kids summer dance camp

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4 jobs?! Do you mind me asking where you work?

i’m a dance teacher at a summer camp for kids in the mornings-afternoons, then I drive 30 mins to work my shift at the bar (which usually gets off around 11pm) and then! i have my night job at the amazon warehouse until 6am

modeling is the 4th job! like tomorrow i have the morning off so i’m modeling for Kryolan makeup at their studio in SF :3

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bonding over an unusual hobby <--- meme pls

When she saw the green bracelet on the cute guy’s wrist, Felicity wasn’t surprised. He didn’t look like the type to come to the McClure Community Center of his own volition.

She’d been warned about the green bracelets on her first day, during the orientation when they’d stuck her in a room with seven other instructors and a plastic folding table full of stale bagels and donuts. Orange, blue, and green meant community service, but green bracelets in particular meant the service wasn’t compulsory. So whatever the dude leaning on the other side of the doorway had done, it had landed him with more than fifty hours of community service.

Maybe he’d punched a cop.

He didn’t look like the type that would punch cops, either, though.

“Shot a man in Reno,” he said, and Felicity realized that not only were her thoughts inappropriate, but thanks to her mouth, they weren’t even private.

“Oh my god,” Felicity said.

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The ever so lovely, bleedtoloveher, challenged me in the Everlark Drabble Challenge with the prompt, Everlark + Summer Camp. I’m pretty sure you did not mean for me to write what came of this and for that, I am so so sorry. I’m also sorry that it took almost the full 48 hours to get this done.


Peeta stood at the end of the dock looking over the calm waters of the lake, reminiscing about how he came to this point. Earlier this summer he had been pleasantly surprised to learn Katniss Everdeen had taken a job as a fellow counselor. He’d made it his mission to finally get the nerve to at least talk to her. Much to his surprise he had done more than just talk to her. They had been sneaking around late at night for the last couple of weeks.

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