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Halloween in Modern AU Funny Thoughts: Most humans ask if Lesaro is a Pirate for Halloween because of the eyepatch? Moss and Fuego's house is egged every year by a bunch of local brats, kitten Bracero is abducted by little kids in witch costumes and forced to be their pet until he escapes (Or overdoses on free catnip and gummyworms) And lastly Salazar gets an unpleasant phone call the next day as some idiots broke into a Maritime Museum and badly vandalized the Silent Mary?

Nonny, this made my day! They’re gonna be in for one hell of a Halloween! Poor Lesaro….and Bracero is just too adorable….

Heaven help the people who vandalized the Silent Mary! They’re gonna die….Fright Night for them…


etsyfindoftheday | 10.31.15

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, FOLLOWERS! enjoy this costume- and candy-filled day – i know i will!! in the meantime, please also enjoy this pair of adorable happy halloween cat cards from fave jamieshelman. double double toil and trouble ;)

featuring belly smack pumpkins and halloween cat cards