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Let me be, like, the opposite of a cautionary tale… When I was a teenager and saying I didn’t want kids ever, people always said, “Oh when you get to your 30s you’ll change your mind, every girl wants kids, just you wait!”

And I’m 32 now, got rid of my uterus 6 years ago, and I couldn’t be happier. Still zero desire for kids. Still 100% intent on spending my life the way I want it, not the way people say I should want it.

So if you’re young and don’t want kids and folks try to convince you otherwise, they can fuck off. It’s your life. You don’t need to follow someone else’s plans to be happy!

“When I was young– and I mean real young, younger even than you lot are– there was talk of this dragon. Mostly among older dragons, probably ‘cause they didn’t want us hatchlings getting scared. See, if kids get scared, everything falls apart. But we heard anyway. Kids hear more than you think. When they spoke of him, it was in whispers. No one wanted to speak too loud, lest he heard…”

“Who was he, grandfather?”

“No one knew his name. In most ways, he didn’t really need one. He was a Shade-touched, or if he wasn’t, he was so close to it that no one could tell the difference. A soldier of the darkest parts of who we are.”

“But everyone knows of the Shade-touched.”

“This one was different. He killed without reason, not because he enjoyed it, not because it made him feel anything, but just because… he could. He was a Skydancer, you see, but hardly even that.”


“He had no orb. Just a scar. A terrible gash in the center of his forehead, right between his eyes, dark and gleaming and horrible. He felt empathy, no pain, nothing. He just… acted.”

“Grandfather, why do you tell me this?”

“He was an old wives’ tale. Of course. That’s what they all told me, and my friends believed it. Anything to make them sleep better at night.”

“Of course.”

“But he wasn’t. He was real, but everyone forgot once the older ones died off. They told us it was a lie they told us to scare us. But it was the truest thing of all.”


“Everyone called me a liar, but I could swear…”


“Years ago, I was walking through the Hewn City. I was young and foolish, and thought I was braver than the terrible something we cannot see or know. But. Out of the shadows. I saw a pair of eyes. White and piercing. And between them…”

“What, grandfather?”

“That scar.”


“I ran. Everyone told me I was delusional, and that they hoped I’d learned my lesson. But I saw it. I- I know I did.”


“Do you believe me?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“No, you don’t.”

“No. I don’t.”

“I understand.”


Not really sure what this is supposed to be, but whatever it was, I hope you enjoyed it? I’m on the mobile website, so the formatting and editing and pretty much everything else is nonexistent.

adarkroomandawallflower  asked:

He'd be such dork when you're shopping too he'd plop on all the couches & pretend to watch TV. In the kitchens, he'd pretend to cook you something while he sings terribly & bustles around the fake kitchen. He'd jump into a bed & pull you down next to him, snuggling into you & pretending to fall asleep, even snoring a bit. When he gets into the kid section, he'll get so excited "Babe! We can get 14 of these for our kids!" "You want 14 kids?" "Well I'd be happiest with 15 but I'll settle for (1/2)

14" if there’s a kid in the same little kid bedroom set while you guys are there, he might pretend that kid is yours & his, just for a second so he can imagine what it’ll be like to be a dad. He’d also try to start a pillow fight with you & he’d hide behind furniture & be armed with his pillow when you finally decide to play along


imagine going to ikea while being pregnant though you’d have to stop him from buying literally everything

PJO Headcanons

- Jake Mason is from Lexington, Kentucky, coming out as gay was hard for him and he didn’t know who he could trust to stand by his side. He was born without both legs and makes prosthetics in his spare time. He’s basically a universal big brother who looks out for everyone.

- Connor and Travis Stoll speak Spanish. They grew up in Seattle and drive their mother crazy. Connor has been Jake’s best friend since they first met.

- Nyssa’s mother is from South Africa. Nyssa’s a transgender woman and proud of it.

- Katie Gardner is asexual. Kids used to call her a prude in high school and she can get defensive if someone brings it up.

- Malcom is gender neutral and couldn’t care less about his identity. He doesn’t care what pronouns are used, he just wants to drink his damn tea and read.

- Hephaestus kids get nervous when they’re off the ground whether it be flying or just being picked up.

sorry i’ve been quiet lately. here’s some old wip paintings that i probably will never get around to finishing because painting is hard and i am weak


So before I draw anymore Voltron Kiddie Mini-Comics I wanted to nail down their looks…

I’m starting with my favorite dork: Lance. I definately imagine him as the problem child… Next I’ll probably do my precious Hunk.

Shitty and Lardo with Kids
  • Once Shitty and Lardo get married they decide that they want kids
  • Only they don’t want to deal with babies
  • Young children are also lots of work
  • So, they decide to adopt the ‘unadoptable’ preteens and teenagers that the system has all but given up on
  • The ‘unadoptable’ kids finish growing up in a loving, supportive household with the most chill parents who encourage them to be their best
  • maybe a few years later Lardo accidentally gets pregnant
  • They keep the kid (obviously)
  • Baby Duan-Knight is basically raised by an army of adults
  • when Baby Duan-Knight gets to school they keep getting picked up by random adults
  • ‘adults’ consist of both Samwell and Duan-Knight crew
  • the teacher is really confused as to who’s Baby Duan-Knight’s real parents 
  • (parent-teacher conferences are not helpful because there’s only a 10% both Lardo and Shitty will be there and a 40% chance that one of them will be there either alone or with another adult)
  • Teacher gets even more confused when Baby Duan-Knight starts introducing their siblings, who are full grown adults (possibly starting their own families) at this point
  • Long story short, the whole Duan-Knight clan grows up loved and supported by a wide variety of people

(( its been a tough couple of weeks, i think we could all use a little break))

Riko is not only Chika’s girlfriend, but she’s also basically her mom. I find that both weirdly endearing and adorable.


Taeyong the cute heartbroken💔 kid who didn’t get his share of sweetness