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I’m a slut for single parent AUs so please imagine:

Yuuri’s daughter is The Cutest Three Year Old Ever and people are literally constantly telling Yuuri this. Yuuri legit thinks it’s because his daughter is So Darn Cute (And really, she is) and doesn’t even notice people squinting feverishly at his hands looking for a wedding ring. He doesn’t know why so many people offer to help him with his groceries, but he thinks it might be because they feel bad for him.

He coaches kid classes at an ice skating rink. His daughter has known how to skate practically since she could walk. They like to go to free skates on the weekends because it gets them out of the house and in among people and Phichit has actually put up a white board in Yuuri’s house that says “It has been ____ days since my last adult interaction” and updates it daily just to shame Yuuri into talking to people who have actually graduated grade school.

It’s one of these weekends that, for some reason only God himself is privy to, Viktor Nikiforov is skating at this rink.

“Oh my God,” Yuuri says, stock still against the boards, clutching his daughter’s hand. 

“Ow, Papa,” she says mildly. She takes after Mari, somehow. A lot of people think she’s Mari’s daughter when they see them together. The world could be coming down around her ears and she would just look around and say this is no fun. 

“Oh my God,” Yuuri says again when Viktor Nikiforov starts skating towards them

“Your daughter is so cute!” says Viktor Nikiforov as he approaches, waving and smiling. Yuuri is dying. Every atom of Yuuri’s being is screaming. “Does she know how to skate?”

“No,” Yuuri says. “No she does not.”

“Can I give her a lesson?”

“Yes,” Yuuri says. “Yes, she would love that.” 

And that is how my father left me to be kidnapped by Viktor Nikiforov at age three, Hana Katsuki’s future blog post on this subject will read. But it’s all good because Viktor didn’t want to kidnap me, he just wanted to marry my dad. Which he did, two years later. Don’t ask me about the ceremony because all I remember is falling asleep on a pile of coats at the reception.

do you ever think about what your life would be if you were born in a different year or had a different household or had a different family income, etc. like all these circumstances that we’re born into shaped us into who we are and we had no say over any of it. do you ever just wonder what would happen if one thing was different?

in my history class today a gay kid in my class was talking about how the power was starting to go more towards the common people and he said “the power is going bottom up instead of….” and just stopped and i just witnessed him have a moment of “oh shit the straights are here i can’t say top and bottom in the same sentence” moment.

Okay so

let me explain the earlier post now that I’ve calmed.

I have to take P.E. with the Freshmen and a few people in my class (because I never took it and need the credit to graduate).
Well, I had asked the teacher and was given permission to draw.
I sat in the bleachers, somewhere that’s the farthest away from people that I could have been.
But there’s this kid in the senior class that just… picks on people because he can. He’s popular and pretty much gets away with everything.
My friends and I were sitting in the bleachers, and the kid kept kicking a dodgeball. The thing is, it was pretty close to where we were sitting. 
We didn’t exactly have anywhere else to go (the stage and weight room were closed off and we weren’t allowed to leave the gym), so we told him to stop.
When he didn’t we told the teacher, and the teacher kinda shrugged it off. “Eh, just… stop it, k?”
We had about five minutes left in class…
he kicked the ball
And it smacked right into my laptop.
It made my laptop practically fly off the table and it bent the cord for my tablet.
Like… the part that plugs into the tablet quite literally snapped.

It’s not that it’s broken that caused me to lash out, it’s the fact that  was the one who got punished and not him.
I’ll admit, I didn’t HAVE to have my laptop and tablet out, but I had permission and was somewhere that really shouldn’t have been aimed at.
It clearly wasn’t an accident, because he almost hit the table we sat at multiple times before. 

But I got mad and yelled and swore at him, and I was given detention, which I have to serve tomorrow. 
He literally aimed and kicked the ball at my friends and I, hit my school laptop, broke my tablet, and all he did was be told: “just… don’t let it happen again, k?”

I’ve talked to the I.T. guy, and he says he’s going to take the tablet and try to find a way to fix the problem. I hope he does.

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(kid in my class) Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such.

Whitespeak for: I hate those terrorist black lives matters people, doing such heinous acts as asking for racial equality and protesting in the streets >:( They even destroy property! Truly nothing and no one could do any act more horrible than that. Lynching, school shootings, the KKK, what are those?

Some douchebag kid in class was dismissing the differation between amphibians and reptiles saying ‘they both look weird and walk on four feet.

While he was saying this all I could think of was “bEHOLD! A man”

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I recently started seeing a therapist, and one of the big topics is my family and how they will react to my coming out. My family is super religious, and very vocal about their negative feelings regarding the transgender community. I decided to write a letter to come out, one I'll give to them before starting HRT. Any advice on handling a non-accepting family? I'm really struggling.

I also came from a religious background. I attended only Christian schools until I started college. Both my grade school and high school only had one hallway, I ended up graduating with 26 kids in my class. That being said, I dealt with transphobia/homophobia all throughout high school. I didn’t come out until college because I knew that if i had come out in that religious environment, I wouldn’t feel safe or accepted. I think you should only come out if you are ready for the reactions. I waited until I was physically away from most of the super religious and conservative people in my life. If you feel more comfortable writing a note then you can do it that way! I would explain to them that you’ve been talking to your therapist about your gender identity, explain to them that you’ve felt this way for a while, and that you want to change your body so that you feel happy about yourself. I would mention that gender doesn’t have to affect your spirituality, God loves everyone and made everyone the way they are for a reason. He made you transgender in order to bring awareness to other transgender people. (idk if you believe that but i pretty much said that when i came out to all the religious people in my life!) - kyra

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Idk I grew up in the hood and I couldn't really help but do "dangerous stuff" I ended up okay but looking back I really could have killed myself/others around me Lmaoo.

Actually maybe doing dangerous shit is a poor person thing because all the middle class kids I knew would play video games and go to the mall and stuff

i picked up a new class of year sevens today and i was writing on the board (in very illegible overly loopy cursive) and one girl was like “miss rose, i think you’re a very similar person to your handwriting” and i was like “why do you think that sweetheart?” and she was like “it’s very pretty but a lot of it is just unnecessary”

and can i just say i don’t think i’ve ever been dragged that hard in my life let alone by an eleven year old

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.

Hell all teachers should do this in the mornings!! You see her class is predominantly black. All ideas start somewhere..and I’m pretty sure she never once told anyone it was her idea…come on. 

We gotta stop reaching with certain shit, unless this lady get on TV or something and start claiming it was her idea or taking praise for it this should not be a problem! The whole point is to engage and be interactive with the kids. 

btw Barry White Jr actually said in his video that he hopes more teachers start doing it.



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