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*Casually shooting out the watermelon seeds at his captain's head*

“This means war!!” he squinted his eyes and gave a highly judging look at his green haired friend after discovering that he has been fired with some watermelon seeds. Whatever the reason for the surprise was Luffy didn’t want to let the culprit go off easily.

So the captain ran to the kitchen and noticed a big bowl of peeled tangerines on the table. Within a minute he shoved all of them to his mouth, started chewing them and climbed to the mast so he could find where Zoro is. After locating the target he could finally fulfill the sweet revenge. 

“Gomu gomu no PAYBACK TIME!!” he yelled before shooting out the tangerine seeds at swordsman’s direction. 

I see your “Julia survived instead of Magnus” AUs and I raise you a Lup and a Hekuba as her adventuring buddies …Trois Rowdy Gurls, anyone?


The two 1A vs 1B matches!! Incidently they included two of my favorite characters in the series, and for that I’ll always be grateful~

Reminder that Voltron is not a romance

The writers do not have a requirement to put in any of your ships in their show.
Don’t get mad at writers for not including romance in a sci-fi kids show.


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ok i’m sick n bedridden so i’m jus gunna do something i’ve been meaning to do for a while

NurseyDex Merlin AU

  • okay so picture if u will a gangly red head in a small medieval village 
  • he’s lanky and awkward and his ears are too big for his head
  • his dad’s been missing his whole life, and so it’s up to him to provide for his mother and siblings
  • which at first was hard
  • but as time went on, dex discovers he can fell trees just by getting angry with them
  • his rabbit snares never stay empty for more than a day
  • his villages livestock is always immune to whatever diseases plague the other towns nearby
  • one day though, while he’s out in the woods splitting wood with much more ease than a scrawny teenager should be able to, the axe slips and he hits his foot
  • what would have been a debilitating injury for most people healed almost instantly in a rush of gold light
  • unfortunately, dex wasn’t alone while this happened
  • fortunately, it was only his mother who saw
  • when she realized he possessed magical powers, she sent him away to an old friend who lived in the kingdom of Samwell so he could be trained to control his impulses 

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So before I draw anymore Voltron Kiddie Mini-Comics I wanted to nail down their looks…

I’m starting with my favorite dork: Lance. I definately imagine him as the problem child… Next I’ll probably do my precious Hunk.


He looks more like lady gaga than Mikey Way dammit