kids these days; they grow up so fast

The trauma side of tumblr really seems to focus on survivors of csa, and that’s completely understandable, but I don’t see enough posts about kids who had to deal with serious neglect/emotional abuse. It can be devastating as well

shoutout to kids who had to grow up too fast because their parents never allowed them to be a kid

shoutout to kids who had to fend for themselves every day, or even little siblings

shoutout to kids who felt like the parent

shoutout to kids who cling hard to people because they never got the proper love and care that a parent should provide

shoutout to kids who have health issues because they were never taken care of, and it’s hard to recover from

shoutout to kids who felt abandoned and empty and like they had no childhood because their family wasn’t there 

You’re all valid and I’m so sorry for what we’ve had to go through. It’s tough. And I hope we can all heal from it 

This is going to seem like a weird post but Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who brought themselves up. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who didn’t have a mum there to help them for whatever reason and so had to grow up too fast when they should have been messing about and being children. Happy Mother’s Day to anyone whose mother isn’t perfect, but made mistakes and is learning to be better. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve decided to give their mum a second chance. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve made the decision to cut contact and stop hoping for a miracle. Happy Mother’s Day to the people who are scared of being mothers themselves because they never had a good example set and they’re scared of repeating the same mistakes (you don’t have to be like her, you can do so much better). Happy Mother’s Day to the young mothers who didn’t plan on being parents at this age but are dealing with that huge shock and doing their best under difficult circumstances. Happy Mother’s Day to those who are being made to feel guilty for not loving their mothers at all. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids that essentially brought up their younger siblings but will never have that acknowledged. Happy Mother’s Day to those that have lost a mother and miss her every day, but are pushing on regardless, trying to hold things together. I care about you all very much. 

Broken Part One:


Ten months later

The coffee shop that you normally went to every morning was closed for repairs. You had to go fifteen minutes out of your way to get your daily coffee fix.

It had been a regular morning. You woke up and made breakfast for the kids before sending them off to school. They only had a few weeks left before Christmas break. They were very excited about being out of school for the next three weeks.

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exo as dads


• He reads a lot of books about pregnancy each time they were expecting

• He worries a lot for his kids, each time they cry or gets sick his heart hurts since he can’t make them feel better instantly

• Loves playing with them by pretending to eat their feet and hands. Lots of raspberries to their belly

• Gives the biggest and warmest hugs

• When they were old enough he tried introducing them to coffee (he sulked for a hour when they said “ewww it tastes weird”)

• Visits the park often to play soccer with his kids. Gets a bit too competitive sometimes. Buys them ice cream before heading home


• He has cried every time his wife gave birth

• Throws extravagant birthday parties for his kids

• Loves reading them bedtime stories

• Dad jokes. Lots of dad jokes

• Tells them stories about their exo uncles and himself when he was a cool leader back in the day

• He sometimes falls asleep with them when they ask him to lie down with them to protect them from monsters until they fell asleep


• Has the biggest and proudest smile each time he holds his child for the first time

• He likes admiring their little face, nose, hands and feet. Wishes that they would stop growing up so fast

• Sings them his own composed lullabies for sleeping time

• Lets his children play in his studio. Sometimes he even records songs with them (those are special songs that he saves onto a hard drive to keep forever and he likes to play them when friends or family visit)

• Gives them mini piano and guitar lessons (he finds it so cute when the instrument is bigger than the child)

• He is kind and gentle but he can discipline them when he needs to. He feels bad each time so he hugs them and makes sure they understand why he had to discipline them (eg. “I had to stop you because pulling your sisters hair hurts her, you wouldn’t like it if I pulled your hair right?”)


• “She/he’s so tiny!”. That’s his reaction when he holds his child for the first time. Even if his wife had given birth before

• Loves lifting and spinning his children around (produces squealing and laughter every time)

• Loves chasing them around the house (sometimes for fun and other times it’s because they don’t want to sleep or put their clothes on properly)

• Loves cooking for his kids (he has the biggest grin when they ask for more)

• Over exaggerates his reactions to make his kids laugh

• He hums softly to them while he gently bounces them to sleep


• Wakes up early because his kids wake up early and jumps on his bed

• His goal each day is to make his kids smile and laugh

• Bought extra microphones for the karaoke machine so that his kids can join in to sing (scream) with him 

• When it’s bath time, he always gets ready a bubble bath and throws in many water toys (Eg. rubber ducks, boats and plastic fish etc…)

• He tried to be stern and discipline them when they’re misbehaving but they just see it as a way to play with dad 

• Once they sleep, he crashes too since he used so much energy during the day 


• His household is filled with squealing and laughter 

• Loves playing hide and go seek tag and also what time is it mr wolf

• He hasn’t dropped his habit of talking to his kids using baby talk

• Loves singing songs for them. He can sing anything from lullabies to exo hits 

• Pranks mum together 

• He also plays small pranks on his kids like surprising them by jumping from behind a wall or by scaring them by wearing a silly mask (sometimes they start crying instead of laughing) 


• Gives his kids kisses each morning to wake them up 

• Loves cooking with and for his kids (he has the brightest smile when they say “daddy’s cooking is the best!”) 

• They love grocery shopping with him because he turns the chore into a scavenger hunt 

• His children love re enacting his dramas with him 

• He built a small veggie garden in the backyard to teach his kids where their food comes from and to help them understand how much effort it takes to grow produce (which is why they should try their best to finish eating their food)

• Every night, his children asks him to sing different lullabies and ballads so that they can fall asleep peacefully (they love his smooth voice)


• Cuddle monster

• Plays with his kids by lifting each of them up with his legs and he holds their arms out saying “airplane! zooom zoom!”

• Starts tickle wars with them 

• His kids became best friends with his cute doggies, they’re inseparable

• Challenges them to a dance competition often. He’ll lose on purpose each time because they’re just so cute jumping and shimmering around

• If his kids have nightmares, they’re always welcome to join him in his bed or he’s always happy to sleep in their bed while holding them until they go back to sleep


• Every time his wife becomes pregnant he goes on a shopping spree (baby clothes, crib, room decor, blankets, nappies, pacifiers, plush toys, bibs etc…) 

• He does spoil his kids just a little, tiny, teeny bit

• Likes to ask his kids “Do you like mum or dad better?”

• Encourages his kids to do more things by themselves such as walking and eating (he jumps in if they are struggling or nearly hurt themselves). He can’t stop showering them with compliments and kisses once they succeed or achieve a milestone

• His heart melts every time Vivi plays with his kids 

• Builds blanket forts for them each weekend and holds Disney movie marathons (sing alongs are a must) 


Half day Fridays are the best!! I came home and went for a bike ride in the FANTASTIC weather we’ve been having, and I finally attempted (and successfully survived) power line hill…which I’ve been avoiding since I started mountain biking! We walked it last weekend, and I remember thinking, “What am I scared of? I could do this!” And, I did! 😁

I came home and put some effort into cleaning up (to remind myself I still can), and when Conner got home, I took him shopping for some more summer clothes and took him for a haircut. I pulled that top pic up to show the barber and got uncharacteristically misty-eyed about how crazy fast my kid is growing up! LESS THAN A MONTH and he’s graduating from middle school!? It seems especially crazy because a zillion of our friends are pregnant or have just had babies and we’re over here closer to being empty nesters than we are to those baby days. 😳

I had a half hour of time waiting for Conner, so I actually weeded out two bags of books to get rid of!! 😳👍🏻 One bag to donate and one to sell back to Half Price Books! It’s difficult for me to get rid of books, so I’m proud of myself! I should probably reward myself with more books! 😉We went to a friend’s house for Cinco de Mayo, so any pains of letting books go and realizing my child is entering high school were greatly eased! 😁

BTS as Fathers Would Include: Jhope

Fatherhood BTS Series

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  • putting underwears on their heads
  • him crying when his child brings back their art from school
  • “it’s just so beautiful can you believe our child invented art ????”
  • “hoseok this is the fortieth time you’ve done this we’re running out of space on our fridge”
  • having the luck of getting triplets on the first try

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third times the charm | tommy shelby

anon wanted tommy wanting another baby ft. the cute demon twins

“Noooo, mister. Nonono. Not happening”

He let out a breath, smiling.

“Oh, so that’s it then?”


“Right, well”

“We’re not having another kid. It’s not happening, Tommy. At least a decade between them”

“A decade?”

“Or two”

“It might be a little late by then”

“I had two at once last time, was that not enough for you? Does that not count as two strikes off the tally already - I mean, what does a woman have to do these days?”

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Aurora sat on the tall stool that Raine had brought into the bathroom, her legs swinging as her feet couldn’t touch the ground. It was early morning, and Raine had promised to do Aurora’s hair before leaving for school. 

It was Aurora’s first day of the first grade––so many new beginnings, and she knew that she wanted to look pretty for the start of the new school year. She wanted to look like her mom.

Raine yawned, stretching her arms above her head before running her fingers through Aurora’s soft locks. “Alright. Be good and don’t move, okay, sweetie?”

Aurora nodded. “Okay, Mommy.”

Raine got to work, parting strands of her hair and folding them over the other. Aurora smiled at her reflection as her hair was slicked back out of her face, save for her bangs, as Raine shifted the braid so that it came to rest over her right shoulder as opposed to falling down along her back.

“You look so beautiful, Rory,” Raine beamed, leaning down to kiss her daughter on the cheek.

“I look just like you!” Aurora giggled as Raine’s hands came to rest on her shoulders.

Raine’s eyes met with Aurora’s in the mirror, and she got quiet. Her smile seemed to falter just slightly, a sadness seeping into her eyes that the small girl couldn’t quite pinpoint.

“Mommy?” Aurora asked, her voice quiet. “Are you okay? Did I say something bad?”

“No,” Raine replied immediately, shaking her head slightly. “It’s not that at all. Nothing bad. But…I just…” Raine let out a small sigh, giving Aurora’s shoulders a light squeeze. “Are you still going to love me when you’re all grown up?”

Aurora couldn’t help but tilt her head to the side in confusion. “Of course. How come you have to ask?”

Raine shook her head again, her eyes moving to lock onto the floor. “Because you’re going to get older, and you’re going to go through a lot of changes. We won’t be the same like you are now, Rory. Things will be different and I just need to know that even if you’re mad at me, even if we fight, that deep down, you’ll still love me like how I’ll always love you.”

Aurora spun around on the stool and wrapped her small arms around her mother as best as she could. “Of course, Mommy. I’ll always love you.”

Raine held back tears as Aurora snuggled her face into her stomach. She bent down and kissed her forehead, lifting up her little finger. “Pinky swear?”

Aurora hooked her pinky with her mother’s, and kissed her on the cheek. “I promise.”

As Aurora followed her brother out the door so that they could head off to school together, Raine wandered into the kitchen where Ignis was standing with his cup of Ebony. She came up behind him and hugged him her cheek resting against his shoulder blade.

“My love, are you alright?” Ignis asked, setting his coffee down and turning to wrap his wife up in his warm embrace. “I can sense a strange sadness in you. Is something the matter?”

Raine let out a shaky sigh. “No, it’s alright, I’ll be fine,” she promised. “It’s just that time moves so quickly these days. Our kids are growing up so fast.”

“You know,” Ignis said, running his thumb along Raine’s jawline. “Lucas and Aurora will forever be our children. We’ll always want to protect them and keep them safe from the troubles of the world. But at some point, we’ll have to let them go.”

Ignis could feel the tear leak out from her eye as it hit his skin, and he moved his thumb to wipe it away.

“You don’t have to fret about that now though, my love. Let us appreciate the time we have now, together, as a family. Those children adore you more than anything, and you have been nothing but the perfect wife and the most incredible person I could ever share my soul with.” Ignis tilted his head. “Would you grace my presence once more with your smile?”

Raine couldn’t help but let out a small laugh, her eyes sliding closed as Ignis leaned his forehead against hers.

“There it is,” he said softly, gently pressing a kiss to her lips. “You’re such an incredible mother. Your grandmother and Clara would be so proud of how much you’ve grown.”

Raine lifted her head, unable to hide the tiniest sniffle that escaped her nose. “You think so?”

Ignis kissed her forehead and held her close. “I know it.”

✰ * º ❛ beverly hills 90210 pt. 2 ask meme. ❜

‘  so tell me, what brings you by?  ’
‘  you know, i’ve been moping around for the past few weeks.  ’
‘  i’ve noticed.  ’
‘  the truth is, i miss your friendship.  ’
‘  i keep avoiding you, but why should i?  ’
‘  you and i are the only two people who haven’t gone completely mad.  ’
‘  i’ll be back next week, so you don’t make any plans.  ’
‘  take it easy, doll.  ’
‘  i did not invite you out this morning to hear you obsessing about it, so don’t do it.  ’
‘  focus has never really been my strong point. ever.  ’
‘  sex with her is just a pleasant diversion.  ’
‘  party was over and i didn’t have anybody to go home with.  ’
‘  i missed you.  ’
‘  i missed you too.  ’
‘  i was wondering something…  ’
‘  why can’t you be more like everybody else?  ’
‘  is that really what you want?  ’
‘  does your mom know you come over here every morning before school?  ’
‘  i don’t know what tastes better: these strawberries or you.  ’
‘  why don’t we just skip school altogether and just stay in bed all day?  ’
‘  we could have breakfast in bed. hell, we could have lunch in bed… dinner in bed. ’
‘  if you don’t, i will.  ’
‘  why don’t you just add that along to the list of things you don’t know.  ’
‘  you are crazy, but thank you.  ’
‘  word to the wise: don’t compliment her on her dress.  ’
‘  he didn’t even have the courtesy to call this time.  ’
‘  last time this happened, i called a friend and we got high in his parents pool house for three days.  ’
‘  i’m saying that was then, but some people do change.  ’
‘  i was so messed up back then.  ’
‘  what did he have to say about me?  ’
‘  i don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  ’
‘  i don’t know if i’m mentioned it or anything, but um… he’s a lucky guy.  ’
‘  you wanna slap him? you’re the closest.  ’
‘  you had to grow up too fast because your old man was a screwed up kid for too long.  ’
‘  you’re a woman i’d love to spend the rest of my life with… would you please do me the honor of becoming my wife?  ’
‘  how long are you back for?  ’
‘  you don’t look happy to see me.  ’
‘  i’m still waiting for my hug.  ’
‘  he’s, um, an old friend.  ’
‘  that feels really good.  ’
‘  two sleeping bags. no foolin’ around, i mean it.  ’
‘  have you ever camped under the stars?  ’
‘  stop it. you’re tempting me.  ’
‘  we might be able to figure out what the two of us have been doing the last couple weeks.  ’
‘  did i kiss? i’m sorry.  ’
‘  you’re bad.  ’
‘  oh god, i’m sorry. i didn’t know you were in here.  ’
‘  you aren’t not too bad on the eyes either.  ’
‘  we’re just friends, remember?  ’
‘  you still mad at me?  ’
‘  since he loved my mother and plucked chickens, it made him a mother lovin’ chicken plucker.  ’
‘  i’ve got you under my skin. i’ve got you deep in the heart of me – so deep in my heart.  ’
‘  is manual labor always this much fun?  ’
‘  do you and him laugh like this?  ’
‘  well, you know me – i don’t do details very well.  ’
‘  i came back because i missed you.  ’
‘  joke all you want, but i am flattered.  ’
‘  we’ll be linked for life.  ’
‘  i like what he said about us… that we’d be linked for life.  ’
‘  maybe you’re not cynical – maybe you’re just unhappy.  ’
‘  he’s cheating on me… with his car.  ’
‘  i hate to break it to you, but guys are gonna look at you. it’s the price you pay for being so beautiful.  ’
‘  why don’t you sleep on it? you might feel different tomorrow.  ’
‘  if you need anything, i’ll just be across the hall… just… right over there.  ’
‘  this feels different. different than the last time we were here.  ’
‘  it’s after midnight, so happy birthday.  ’
‘  thanks for staying.  ’
‘  where else would i want to be?  ’
‘  do me a favor and leave a key under the mat. i’m gonna have to stay at your house tonight. for awhile, actually.  ’
‘  it’s not forever – you’ll survive.  ’
‘  you can stay as long as you’d like.  ’
‘  you ready to be taken away from all your troubles?  ’
‘  you and i have been a lot of things over the years, but never best friends.  ’
‘  what you’re saying is that, somehow, i came between you two.  ’
‘  this has nothing to do with you.  ’
‘  you missed what we had.  ’
‘  you being here scares me because i hadn’t planned on it.  ’
‘  i did not tell you this so you could run over there and punch them out!  ’
‘  whatever, as long as you’re okay. you are okay?  ’
‘  if i am starting to get more inner strength, i think maybe it’s because you were the first person who ever took me seriously.  ’
‘  what happened to us?  ’
‘  we must’ve got lost somewhere.  ’
‘  you sure you don’t want me to whack him? because i will.  ’
‘  i think having a girl telling him to get lost is cruel and unusual punishment enough.  ’
‘  i will walk you to your car. that’s guy stuff, right?  ’
‘  she doesn’t hold a candle to you.  ’
‘  then it hit me: i realized you were going to marry someone else and i didn’t want to see that.  ’
‘  maybe i shouldn’t have brought that up, huh?  ’
‘  i keep telling myself we’re just old friends – something to do with your hands.  ’
‘  it’s an addiction. it’s a terrible thing.  ’
‘  i was doing okay before you came back.  ’
‘  you’re the one who fell asleep in my arms last night.  ’
‘  can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me we have no become more than just ‘good friends’ this summer?  ’
‘  i’ve worked too hard to change my reputation to start sneaking around now.  ’
‘  whatever gets you through the day.  ’
‘  i just think that has to be enough for the both of us.  ’
‘  you don’t have to keep checking up on me.  ’
‘  you can’t have it both ways.  ’
‘  you’re telling me to just go back to her and forget everything that happened?  ’
‘  i guess nothing lasts forever.  ’
‘  i didn’t mean to scare ya.  ’
‘  she said it’s time for us to start seeing other people. i think it’s time i start seeing you.  ’
‘  he’s the last person i wanna kiss right now.  ’
‘  i know that you’re probably still mad at me and i’m definitely still mad at you, but i have to kiss you right now in front of all of these people.  ’
‘  did you say please?  ’
‘  do you have guts enough to make a move in front of everyone?  ’
‘  i was such an idiot. i was selfish and jealous and mean.  ’
‘  i know you’re probably not going to believe this, but i never slept with them. i only said that to make you mad.  ’
‘  i– just realized it’s the second time i’ve seen you in a wedding dress to marry someone else.  ’
‘  can’t it wait till tomorrow?  ’
‘  you look beautiful.  ’
‘  i told you, there’s someone else.  ’
‘  we’re over. you don’t need me anymore.  ’
‘  i’ll always need you.  ’
‘  i think i’ve been swept off my feet.  ’
‘  as i recall, the last time we travelled anywhere together, we fought the whole time.  ’
‘  when you’re with me, you fight with me because that’s when we’re alive.  ’
‘  we were together in another life.  ’
‘  where you belong is with me. together, wherever it is.  ’
‘  wanna dance? it’s not a one-time offer. we can wait.  ’
‘  i know you’re in a tough position, but you can’t keep secrets from me.  ’
‘  this feels nice.  ’
‘  i think we should take it slow.  ’
‘  we have known each other all our lives. we can’t take it any slower.  ’
‘  he got a little jealous – pushed me in front of an un-coming car.  ’
‘  if you bought me that painting because you think there’s something between us – something unfinished – something that’s gonna keep us from being unable from being with other people then i say we finish it. commit to it – to each other. ’
‘  all or nothing?  ’
‘  i’m not gonna pretend it’s easy… it’s not.  ’
‘  i realized a lot of my problems started when i lost you.  ’
‘  it’s better that one of us be happy than both of us being miserable.  ’
‘  i was miserable, now i’m just terrified.  ’
‘  i’m just a stupid, blonde bitch who’s not really worth it.  ’
‘  that’s not what happened! that’s not even close!  ’
‘  we are two little kids who had to walk home from school because our parents forgot to pick us up.  ’
‘  i guess we’re both basket cases.  ’
‘  we’re soulmates.  ’
‘  i’m not unhappy to be alive and most of my life i couldn’t say that.  ’
‘  all i really wanted was hear your voice.  ’
‘  we’re connected in a way that you’ll never understand, ever.  ’
‘  the cool, calm me just knows what he needs for the first time in my life… i need you.  ’
‘  most beautiful or not, i would’ve fallen in love with you either way.  ’
‘  i feel like singing and dancing in the rain.  ’
‘  i want you. i’ve always wanted you.  ’
‘  maybe we each have more than one soulmate.  ’

The room was dark and silent, only the occasional sound of a car driving and their lights moving through the curtains. Every time a light illuminated the room, Dean could see Sammy’s shinning eyes staring back at him for a few moments before it was all dark again. They didn’t needed the light, their visions were already trained to see well in the dark, but both of them enjoyed the moments when they could appreciate the beauty in the other’s eyes.

John was away for the next few days for a hunting trip- a bunch of people were spontaneously combusting. Dean wanted to go with him, but Sammy doesn’t like fire, or people dying in one, so he convinced dad to let him stay this time, Sam needed him. Dad left telling him to enjoy the spare bed while he could, cause it would be his after he comes back, - now that Sam and him were both too old and too big for sharing, John and Dean take turns sleeping on the floor - but Dean just smiled. He never stopped sharing a bed with his little brother, even if their dad doesn’t know about it.

The bed has just the right amount of space for them to lay on their sides, facing each other -sometimes for almost a hour - without saying anything. Sammy is growing up so fast, his long legs curl with Dean’s and their tip toes now touch, but Dean remembers the time his little brother were you know, little. When they were both just kids and these kind of moments didn’t had the same meaning they have now. Until the day they had.

Dean remembers the days when Sam’s touches started causing more than affection, but also desire inside Dean; when the way Sam looked at him caused his heart to beat so much faster; when every time they slept together, Sam’s smell, his warmth, his presence, would make Dean want to touch him and kiss him. He remembers the guilt, the sick feeling of wrongness, but mostly he remembers the fear. Fear of losing his baby brother, and he hated himself so much for not being good enough, for not being the brother his Sammy needed. For being so fucked  up he wanted more than Sam could ever give him. But now, he smiles as he remembers how wrong he was. Sammy was always smarter than him.

Sam was 15, but already so focused and so mature, so grown up it still breaks Dean’s heart. Of course he knew about everything Dean was feeling - Sammy was always the only one to really know Dean, even when he was just a boy. When Dean tried to push him away, Sammy always forced harder. In those countless road trips with them on the backseat of the impala, Sam would always hide his face in between Dean’s neck and shoulder and place little kisses on his skin, gentle enough for Dean to pretend they were just the touch of his breath if he wanted to. But he didn’t. At night, Sam would always press himself closer to Dean, and Dean knew he could feel his inevitable boner, but Sammy didn’t cared. Sometimes, Dean would look at Sam and caught him staring with something like fire inside his eyes. Dean would look away, but he still could feel Sam’s stare.

Dean thought he was going crazy for a long time. His heart ached so hard he could literally feel it break. He loved his baby brother, his whole life and reason to be alive, he wanted to take care of him and protect him, but he also wanted him. He wanted him so fucking much it was almost unbearable.  

At Sam’s sixteen birthday, John called to say the hunt he thought it was just a simple vengeful spirit turned out to be more complicated and it would take a few more days. Sam hadn’t looked disappointed. Instead, when Dean gave him a hug and asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, he just said

“Will you give me what I really want, Dean?”

Dean couldn’t have said no even he wanted to. That night, when they shared the bed naked for the first time, when Sam kissed him, he felt the taste of his little brother and devoured it. He kissed every inch of his baby brother’s body, eager to make him feel so so good, to make him moan with pleasure - the sound instantly become Dean’s favorite song - and shiver with his touch. He stopped only once, but when Sammy begged Dean to fuck him, saying he wanted, needed everything he was not in control of himself anymore, Sam was. He still is and will always be.

That night, almost two years ago, when Dean fucked Sammy for the first time It was also the first time in Dean’s life that nothing felt wrong.

It was everything their souls ever wanted.

“Hey” Sam’s soft and sleepy voice pushed Dean out of his wander “What are you thinking about?”

Another car drives by and the light shows Dean a little smile forming in the corner of Sam’s lips. He leans in and kisses his smile before the room in completely in the dark again. Sam’s little pleased sound makes Dean’s heart grows twice its size.

It’s always like this, ever since the day Sammy was born. Dean is completely lost for his baby brother, even the smallest of things leave him smitten. Dean’s life is held by a thread and Sam is the one holding the scissor that can cut it, but Dean trusts him to never do it, even though he would gladly die for his little brother. There’s never been a day in his life where Sam wasn’t the most important thing. Sam is his flesh and blood, his oxygen and strength and before he fully accepted his true feelings, it was like he was living in half. Now, Sam fills his whole body with his love, his touches and kisses. Dean knows now there was nothing he could have done to stop this from happening, but still, he knows it was their choice to let it happen.

“I was thinking…” Dean starts, pushing Sam’s bangs away from his eyes “About how much I love you.” He finishes, kissing Sam again.

“And why do you love me?”

The words come out of Dean’s mouth like they’ve been just waiting for the right moment.

“I love you because you’re mine. I love you because you need love. I love you because when you look at me I feel like a hero. It was always like that. I love you because when I touch you, I feel more a man than any other man.” He’s looking right at Sam’s eyes, and even in the dark he can still feel the intensity of his brother’s young, wise, sad eyes.

After a moment, “I love you too.” It’s all Sam says.

“And why do you love me too?” Dean smiles with his voice, he knows Sam can feel it.

“I love you because when I touch you I make you feel more a man than any other man. I love you because nobody could ever accuse us of love. I love you because to understand our love they’d need to turn the world upside down. I love you because you could love somebody else yet still you love me. Just me.” Dean always thought Sam’s voice was beautiful, but the words sound like the most beautiful thing Dean’s ever heard.

“Just you, little brother. It’ll always be just you.” Dean says, and he knows this is the only thing that will never change in his life.

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OTP + Kids

I’m doing this based on my story GOOD COP, BAD COP, for Rafi and Reader’s twin daughters, Serena and Lorena.

I wasn’t tagged in this or asked to do THIS, but I’m doing it anyway, mostly for my own amusement, so feel free to totally ignore this.
Please check out the beautiful mood board @theenchantedgalleryofstories did for this story! She is fantastic!
Thanks @minidodds for checking this, and @vintagemichelle91​ for being interested!

  • Who in your OTP carries them from the couch/car to the bed?
    There are two of them so it’s a challenge for one person to do it in one trip! Especially now that they are five years old, it takes both you and Rafi to get them up to bed. But when they were younger, you used to love watching Rafi balance the two of them on his hips and march them to their bedroom.

  • And who soothes the kids after a nightmare?
    It’s always Rafael. You used to be jealous about this for a while, before you realized that you got a lot more sleep. Now you know that Rafael actually cherishes the fact that they come to him for comfort. The twins barely see much of their father during the day, but at night, he is their knight in shining armor.

    Usually if one twin has a nightmare, it’s the other that comes to get Rafi, so he ends up sprawled out on the floor in their room with both of them sleeping in his arms. It’s quite the picture when you wake up to an empty bed and find him asleep on a beanbag with a blanket that doesn’t quite cover his feet because he wanted to make sure the girls were warm enough. You’re sure it is the cause of his back problems!

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Life update + Xochitl is 1 month old [05-05-2017]

Hello everyone, I am back with pretty much just another “Life update” post. But as you can probably imagine, then life is obviously busy with a newborn, and three older children. We also had a little “health scare,” since I suddenly became quite ill, and have been so for about a week now. Fortunately, I’m starting to feel a lot better now, and none of the children have been affected by it, and Sam is also at his best, health wise. Xochitl is also 1 month old (and 3 days), and although she’s still little, and will stay as so for a while more, we all know how fast kids grow up these days, so we’re really doing our best to enjoy every second!

Eliana and the twins are also doing amazingly, and they have all warmed up to Xochitl at this point. They adored her from the start, but their love for her have really grown since last month. Tomás and Miguel can still be a little too wild around her, but they have become much better, and they understand when we tell them to be more gentle when they “play” with her. It has also become a lot easier for Sam and I to handle all of the children at once, more or less. So we haven’t really experienced any bigger attention-seeking temper tantrums for quite some time now, which is a huge plus. It could really get very stressful.

Overall, then we’re doing really well. We hope you’re all doing well, too!

#1 Dad- Hoseok (J Hope) Fluff

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Request: Can you write a scenario where Hobi and the reader have a kid that just started going to school and Hobi tries to be “the cool dad”?

Word Count:1074

Member/Group: Hoseok of BTS

Summary: It’s hard to fit in with the new generation, but that doesn’t stop your husband from trying.

A/N: I have the flu (yay) and am literally dying, so enjoy this product of my NyQuil induced haze! By the way, this is NOT edited, so sorry for any mistakes!

 “Appa! Wake up!” Your four year old son, (B/N), leaped onto his father’s chest as you laughed.

 “I’m up, I’m up…” Hoseok groaned, rolling over on the white sheets and stretching out his long limbs.

 Today was (B/N)’s first day of preschool, and you couldn’t tell if Hoseok or (B/N) were more excited. It had taken a long time of begging for Hoseok to convince you that it was time to have a kid, and it was unbelievable how fast your child was able to grow from a bubbly baby to a troublemaking toddler. As soon as (B/N) turned three, Hoseok had begun looking into preschools in the area that he could start going to when he reached the necessary age. After all that research, he finally was able to convince you to let your son go to a small private school that would begin to prepare him for kindergarten.

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Walking Dead Game FanFiction - "Gabentine"

Title: Gabentine
Characters: Clementine, Gabe, Kenny, Javi
Summary: In which Kenny lives, he sees a relationship sparking between Clementine and Gabe and leads into action to keep his little girl safe.
Author’s Note: I literally love Gabintine more than I love myself.
Requested By: Anonymous
The New Frontier had them cornered. Their land was on complete lock down, and their group was already on the wanted list. The perimeter would be searched top to bottom until they were found.

Next up on their to-do list: figure out how to get out of there.


The voice shot the child out of her thoughts; forming ways she could search and snag AJ without being caught by security. Her ideas were drawing thin, but just before frustration could fuel her, Gabe’s voice broke the silence.


“Do you mind if I stand?” He gestured to the open space on to the counter she leaned against.

Offering a kind smile, a part of her thankful someone interrupted her thoughts, she nodded. “Sure. Pull up a slab.”

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Two Men and a Baby

Title: Two Men and a Baby

Characters: Sam, Dean, Charlie, Gabriel, Castiel, Crowley, and little Ava

Word Count: 1,897

Warnings: lots of feels, but the super cute adorable fluffy kind

Summary: After a hunt and an addition to the family the boys are preparing for little Ava’s third birthday.

A/N: You can never have too much fluff right?! Please send feedback and let me know if you want to be added to my tags list! Pictures are not mine. Stay awesome everyone <3

“Dean! Behind you!” Sam bellowed as he turned to slice another vampires head off. He heard a thud and whirled around to see Dean, chest heaving, standing over the now headless vamp. The brothers looked at each other, half smiles playing at the corners of their mouths as they looked around them at the carnage. They both froze and looked to each other when they heard a faint screaming. It almost sound like a woman’s, but that wasn’t right. No, it was a baby.

“I’ll check up, you check down Sammy.” Dean said as he headed to the stairs. The floorboards creaked under his weight as he slowly climbed. He could hear Sam opening doors, clearing the first floor. The crying went away for a moment, and then it was back with a vengeance. Dean carefully moved down the upstairs hallway to the second bedroom on the right, machete at the ready in case.

Sam finished clearing the basement when he heard a loud, “Sammy, I got it!” He sprinted up the stairs and to the base of the upstairs stair case finding Dean standing at the top of them. A soft green wriggling blanket in his arms.

“It’s a baby Sammy. How do I make it stop? It seem’s angrier than the vamps were.”

“Dean how the hell should I know? You’ve been the one that’s good with the kids, not me.”

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2017-05-09: Half Birthday

Long time no blog~🙂

Said I was going to keep it updated
but I haven’t doing that lately so I apologize💦
I’m late on Children’s Day~❤️
Successfully got a shot of Third Son-kun with all smiles❗️
But, please excuse my own face😜

But, really, that smile of his saves me~☺️
When I’m exhausted or depressed,
this is the greatest smile,
the one that keeps me going❤️
Speaking of which, he reached his half birthday✨

Half a year passes by fast❗️
Gotten so big already,
even the third kid is growing up so fast…😱
Gonna have to treasure these
precious moments of their growth❗️
With his new shoes and handmade crown,
here is Third Son-kun, full of joy❤️


Fergal as a Father:

• during labor, squeezing the shit out of his hand.

• both crying once your child is laid into your arms.

• the first night you guys go home, you both are running on 30 minutes of sleep and cups of coffee

• Fergal getting up more, because, “Honey, you just had a child. At least I can do is help ya.”

• the 1st birthday was emotional.

• sending his child to the first day of kindergarten and shedding a tear, because his little baby is growing up so fast.

• not being able to have any more kids, you and Fergal getting upset because you wanted to expand your family, but thankful for your daughter.

• talking about the birds and the bees when your daughter hits that age.

• taking pictures of her and prom date.

• holding her when she has her first heartbreak.

• cheering for her when she walks down to get her diploma from high school.

• being defensive when her boyfriend asks for her hand in marriage.

• crying when he walks his baby girl down the aisle of her wedding day.

• holding his first grandchild.

• telling his daughter how proud he is of her before his passing.