enjoying it.

Remembers wanting her approval and love. Needing it. Remembers feeling that he would cross the universe for her, and thinking that this is who he was, and that he knew who he was.

He remembers killing for her.

(It makes him feel sick.)

Somebody’s knocking at the door, calling his name. He thinks it might be Jemma.

He doesn’t care.

Fitz finally lifts his head, and stares into the mirror.

But all he can see is The Doctor staring back.

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Just saying, AOS should do a time travel season

The three-act pod format would work really well for a theme like this.

This is how I’d structure it (assume the team was sent through time at the end of the previous season. Also assume Yo-Yo and Robbie were upgraded to series regulars):

Pod 1, Old West: The gang lands somewhere in the 1800s and team up with Marvel’s Wild West characters, like Rawhide Kid, the Phantom Rider, and the Two-Gun Kid. Imagine Robbie Reyes teaming up with the Phantom Rider and the two of them racing across the desert, Robbie in his Hell Charger and Carter Slade with his Hell Horse.

Anyways, Fitz and Simmons attempt to fix the time machine while the rest of the group protects them from a gang of cowboys, who believe that they are devil worshipers…which is not too far off from the truth because of Ghost Rider.

Pod 2, mix between 2099 and present day: Fitz and Simmons manage to repair the time machine but half of the group gets sent too far in the future. Let’s say Fitz, Daisy, Mack, and May are stuck in present day while Simmons, Robbie, Coulson, and Yo-Yo are sent to the far future. Also, the Two-Gun Kid decides to follow SHIELD and ends up with the present day group.

2099 is a dystopian world, ruled by the rogue time traveler who is responsible for the disturbances in time. The rogue time traveler is also the main antagonist of the season. While trying to find a way back in time, the group teams up with Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099), a very old but still alive Daisy Johnson, and a SHIELD agent who is later revealed to be Fitz’s grand-daughter. 

Since the writers love fucking with Fitzsimmons, it’s revealed that Fitz moved on at some point in the 2030s and got married to someone else. Imagine the angst potential here, with Simmons having to talk to Fitz’s granddaughter. 

Pod 3, 1955: Both groups reconnect in 1955, the year where the rogue time traveler came from. The Two-Gun Kid and Miguel O’Hara follows SHIELD into the past. 

While in the past, SHIELD teams up with Agent Carter and her team. This is a way to provide a solid ending to Agent Carter. 

Anyways, the season ends with the rogue time traveler’s defeat. The Two-Gun Kid and Miguel O’Hara stay in the present day since the time machine was destroyed in the final battle with the time traveler. Also, Coulson finds an old, never-before-seen picture from Agent Carter’s collection, which is of her and Coulson’s team together. 

As one final cliffhanger to end the season, SHIELD recruits a new agent, who is revealed to be a Black Widow agent who was raised in the Red Room alongside Natasha Romanoff. We then learn that the Black Widow agent was Fitz’s wife from the aborted timeline (let’s say the granddaughter revealed the name of her grandmother in the 2099 arc). 

That’s the arc for next season; BLACK WIDOW

(EDIT: Completely forgot that Black Widow agents are sterilized. Let’s just say Fitz and the Black Widow agent adopted and Fitz’s granddaughter just got used to saying grandma). 

Tim is such a shit with his office at WE, though

like. he has to appear to take everything seriously, because. he is the big cheese.

but he probably has an ironic de-motivational poster on his wall that no one has looked at closely (thank god), and the photo frames on his desk are full of the stock-photos that come with the frames, all of them of the same guy that Tim had to carefully track down

and he has a fake book lined with candy, but i think that goes without saying