kids who don't dress up for halloween

what your favorite starkid says about you

Lauren Lopez: you’re gay, regardless of gender, but especially if you’re a girl. you had a really intense emo phase and your hair was probably blue at some point

Meredith Stepien: you have a pastel flower aesthetic and wear sundresses in snow for the aesthetic. you’re also probably gay

Brian Holden: you love avps more than anything. you’re probably a huge musical theater kid who cries to Hamilton at least once a week

Darren Criss: you’ve either only seen avpm or you’re a huge fan of Glee. you’re either a gay guy or a het girl

Joey Richter: you care more about this man’s hair than your own. you probably had a Big Time Rush or Jonas Brothers phase. you cried when you saw him on Disney channel

Jaime Lyn Beatty: you cry every time you hear not alone. you’re probably nice to the point of it being unbearable. has probably hosted a bake sale at some point

Brian Rosenthal: you’re a sunshine sweet kind of person. you probably stay up all night crying over listen to your heart and missing you. you’re either a cishet girl or a gay guy (either way you’ve got great taste)

Dylan Saunders: twisted is your favorite starkid musical. you’re a musical theater major but you know you’ll never be able to hold welcoooome as long as him

Denise Donovan: you’ve got a great sense of humor. you’ve probably seen starship and firebringer a thousand times. definitely gay

Rachael Soglin: you’re really fashionable. you definitely got bangs to match hers. you had a horse phase as a kid

Jeff Blim: you were the kid who dressed up as a cowboy every Halloween for six years. you’re a bit edgy and your memes are a little outdated, but generally people like you

Joe Walker: you’re a straight girl. avpm is your favorite because he’s shirtless for most of it. probably has a yoi side blog
pokespe as people i knew in high school (hoenn)
  • ruby: known to be judgmental but complimented outfit once so you're cool, has every stationary supply ever but always needs to borrow your notes, questionable fashion sense but claims to be on trend, always says hi to you in the morning tho
  • sapphire: cool with everyone just bc she's that cool, slaps you hard when laughing but you can't cry, will check™ you, never has been in a fight but don't fight her, sporty girl who will wear a dress once and have everyone shook
  • emerald: small freshman that gets picked on but friends with older kids that'll mess u up, incredibly smart in one class and painfully average in the others, best dressed on halloween, really friendly with adults tbh
  • wally: kid in class that you only talk to in class, actually really great to talk to but you don't see them anywhere else, the most random crush you get within your 4 years, secretly owns a naruto hitai-ate
Myers-Briggs On Halloween
  • INTP: Started making an elaborate costume but burned out and ended up just stapling a bunch of toy airplanes to their shirt. Now going as an aircraft carrier.
  • ENTP: LETS SCARE SOME LITTLE KIDS MOUAHAHAHA just kidding have some candy you precious gremlins.
  • INTJ: "My costume is a serial killer. They look just like everyone else"
  • ENTJ: PARTY TIME PARTY TIME ah shit I have a plane to catch tomorrow
  • INFP: Still blogging about the skeleton war.
  • ENFP: We don't know what they're dressed as but it's adorable! omg!
  • INFJ: We don't know what they're dressed as but it is absolutely terrifying holy shit I want to hide why
  • ENFJ: Had their halloween party planned months in advance. Now wants to go to someone else's party because it sounds more fun.
  • ISTP: This is the one time of year they don't have to dress up.
  • ESFJ: Goes trickortreating with the neighborhood kids to make sure they're safe.
  • ISFP: Weren't invited to any parties so they decided to throw a disorganized last minute party for "anyone who doesn't already have plans! Invite all your friends!!!". It ends up escalating and has to be shut down by the police.
  • ESFP: Is reason A the party was shut down by the police.
  • ESTP: Is reason B the party was shut down by the police.
  • ISFJ: Gives out candy until 10:00pm and then goes to bed.
  • ISTJ: Gives out candy until 8:00pm and then goes to bed. Gets woken up hours later by a gigantic house party and calls the police.
  • ESTJ: Is the police.

derpy-drew  asked:

I LOVE Halloween. All those older teens who go out trick-or-treating thinking they are so funny, get out of here. Give candy. I love giving away candy to kids. Full sized every year, it is amazing. I get 50-70 at my door on Halloween. There is this one kid who said that my house is his favorite! He told his mom! They scream to their parents about how they love it! I don't want any lurchy highschool seniors awkwardly taking the kid's candy from me, they never get excited like the little ones.

-was a teen who liked going out trick-or-treating-

-would probably still go trick-or-treating-

-sung zombie christmas carols instead of saying ‘trick or treat’-

-is immensely excited by candy and dressing up in fun costumes-

-is really just a big kid inside-