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I thought of something... 🤔

A lot of people have been talking about Hotaru lately (duh like we didn’t see that) and his mystical power, like how good he’d be in bed (we all know it wouldnt only be because of his power — kirigakure genes in action ladies and gents) or how could his power affect people that don’t speak japanese, but here’s one thing…


Don’t tell me I’m the only crazy one thinking this

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Jack/Crutchie #4

forehead kiss. in which jack falls hard and realizes how much crutchie means to him and i have so many feels tonight but i hope yall like it.

The thoughts flying through Jack Kelly’s mind as he lay looking out at the predawn sky begin to show tinges of color were unusual.  He wasn’t thinking about the day to come, or the headlines, or the food he hadn’t managed to scrounge up for last night’s dinner; he wasn’t thinking of his parents, long gone, or his empty childhood, or his eventual escape from the bars and chains of the city; he wasn’t thinking of himself at all.  

Jack’s thoughts were only of him, the boy lying next to him, for the millionth time, for what felt like the first time, for what was the first time since everything had changed and he had turned Jack Kelly’s world on its head, throwing everything miraculously out of order into a beautiful, languorous chaos.  Jack watched him sleep curled into half a parentheses, his head cradled against Jack’s collarbone and his arm wrapped loosely over Jack’s chest.  

Jack was used to feeling protective of the boys, but this wasn’t the same.  He didn’t just want to protect, he wanted to know.  To know everything about him, all of his thoughts and hopes and dreams and hates, to be able to feel what he felt and see the world as he saw it, to become as close to him as possible, as close as one person could get to another while still retaining that semblance of self that made them two each who they were, as they had been before.

Jack wanted to know which streets he’d walked on, which spots his feet had touched, which bricks or iron railings his fingertips had grazed as he passed by the buildings, which steps or benches or curbs he’d paused to rest on;places touched in infinitesimally small ways by his presence but touched nonetheless, a part of the story that was him and his.

Jack wanted to taste every liquid he’d ever imbibed, and every food he’d ever enjoyed.  Jack wanted to touch every piece of clothing that had ever been draped lovingly or casually over his skin, to walk in every holey shoe he’d ever worn.  Jack wanted to feel the hard, necessary presence of the roughly hewn crutch under his arm, to know how it felt to be reliant on something the way he felt he could become reliant on him.

Jack wanted to know if his pulse sped up when they were near each other, if his vision blurred, if he felt out of breath or completely calm; if his hands itched to reach out and touch or if they shook with nervous energy; if he felt it burning in his stomach or his chest or all throughout his skin.  Jack wanted to know how his own reactions, his own nerves and shallow breathing and sweaty palms that still yearned for contact, the burning through his torso, compared.  

Jack wanted to know all of the things that made his eyes light up, that brought the smile of sunlight and warmth and promise across his face, that sent a silent thrill up his spine; and he wanted to know all of the things that made him cry, that pushed him to his breaking point and brought a shade of draping hopelessness; the nightmares and the dreams and the just before waking phantasms that blew across his mind.

Jack wanted all of this like he’d never wanted anything else, even though they’d known each other for years, even though they’d shared so much of their lives already; it was like being next to a stranger he’d known all his life, comfortable but with so much possibility, open ended and thrilling.

Jack sighed into the breaking light, pink and blue and gold spreading above them like a painting he’d dreamed up, only this was real.

Beside him, Crutchie stirred and nuzzled into Jack’s neck sleepily.  He opened his eyes into slits and looked up at Jack, smiling as he slowly moved towards waking.  Jack looked back at him, not unsmiling, but serious, full of emotions he didn’t often show.

“What’re you thinkin'bout?” Crutchie asked thickly, nuzzling against Jack’s collarbone again.  

Jack smiled, and even though he was thinking about what had become the most important things, what was becoming his everything, he still replied, “nothing.”  He leaned over and kissed Crutchie gently on the forehead, injecting the kiss with every emotion, every want, every need, he couldn’t yet express.

Crutchie laughed lightly and leaned in to kiss Jack back on the sensitive skin of his neck, then closed his eyes again and settled back against Jack’s shoulder.  In the dim, colorful morning light stretching above them, the kisses seemed like a promise to Jack, a promise to share and to learn and to become, for each other, everything.

Struggles Part 1- Josh Dun

Request- Hi! Could you please do a josh dun x reader about pregnancy or giving birth or having a newborn baby with him or something like that xx sorry if that makes no sense (can I please stay anon xx)

Hi there… I was wondering if you could do something with josh and the reader where they struggle to get pregnant and like they finally do and it’s real fluffy. could you include like after the baby is born to. thank you.

I think his will become 3 or 4 parts. I combined these two requests and I really hope you like it.

4 years ago you tied the knot with your best friend ever. You’ve always known you wanted to be a mother to his children, but since you were 16 years old you knew getting pregnant was going to be a struggle. At 16 you were diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS, which means your chances of getting pregnant and not miscarrying the child were slim. Josh was aware of this and he always said that it would work out in the end.

3 Years Ago

It’s not uncommon for someone with PCOS to not get their period, so when you didn’t get it this month it wasn’t a concern. It was only the next month when you felt really sick and bloated. You took a pregnancy test and cried when you saw that it was positive. You and Josh at that point had been trying for a little over a year.

“Josh come here quick.” you called out of the bathroom.

Josh came running thinking there was an emergency.

“What is it? Are you okay?” he asked and you turned around with the pregnancy test in your hand.

“Josh we’re gonna be parents.” you cried.

“Really?” you nodded your head. “Y/N, I told you it would happen. This is amazing.” he said excitedly.

That was one of the best feelings you ever had, but it ended when you were 19 weeks pregnant. You had just found out it was a boy 3 days before and the doctor said everything looked good. you had decided his name was going to be William after Josh’s father. You couldn’t wait to hold that precious bundle of joy. 

It was late when you started feeling intense cramping. You were both in bed when you shot up in immense pain.

“Josh, Josh wake up something’s wrong.” you said frantically.

“What is it babe?” Josh said groggily, but when he saw you he sat up quickly.

“I think there’s something wrong with the baby.” you explained.

“Do you think we should go to the hospital?” he asked getting up from the bed to help you up.

You nodded your head, in to much pain to speak.

When you stood up you saw a small pool of blood on the bed sheets.

“Oh god.” you cried, knowing you probably lost the baby.

“Shh, it’s okay. We’re going to get checked out everything will be fine.” Josh soothed you and for your own sake you had to believe him.

Once at the hospital they took you in for a ultrasound and you held tightly onto Josh’s hand the entire time looking for the movement or heartbeat of your baby. When the nurse wasn’t saying anything, you knew it didn’t mean good things.

“I’m so sorry ma’am, but I can’t find a heartbeat. It looks to me that you lost the baby sometime yesterday. I’m going to let this sit in for a minute and leave you two some privacy. The doctor will be in soon to discuss options.” she said sincerely before leaving the room.

You broke down and Josh sat with you until you stopped crying, whispering loving words into your ear.

“It’s okay Y/N. He will forever be in our hearts. He wasn’t going to be strong enough for all our love. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.”he said while kissing your head.

Every mother looks forward to hearing their baby cry when they are delivered. You had to deliver your baby boy, but you never got to hear him cry.

When you went home the next day you sat in the started nursery. You rocked back and forth in the rocking chair you had just ought. I was the first the first thing you bought for the nursery and the last. You imagined being able to hold a baby while rocking them, but it soon set in that it wasn’t going to happen. 

Josh was there for you, but you pushed him away wanting to be alone and moan over the loss of your son. After 3 weeks of tears and pure sorrow Josh finally got you out of the house.

You were currently just walking around the park talking about what had happened.

“Look I’m sorry I’ve been so distant, it’s just I feel guilty.” you started and Josh stopped walking.

“What? Y/N, you couldn’t control this. None of it was your fault. He wasn’t going to be strong enough and although it’s extremely unfortunate, it must have been for the better.” he said and squeezed you closer into his side and continued walking.

“What if I can’t carry kids without miscarrying them. God why do I think I can have a kid, I can’t even keep it alive when it’s in me.” you said starting to cry.

“Don’t say that. The time will come and there is always options to help with your condition. I think we should wait and see where life takes us. Were still young.” he said kissing your head.

He made you feel better and soon you were back to your normal self. He was right you were only 22 and him 25, there was time and options.

Over the next 3 years you kept trying for a baby, but the negative pregnancy tests never stopped. Twenty one pilots was getting a lot of attention, receiving awards and a Grammy. You were so happy for Josh, and you were sort of relieved you had lost that first baby because life was too busy for a baby or what he would be a 3 year old.

It had been exactly 3 years since you had to deliver your baby boy and it was always a hard day for you. Each year on this date you and Josh would go to that same park and release 2 blue balloons in his memory.

“We love you little William Dun.” Josh said when he let his balloon go into the wind.

“Send us a little brother or sister from heaven Will, we love you dearly. Mommy thinks of you everyday.” you said and let go of your balloon.

Josh held you in his arms as you two watched the balloons float away. Some people might think it’s weird that you were talking to the sky and letting go of a balloon, but it made both of you happy.

Once the balloons were out of sight you tuned to Josh and kissed him.

“I love you Josh.”

“I love you too. What do you say we go get some ice cream to make this day happier.” you nodded and started to walk with him.

Although you were still craving to have a baby, you kept Josh’s words close to your heart that the time will come.

It was 2 negative pregnancy tests later when you decided to bring up the topic of seeing a doctor for help getting pregnant.

“Hey Josh will you come here for a second?” you asked.

He said next to you on the couch and you sat closer to him.

“I know we were just letting time decide when we would have a baby, but I’m really ready to be a mother and I’m just dying to have a baby. We’ve tried for 4 years and lost William. I was looking online and there are a few options to help with infertility. Do you think we can look into it?” you asked, unsure of what Josh’s reply would be.

“Yeah, I think that’s a great idea. I don’t want to see you disappointed anymore with all the negative tests. I really want kids and if this doesn’t work, there’s always adoption, but it’s worth the try I think.” Josh said.

“Thank you thank you thank you.” you said tackling him with kisses.

Those were the words you were looking forward to and it gave you a go on setting up an appointment with your doctor. You were aware of the chances of the treatments not working, but it was a chance you were willing to take in order to take one last try at pregnancy.

Two weeks later you went to the doctor’s and they told your option for the most successful pregnancy was IVF. IVF extremely expensive and you weren’t sure you wanted to pay $13,000 if the pregnancy doesn’t work out. Josh reassured you money was the least concern and encouraged you to go ahead with the IVF treatment.

2 months later you were back in the same situation you dreaded, taking a pregnancy test. This time you were extremely nervous and Josh knew that so he decide that you take the test then leave the bathroom and he would look at the results.

“My pees on it, don’t touch it.” you jokingly warned trying to get rid of some of your nerves.

Josh chuckled at you as you left. You hear the timer go off 2 minutes later and you felt like you could throw up you were so nervous.

You saw Josh start walking towards you with no expression on his face.

‘Why wasn’t he smiling? If it was positive wouldn’t he be happy? Oh god it’s negative.’ these things were racing through your mind.

“Y/N, look at me.” Josh said and you looked from your feet to him, this time her had a smile on his face.

“Josh please tell me good news?” you begged.

“We’re having a baby, Y/N, you’re pregnant.” he said and tears filled your eyes.

“Really? This can’t be happening?” you said wiping your face of tears.

“It is baby. This is happening.” Josh said kissing you.

You excitement level was through the roof. The doctor had told you if you did get pregnant from the IVF, then the chances of the baby reaching full term was high and you would be most likely holding a little one soon.

okay but like if we must write berena pregnancy fic can u pls PLS tag it? like 4 the love of god why would u ever make me read this with my own 2 eyes

so apparently people are trying to get pewdiepie to play dmmd


children watch his videos

and i mean even children in elementary school

dmmd is literally gay porn

the common route, the one you play at the beginning, it has fucking attempted gang rape

Almost every bad ending involves either rape or blood and gore, hell, one even has fucking cannibalistic rape

For god’s sake, you have brains, use them

This is not a game that should be played on a channel that’s popular with children

I don’t care how funny you think it’d be, I don’t care how much you want to see him react to it, there are goddamn children watching his channel and it’s disgusting that you think he should play it “to see how he reacts” without thinking of the message you’d be sending to the kids